In the community, beating the Heat

There was a certain trade that was talked about this past summer that never came to fruition. It was a trade that involved three of the boys in copper and blue — Dustin Penner, Andrew Cogliano, and Ladislav Smid. In exchange for these three soldiers of fortune, the Oilers were to acquire a certain someone from the Ottawa Senators who now plays for the San Jose Sharks. Let’s call that certain someone "The Heat."

The people at Original Joe’s here in Edmonton wanted to do something to "honour" the fact that the trade never happened, especially given the way PDP’s been playing this season. That’s why today marks the launch of the Beat the Heat charity campaign, sponsored by Original Joe’s, OilersNation, Global TV, Ignition Media, Just A Game, and Give Me Shelter.

Here’s how it works: any time one of Penner, Cogliano, or Smid scores, Original Joe’s will donate $100 to Give Me Shelter, which supports women’s shelters in Edmonton. Since it’s been an era since Smid’s last goal, OJ’s will donate $500 for Smid’s next goal and $100 for every subsequent goal.

At the end of the season, if the three Oilers score goals exceeding the total of their jersey numbers all added up, OJ’s will donate an additional $1,000 to Give Me Shelter.

Official launch: tonight

If you stalwart readers of the Nation tune your picture-tube boxes to Global Edmonton tonight at 5 or 6pm, you’ll see OilersNation fan and news anchor Lynda Steele interview Trevor Belsher (manager of OJ’s Varsity Row) and yours truly. Today marks the kick off the Give Me Shelter campaign!

And it’s all well and good for the Nation to sponsor this endeavour. But I’m going to put my money where my mouth is. I’m donating 100 of my own dollars to the campaign (and you can too >>by clicking here<<). I encourage you all to do the same — and make sure you add a comment to your donation that says you’re doing it as a Citizen of OilersNation! It’s for a great cause. Plus it makes watching Oilers games that much more interesting.

Channeling Billy Mays

But wait, there’s more! "The Heat" will be in town this Friday as the Oilers take on the San Jose Sharks. And if you kick it down to any Edmonton and area Original Joe’s location and buy a burger there, one dollar from each burger will be donated to Give Me Shelter. Food, hockey, and supporting local charities. It’s the feel-good story of the year, and it involves ground beef.

Everyone’s a winner.

Go Oilers!

Click here to donate!