GDB XX: Lunch time on the road

I don’t know about you guys, but these Sunday afternoon PPV games don’t provide a very good incentive for me to get out of bed. That’s why I’m writing this in my full-body jammies with sewn-on feet from my bedroom. I’m also eating an entire ham in bed, but that’s a typical Sunday morning tradtion that really has nothing to do with hockey or PPV games.

Today’s game against the Thrashers marks 4 of a 5 games on this road trip, a trip in which the Oilers haven’t fared too well. We’ve lost two out of three so far, and all because some cowboys are ropping cattle and drinking $8 beers inside RX1. Add to that the fact the Wanye has apparently flown the coup — he asked me to drive him to the airport yesterday after he packed himself a small hobo sack and didn’t say where he was going — and things haven’t been what you’d call "peachy" here in OilersNation.

But don’t despair, the Oilers have a few things going for them:

  1. Pat Quinn is getting to the point where he must be scaring the shit out of the players with his rage at their poor play. I’d like to think that this is going to inspire the boys into playing, you know, hockey.
  2. As Brownlee indicated yesterday, Big Sex, Horcoff and Nilsson skated yesterday morning, and there’s a chance they’ll play today.
  3. Kovalchuk’s foot is injured, and although he’s been stopping pucks, I can see us making this work to our advantage with some net-crashing (though I certainly don’t condone this).

Sure, these aren’t game-makers, but I need some hope — something to hold onto. And the Oil? They need a win. Or six. Before Pat Quinn’s had explodes.

This won’t be an easy win for the boys in copper and blue — but they’ll take the "W" 4-3. And they’ll do it for Fernando Pisani.

  • Librarian Mike

    Hmm.. spend $300 minimum and travel two hours to go see the Oilers, or sell my tickets and spend that money on Xmas gifts..

    Hmm.. decisions decisions..

  • Travis Dakin

    35% on the dot today…0/5 on the PP with 2 PPG's against…pretty tough to win when you're that far off on faceoffs and special teams. Faceoffs have been a major topic of conversation and it was a big part of today's game again. They've been schooled on faceoffs all year (and well back into last year). Take away the big powerplay game against the Avs and Howard w/ Det and they're winless in 11. Injuries/sickness aside, this is a super-nasty slide that's getting out of hand. This game was their's to win…Sully has to put one of those in. The puck cannot stay out in that situation. Goalie's on his back twice, standing in the slot with the puck…has to go in.

    • Well, I mean, I think Horcoff should still get a chance out there in the last minute, since he is such an offensive force and all.

      If Cogliano didn't earn a shot with some better line mates after this game, I have no idea what else the kid needs to do. Obviously Quinn sees something missing from his game that the rest of us aren't picking up, and I'm all for trying to round him out defensively, but man. This team desperately needs some secondary scoring.

      Why can't all our guys just be firing at the same time? Stupid streaky play.

  • Jamie B.

    Also the midget line made me hate my life. Especially since O'Sullivan decided he was hanging on to the puck today so Gagner spent a lot of time standing around doing nothing.

      • Jamie B.

        I realize Gagner's not exactly on fire himself right now, but I wasn't feeling that line. Which was disappointing since I'd been waiting for them to put O'Sullivan and Comrie back together.

        SIGH. When's Stone back?

    • I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Sam was waiting for POS with a baseball bat in the parking lot after the game.

      I know alot of people around here are pulling for him, but mother of god is O'Sully useless these days.

      • Jamie B.

        And yet there he was out there at the end of the game with the empty net. Sully's been getting some prime minutes on the PP, and in other situations, yet some others are waiting on second units, like Cogs and Gags. Why not give those kids a try for some first line PP time instead of Horc and Sully.

  • Jamie B.

    Oilers LOSE, again. Lose, lose, and lose some more. What a joke. Even a bigger joke is the uselessness of some players. For example, what's Osullivan done for us this year ? ……..NOTHING!!! That's what ! He doesn't even know how to one-time a shot. The other night 2 bone-headed give aways, including one on the empty net vs Sabres when we were trying to salvage at least a point with a tie !! Kings shafted Oilers on this trade too !

  • Hemmertime

    New Poll is Wrong on the right. Question should be.

    How will Canada fare in men's hockey at the 2010 Olympics?

    – Gold




    We ARE Canada ya know?

  • Hey,
    I read oilernation daily and live in the ATL. I went to the game today and seen the same Oilers that Center Ice has shown me all year. They play just well enough to lose but that is not my point. There were about 5000 folks at the game tonight and I sat in a lux box for the first period where we all watch the Falcons game. I moved to ice level after listening to the a redreck yell shooooot all period. Anyway, if I have not lost you already here is my point. 5K folks at an NHL game !! I called the local radio station post game and called BS on the crowd and was hung up on by Darren Elliot the local host. Once I turned my radio back on, the excuses stared (Falcons played, 70 degree day, Sunday afternoon). I called back and asked why they hung up and they told me they had enough bad press on the team. I cant see this team lasting another couple years and hope Winterpeg wins a cup when the Thrashers arrive.


  • Milli

    yep, we need something, something is missing from this team. Can it really be that JFJ and stone are the catalysts? If so, that's great, but we are in TROUBLE. This team needs a goddamn jolt, something to wake them the hell up.

  • BarryS

    Well, all things considered, today sucks sports wise, but at least the two televised games were entertaining, if exasperating. Good thing my friend paid for the Hockey Game, though the price was I had to watch the football game. Haven't been into football since about 1985 or so.

    Good to see the officiating is just as amateurish as it always has been. Must say, wish I was an athelete and could get as much bucks as modern ones do for screwing up most of the time.

    Any chance they've changed the payment terms and atheletes get on their screwup percentage as opposed to good play precentage?