GDB XVII: Lazy Sunday

You guessed it, Nationeers. It’s lazy Sunday. That means today, I’m not even thinking about hockey. But who can blame me? The last seven games have been a difficult pill to swallow — with a record of 4-6-0 in the last ten— and although many people warned me, including several Nation writers, I still wasn’t prepared for the thoroughly average to below-average play displayed by this team so far this season. Because I’m an overly optimistic team booster with an ecstasy problem.

We’ve logged a total of 16 games. Inspiration and grit seemed to be the name of the game when the season launched. Penner showed us he was more than an over-paid garburator, Comrie pulled a heck of a comeback to a city that once loathed him, and even Khabibulin literally pulled out all the stops.

And then the Oilers of yore showed up. The kind that can’t stick passes, can’t put the puck on net, and rely on an old sack of bones of a goalie to pull them through the worst of times.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a tinge of hope settled into the back of my mind. That somehow Pat Quinn and Tom Renney will find a way to horsewhip this crew of layabouts into a winning hockey team, especially against a team our own Jonathan Willis has said shouldn’t be this good.

I’m not overly optimistic about tonight, though — I still expect the Oil will lose on this lazy Sunday, just because that seems to be the name of the game these days — but I’d also settle for a 2-1 win. In regulation.

I need a drink. And more ecstasy.

  • Jason Gregor

    In case you are wondering the Oilers' record for most PP goals in a game is 5. They have done that five times. Last time they did that was Nov 19, 1988…

  • Eric Johnson

    Hey Gregor or Brownlee,

    Next time you see him, can you tell Principe that Craig Anderson's performance is not a surprise as he suggested at the beginning of the game? I mean, c'mon, it's borderline misinformation. Anderson was just waiting to break out, and a lot of people thought we should have gone after him.

    Maybe you could ask him to do his homework, so that next game he can do a story about how we could be getting a .930 save % for a million bucks instead of a .900 one for 4 million?

    • Jason Gregor

      You said yourself borderline.

      You say he was on the verge of breaking out, well no GM in the league thought he would be the leading Vezina candidate or teams might have went after him harder this summer. It is a surprise that he is THIS good so far, and we will see what his numbers are at the end of the season.

      I don't think there was enough proof that Anderson would put up these numbers at this point, not to mention that the Avs would be leading the Western Conference.

      I agree Anderson has been very good, but many players and goalies have had great starts or one great year, but were never able to duplicate it. I think it is a tad early to think Anderson is a top-five goalie for years to come. He is starting strong, but has to prove it long term in my mind.

      • Tha Legion

        That's all true, but Principe shouldn't act like there's no back story there. We might've been able to get that guy for cheap, but we didn't even try because we wanted a guy "who's won a stanley cup." I just wish Principe would do some real reporting instead of toeing the party line. I mean, jeez, is he on the payroll or something?

        And it's not just Principe. The cliches that come out of the broadcast team are horrendous. It's like Brownless was saying about the guy who asked about "getting out on the road." Give me a break man. Ask a real question. Do some work. Look at some stats. Or why bother?

        It's sad that these guys are the professionals, and yet the best info comes out of this site and a few other blogs. The "professionals" barely even compete in terms of providing information and instant analysis. They should be afraid for their jobs. The media world is going to pass them by. The average Joe can get more information in 10 minutes on the internet than they offer during the entire broadcast.

        • Eric Johnson

          "it's sad that these guys are the professionals, and yet the best info comes out of this site and a few other blogs."

          ummm just so you know? The reason this site has so much awesome information is the "professionals" that contribute. They just aren't on TV….yet.

          • BarryS

            Not surprising. It was forgettable fluff all the way, a segment orchestrated between the Oilers and The Sun as part of the SN broadcasts.

            We had to play nice, with no real criticism of the team. Working with Gene was good, though. he's a pro, regardless of what people think about his goofy schtick.

          • You can count me among the group that likes Gene's "goofy schtick". I know where to find my hard hitting stuff, and I get it elsewhere.

            I'll take his light offbeat approach any day over some of the other guys on SN like McLean or Kypreos (ugh).

            Gene is always prepared, and and is very good at his job. I don't know what goes on behind the scenes, but I'll bet Gene does everything expected of him. That's professional – even if it means wearing a hot dog suit on occasion!

