Oilers vs. Canucks Postgame: Shooter Tutors

Vancouver Canucks: 7

Edmonton Oilers: 3

Remember shooter tutors?  Well, for good portions of the night the inexperienced tandem of Jeff Deslauriers and Devan Dubnyk eerily resembled shooter tutors; not so much along the ice but certainly over the shoulders.  It’s been Deslauriers’ weak spot for the last while and it was hard to watch the Canucks tonight and not think they’d been told to aim for the corners.

Random Thoughts

Jeff Deslauriers said after the game that the loss was on him, that he cost the team the game.  While he certainly wasn’t sharp, I’m going to agree with Pat Quinn, who appreciated the gesture but acknowledged that it was a team loss.

Not many things can make me grin ear-to-ear when the Oilers are down 5-1, but Colin McDonald’s first career goal was one of them.  It was a beautiful shot on a quality goaltender, and after years of hearing Kevin Prendergast talk about McDonald’s shot being one of his greatest assets it was nice to see it at the NHL level.  I also liked seeing Ryan O’Marra’s reaction (aside: the assist was O’Marra’s first NHL point) to McDonald’s goal; he seemed almost as thrilled as his teammate.  They were linemates in Springfield, and it was great to see that bond.  While I’m at it, I should acknowledge the fourth line was tremendous; it’s easy to see why Rob Daum’s been raving about both McDonald and O’Marra, and Stortini’s found a comfort level with them.

I get the feeling it’s going to be important to find things like that to focus on as this season continues.

The penalty kill was probably the worst part of the Oilers’ game tonight, and that’s on the veterans.  Speaking of veterans, Souray, Staios and the one-armed ghost of Shawn Horcoff all struggled for (at least) the second straight game.  Tom Renney switched to a Gilbert/Souray pairing in the third which should help, although that leaves Staios and Strudwick paired together and their track record isn’t encouraging.  As for Horcoff, he had a couple of good shifts but for the most part didn’t  handle the puck well at all, and it seems like he’s in the right spots but can’t fight the physical battles.

Brule and Penner both had a nice game offensively, and looked very smooth on the power play.  The only bad news about Brule (from an Oilers’ perspective) stepping up to help carry the offence is that he’s a free agent after this season; he could very well use this opportunity to earn a payday that wouldn’t be coming otherwise.  That caveat aside, it’s nice to see a player who struggled for so many years start to turn a corner.

I’ve been picking on Andrew Cogliano a fair bit this year, but he certainly seems to have come around (Moreau too, for that matter).  Ryan Potulny probably matches up a little better to those linemates than Zack Stortini did, and I’m sure that’s part of it (as is having Cogliano play wing) but both players deserve a ton of credit.  It’s also a treat to watch Cogliano’s combative nature; he has been very involved in that department the last few games. 


  • Victoria


    LOL, LOL – no brownlee was using the login ip of my email address when I registered, translation (NOT REAL TIME) Maybe JW can confirm my post from Cox Cable in AZ, not Edmonton my friend. Sorry, but there are two people in two different cities posting.

    JW can you clear this up AGAIN, since the last public apology came from you with people posting as Deep Oil, when they were not, end result – RB was very angry for comments made by Nation readers, not Deep Oil.

  • BarryS

    @ Deepoil

    More the fool you, the government only makes money on Sports Select. The players pay the winnings, the government and take all the losses. That's why lotteries are for the mathematically challenged. But keep betting, it keeps my taxes down.

  • BarryS

    Sorry, I meant the post for Deepoil. Alas, gambling also pays for addiction counselling. The ruined lives are another matter far to dark and confusing to get into here.

    • BarryS

      It is a dark topic for sure, one that I listen to a lot. It's stressful for sure, but my stress load pales in comparison to theirs. Alas, the gambling also pays for treatment centers too.

  • BarryS

    If lawyers duking it out for pay is brutal, I guess so. The effect on the children is totally in the hands of both parents. As long as he can pay his lawyer he's got little to worry about. The kids could be grown up and gone from home before it gets settled.

    Two years and counting, and running out of money for lawyers.

  • BarryS

    @ Heavyd

    You ask interesting questions, my friend. The answers, while not blowing in the wind, are known only to Mr. Brownlee and the semi-mythical Deepoil, neither of whom condescends to tell us.

  • No, Noo, NOOO! Just caught up reading the posts only to find this story ends in a cliffhanger. I need closure. I was expecting some big plot twist at the end Fight Club style. Oh well, fun reading. Nice distraction from the Oilers.

    PS, Welcome to our missery flatlanders.

  • BarryS

    Well, so much for writing practice. Cranks up Moody Blue at Red Rock on Dvd/Tele. Now I have to get back at that damn novel no one will ever read.

    The problem with obsessions, they don't pay very well and keep you from more monitarily viable activities.

  • Heavyd

    I wouldn't be surprised if deepoil was klowe, or someone within the organization, considering brownlee knows him. Anyways, I was the looking at the schedule and I rthink the oilers will be able to go 10-4 in december, anyone think I am crazy, if so look at the schedule and it could happen.

    • Maggie the Monkey

      You've got it all wrong, Heavyd. The bandwagon has shifted and we're all pulling for losses now, not wins.

      Looking at the schedule, the key teams to lose to in December are Minny, Toronto, and Florida. If Khabibulin manages to stay hurt, this will greatly increase our odds (of loosing), and if the boys do any BETTER than 4 – 10 I'll be disappointed.

      What are you smoking, by the way, and where did you get it?

      • BarryS

        Well, not everyone. True fans stick with the team through bad times and the occasional good times as well. Alas, for ever team, except perhaps the Habs who used to have a whole province to draw on first, besides their regular shot at the rest of Canada, good times are measured in years not decades.

