First Star, Worst Star: The Sequel!

Oh hey guys. It’s me, Jeanshorts! That’s right, in spite of Craig Wark’s death threats here I am back for another week with your new favorite segment; Jeanshorts First Star, Worst Star.

First Star
First Star this week goes to Steve Staios. What’s that? Why yes this crow is quite tasty, thank you for asking. I’ll admit that I had him picked as my Goat this year. And dammit I stand by my pick. But to the delight of even the most staunch haters, Steve Staios has made an immediate impact since his return. 3 points and a combined plus 4 in his last 3 games? What the hell is going on here? Maybe it’s the fact that the Oilers were playing with 2 D-men who looked NHL caliber on any given night, but man that dirty Greek sure has looked sharp out there. It’s so nice to finally have a guy back there willing to get in front of a shot and posses the ability to actually clear the puck out of his own zone. Miracles do happen! Kudos to you Steve Staios. Now if you could just hand that work ethic and NHL experience over to Grebeshkov, we can all go back to what we were doing.

Worst Star
Worst Star to Colorado reporter Adrian Dater for posting this gem after the Oilers beat the Avalanche in one of their better played games all season:

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"can’t win em all at home. a shame the avs had to finally lose to a dog team like edmonton at home though"

A dog team huh Adrian? Seems to me that every list, including non hockey related ones, had your precious Avalanche sitting somewhere between 15th in the West and just slightly above "worst team in the history of sports". It also seems to me the only reason your team has managed the hot streak they’ve been on so far is the mind-blowingly surprising play from a goalie that no one outside of Florida had really heard of until last season. But I guess if you dig enough holes your bound to come across a little Texas tea once and while right?

I will give it to you, coming into that game the Oilers were playing worse hockey than my Midget A team that would always enter into tournaments against AAA teams for some reason (thanks coach!). But to call the Oilers a "dog" team just because they hit the skids for a few games is as hilarious as the 1400 people that have been filing into the Pepsi Center in spite of Colorado having a spotless record at home (until the Oilers rolled through).

I never really put too much stock into what the Avalanche were doing this year, unless they were directly in the way of Edmonton making the playoffs, but now, because of you Adrian, I cannot wait until this team comes crashing down from their pedestal atop the Western Conference, just to see how you try and spin it. I’m all for having passionate people reporting from inside the locker room, but leave the name calling to me and my anonymous internet friends please? Thank you.

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Comment Of The Week
I’m supposed to only pick one comment of the week (please don’t tell Wanye), but, I couldn’t pick between these two. It’s as if the Nazi’s came into my house and told me I had to choose which one of my children was to be taken to a work camp. Yes, it was THAT hard. So kudos to you gentlemen. Keep up the good work.

Librarian Mike Wrote:

Well, if all MacIntyre is doing is running around and getting bad penalties in the offensive zone, he shouldn’t be on this team. That, or I suppose they could make him captain…

Archaeologuy Wrote:

Gunner wrote:
@ Arch
Why aren’t they all sporting them?

I can only guess that it’s because some of the Oilers are Pro Cancer.


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