          • BarryS

            That's the trouble with kids today, so sheltered even a teddy bear like Brownlee scares them and he doesn't even look to that small kid terrorist Santa Claus. Can't believe it, some guy in the neighbourhood has his C Lights up and shining already. Not long before the line ups in the malls with crying kids getting the pics taken with SC.

        • Eric Johnson

          Gene's paid to toe the company line. He's helping sell Oilers hockey through Sportsnet. You can't expect the fartcatchers to have any edge. It's not their job description. You're being a bit harsh on him.

          As for the beat people, I agree. I don't see anybody making a concerted effort to break stories ahead of the other guy. It seems pretty cozy.

  • The average Joe isn't getting "more information on the internet in 10 minutes". They're the people who turn on the game to watch Oilers hockey. They're the ones who buy seasons tickets, sell out every game and jam the Oilers store to buy every piece of team crap they can afford. Take a look at the crowd next time you go. If hard-nosed reporting was what "average Joes" were looking for, they'd get it.

    Hard core Oilers fans like the posters here make up probably about 10% of the total fan base. The rest are just there for the enjoyment of the game. They probably find Tom Gilbert's blog entertaining and actually enjoy the comedy stylings of Gene Principe.

  • Caught the last half a period. Potulny with 2 points? I told my Oiler fan buddies toward the end of last season that IMO, Potulny & Stone should be with the Oil. I believe I had Pouliot & Nilsson out instead… although I also believe I may have said ixnay on the Jacques-ay. Hmm, maybe almost borderline right?

  • BarryS

    Awesome PK Tonight. The two oldfarts who were out for awhile are back in the swing of things.

    Even the other oldfart dman who has been here all along was on his game. That save he made by knocking the shot away right off after it left the Av' players stick better make saves of the week of there is no justice.

    Awesome PP tonight as well.

    Can't remember when we dominated special teams in a game like we did tonight.

  • Cameron

    Was in the stands tonight in Denver, there was a tremendous amount of Oiler jerseys in the stands, reminded me of when the Habs come to Edmonton, but a real sweet win

  • BarryS

    Anybody else notice the empty seats? Good thing lots of Oiler fans were there or the place would be filled with echos. Maybe the fans don't believe they have a first place team.

    Don'now what happened, a post got hung up in the aether and suddenly appeared. Oh well, this one makes more sence.

    • Maybe the sad truth of having a 30 team league with such watered down talent, where not every team has even 1 superstar, is catching up with the teams that lose the 1 star they had.

      Maybe, just maybe, teams wouldnt lose 3000 fans a night despite being a top team if there were a better Star-Team ratio.


      • BarryS

        In the old days, I mean after the Oilers joined the NHL, the media would take a guy on most teams and build him up as a star. You know, _____________ and the team are coming to town tonight. Then a couple stories about how good this guy was. Nowadays the media has changed direction, as a group they are into destroying heroes, not making them. Of course, the "heroes" help them along through not even being as partially discrete as they were in the old days.

        The only "stars" nowadays who seem to stay so are guys who must be monks like Crosby of whom you never hear anything. Or else the US Media is more circumspect about exposing hockey players given the NFL football clowns set the bar for bad behavior so high most "normal" bad behavior seems almost good.

        • That's the really sad state we are in right now. Joe America could care less about Ovechkin scoring 50 plus goals in a season, or Crosby becoming the youngest Stanley Cup winning captain in history. But boy oh boy if they hear about Sean Avery making mediocre jokes about ex-girlfriends or Patrick Kane beating up cab drivers they're all ears!

          Which, as much as I don't like Sean Avery, he, and other players with flamboyant personalities like that are good for the game at the end of the day. It's a weird dichotomy but that's just how it is.

  • Shaun Doe

    Lovely to see all those empty seats. Whaddya expect? Hockey is Nothing in the States and I don't mind that at all. MNF in Denver will be packed however. Good for ex-Edm Bowlen. I agree the current newspapers coverage of the Oil is pathetic. There's no insight. Anyone could write those columns and we're not in their dressing rooms sniffing for stories. Paper is dead. Online lives….

  • Shaun Doe

    I saw Ales Hemsky at the Billiards Club on saturday night, then at the movies sunday afternoon. So I guess he didn't make the road trip? Seemed pretty strange since its a 5 game road trip and I thought he was Day to Day. So whats up with hemsky, anybody?