Steve MacIntyre on Waivers

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, the Edmonton Oilers have put Steve MacIntyre on waivers.

MacIntyre, who bounced around the minors for years (as recently as 2006-07 he was playing for the Quad City Mallards of the United Hockey League) was claimed off waivers by the Oilers at the start of the 2008-09 season. Florida had signed him to provide a physical presence for their AHL team, but with so many small players on the roster the Oilers felt the need to add a so-called ‘nuclear deterrent’ to their team. MacIntyre got into 22 games (Craig MacTavish used him sparingly, and injury was a factor) but spent the entire season earning a big league paycheck and seemed to be genuinely well-liked by fans.

Unfortunately for MacIntyre, when the Oilers axed MacTavish and brought in Pat Quinn, they effectively ended his time with the team. In an interview with CBC’s The Hour this summer, Quinn was asked how he felt about sending a guy out to beat someone up. His answer:

I’ve never liked that. I’ve always said, in my mind, I’ll keep you on the bench if you learn how to play – I won’t keep you on the bench – but you’ll be a part of my team if you can learn how to play.

He’s stuck true to that, and with all due respect to MacIntyre (who has worked his way up the hockey food chain in the most difficult possible way), he doesn’t have the necessary ability to play a regular shift, and as a result Quinn has refused to use him. Bruce McCurdy detailed the extent of that a few days ago:

On four occasions that Pat Quinn has had no choice but to dress every healthy body on the roster, MacIntyre has played 2:44, 0:51, 1:19, and 1:24. Twelve shifts in all, for 6:18 of total ice time.

Bottom line: MacIntyre wasn’t being used, and with the team battling injuries and the flu, it made no sense to keep him on the roster. Also, possibly of interest to the Oilers – Buffalo’s Adam Mair is on waivers. Mair played briefly for Quinn in Toronto before being dealt to Los Angeles, but he’s come a long ways as a player since then. Might the Oilers be interested?

  • Dan the Man

    Soap box: It really ticks me off that the Flames can get other teams discards like Bourque (press box for the Hawks) Daws (waiver wire) and to a lesser extent GlenX who can come in and produce to go along with their intangibles, but we can go out and trade for a guy with at least a pedigree of putting up solid 2nd line NHL numbers like O'sully and he struggles to put up points here.

  • I don't know enough about Adam Mair as a player. However, if I can read stats a bit, I'll guess that if the Oilers weren't interested in Malhotra or Betts, chances are they aren't interested in Mair either. If I can read into stats a bit, looks like he brings a decent physical game, but outside of that, he appears to have little to no offensive game (which is something that Quinn obviously puts a lot of emphasis on).

    I don't see him being picked up, no matter how cheap a replacement he would be. I think the Oil will just stick it out with Potulny and/or Reddox for a bit. It would be nice to have someone with more size though, but unless he can put the puck in the net (which evidently he can't), he wouldn't be of much use here.

  • Hemmertime

    Im happy for him, he made NHL money for a season and a quarter, hopefully someone in east picks him up. He seems like a nice guy who realized how lucky he was so Im betting he banked most his $ too. Good on ya mac.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Note to Admin, the record traker at the top doesn't have last nights win yet. Please change ASAP… I can't stomach looking at a sub .500 record.

  • Boondock wrote:

    I really hope someone claims him and he gets to stay in the NHL. He seems like one of those really good guys that you hope makes it…. just not on your team.

    That's it, right there. Not good enough for a regular shift, but nice to see him getting rewarded for years of effort.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    For 500k I don't see him clearing waivers. In the summer there were quite a few teams looking for an enforcer. My bet is Washington.

  • Awww… I'm sad about this. He will be missed and let's hope no one claims him so he stays in the Oilers system. His skating was very much improved and with some more work, he could be a pretty decent player in the AHL. Good luck Big Mac.

  • Scuba Steve


    I don't see Mair as a fit on this team, unless there's other moves coming, do you really see the Oilers being interested or are you just making conversation?

    • He's big, he's gritty, he has past history with Quinn, and while not good in the circle he's better than Cogliano/Gagner. I'm not a big fan, but why wouldn't they be interested in sticking him between, say, Moreau and Stortini?

          • That would definately make sense to me. Nilsson is trash. No one said they have to keep Mair if they picked him up. 2 weeks down the road when all are healthy and guys like Potulny and/or Reddox are back on the buses, Mair could also be placed on waivers. No harm in trying. I guess it would make more sense if MacIntyre gets picked up as for a contract spot. If he clears and a guy like Nilsson clears later, then it may be hard to pick guys up contract-numbers-wise, but if 1 or both were to be claimed, that whole too many contracts thingy doesn't hold any water. Mair's a hard-nosed guy that could play on my team. Of course, Paul Gaustad might just make me splurge in my pants by comparison.

          • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

            Even so Nilsson and Macintyre weren't regulars on this team to start, plus I think with Pisani back in that is now 13 regulars that Mair would have to jump.

          • This is less about long-term fixes and more about dealing with injury right now, IMO. Honestly, when there's a full roster Mair's probably in the press box rotation with guys like Jacques and Stortini.

            But in the meantime, the Oilers could use a forward, one's available for a nominal fee (10K, I think) and he could always be dumped/sent to the minors when everyone's back if they don't want him.

          • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

            I guess, just don't see them doing it considering Reddox and Potulny are now up. Just doesn't seem to be a move this team would make. They didn't grab Jones when we clearly could've used him, they didn't grab Christensen when we had the flu, so I just don't see us grabbing Mair at this point in time.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    First time I ever seen Macintyre was when he was with Florida against the Oilers. I said he was the worse NHL player I ever seen. He came a ong way since then, but it still isn't enough to be an NHL regular.