        As for winning or loosing, not every team will have the luck get so many shots under the bar, Vancouver did, especially if we actually learn to get pressure on the shooters. Most players with as much time to pick their spots as we gave Vancouver, should be able to put three or four into the top corner.

        When you are young, Success is fleet of foot, hard times just seem to plod along.

        All you youngsters are the victims of the experience/time works, when you are young, the good things seem to fly by and the bad drag on forecer. As you get older, you will discover the bad days go just as fast as the good ones.

        • Maggie the Monkey

          I think it's possible to love a team so much that you support their loosing. I don't view this as quitting on them by any means – it's painful as hell to hope that they don't succeed this year, and if my brother read that I'm rooting against them he'd kick my ass.

          It's just tough to picture how this team could recover enough to be competitive this year, not to mention actually contend for anything. I believe that there are a lot better long term solutions than the quick fixes it would take to get them into the playoffs (if this is even possible), and the only way the longer term fixes will happen if they lose.

          One possible scenario is with Moreau. I've long been a supporter of him, even through the rough stretch he went through earlier this season and even last year. Somehow many fans quickly forgot (or never knew) that he played with a broken hand for half of last year, and his dedication to the team is vastly under-appreciated. If he's able to continue his improved play of late, there might be a playoff bound team who is willing to trade, say, a second round pick for him (in a draft that's not looking too deep). It makes better sense for this potential trade to happen if the Oil aren't near the playoffs, and as much as I'd rather see him and the Oilers compete for the cup this year, I just don't see it happening. This scenario may be a painful yet fruitful option.

          Finally, I don't think I suggested that I'm not going to "stick with them"; I'm just doing it in a different way than you.

          • BarryS

            I won't dispute your integrety as a supporter, its just a basic philosophical (big word, bad spelling) difference. I believe a bad personality can spoil a team but the physical abilities, good or bad, can neither make or break a team over a season. Sorry, Gretsky and big Samy cured me of those notions. No player is bigger or more important than the team and the problems with the team is not in the players physical abilities, good or bad, its the fact the team needs its collective head examined.

            The parts do not act like a team, and just adding or subtracting parts will make no difference. Until the players decide, if they ever do, they are all in this together, they will never have a chance to win consistently. Any of you biblically inclined will know the parable of the eyes being eyes, the feet, feet, etc. etc. (If you don't look it up.)

            As far as I can see, the this team has two types of players, those like Souray, Grebs, Hofcoff, Staios, Gagner, and a few others, who try to do everything and succeed in doing nothing but screw up, and the rest who want nothing to do with what their roles have to be.

            Funny thing, when the hitters hit, the checkers check, defenders defend, the passers pass, and the shooters shoot we often win or at least play good. When they don't, well we get Vancouver and the third period against S.J.

      • Heavyd

        Im not going to get on any bandwagon. I am an oiler fan, and I only cheer for them to win not to lose. So I am going to look ahead and hope for wins and that they can turn this season around, and I am not going to cheer for a lottery pick or a losing season.

        • Maggie the Monkey

          Fair enough. I shouldn't have suggested that you stop pulling for them to win, maybe it's just the way I'm coping with this dismal season.

          In all honesty, even though my reasoned opinion is that it would be better in the long run if they lose right now, every time I watch them play (which is just about every game) it feels like 1983 when I cheered like an idiot for them to beat the Islanders.

          • Heavyd

            Exactly, there is just something about cheering for your team no matter what happens, you always seem to have hope that the will turn the season around. Even when the went 2 for 18 or whatever the streak at the end of that season was, I stilled bought all the payperviews and wacth all the games till the end, that is what a true fan does, a true fan doesnt hope for a rebuild or a lottery pick, or to tank a season, but thats my opinon.

    • Jeff

      Maybe the refs were trying to send him a message about the proper way to celebrate a goal when your team is down 4-0. Jumping into the glass might be okay for an OT winner, but not when your team is getting dominated.

      • BarryS

        Actually, the scorers are local guys like hit recorders, and shot counters. They have no necessity of getting who scored right, it's bad enough they have to record an opposition goal. It not like some PO'd home team player with bonuses to collect might be waiting outside the exit to tune them in after the game.

        • Jeff

          Refs/local guys/judges in TO… we're splitting hairs. Bottom line is they usually get it right, even if it's halfway through the following period. The fact that they didn't makes me wonder if his celebration had something to do with it.

  • Victoria

    So Robin, I have two questions.

    1) Who is Deep Oil and what is his role in this whole fiasco?

    2) Is he as crazy in person as he appears on this here message board?

  • BarryS

    Yeah Barry, I saw that after I posted. I assume though, that those local boys are employed in some form by the NHL. The old fart at RX1 who runs the clock wears a suit jacket with and NHL crest on it, so I assume that whoever is assessing who get goal credit works for the league.

  • BarryS

    Of course, but they are still on site and pure self preservation says they will be more careful with the home guys. I mean, players are better behaved now than a long time ago, but then these guys were probably about when they were not and so learned to walk carefully around the players, as it were.

  • BarryS

    Alert! Alert!

    Using fan and reason in the same sentence, paragraph, or posting is a logical impossiblity, not to say oximoron, and can not be countinenced.

    By the nature of being a Fan, Logic is clearly physicologically impossible. This is like presidents, musicians, sports figures and bus drivers (don't ask, its a long story and dosen't affect me directly) turning down the offer of sexual favours from young females.

    Like, have you ever seen a new born that wasn't butt ugly? Just don't tell mom and dad, if you value their friendship.

    • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

      My favourite part of the game was their closeup on Donovan Alexander after that (illegal) stop in the endzone. The look on his face was priceless.

      I went to highschool with him – good to see him doing well in the CFL.