Oilers vs. Red Wings Postgame: Sweet, Sweet Victory

Edmonton Oilers: 4

Detroit Red Wings: 1

Well, it was nice to see the Oilers win a game. Unfortunately for me, I was stuck out at my day job and forgot to set the PVR, so I only caught the game after it was already four to one, just watching the third period. I was also flat-out beat, so I’m afraid there aren’t any three stars from me tonight, but I’d love to see some suggested in the comments.

Random Thoughts

If anyone deserved a flukey goal off of somebody’s stick, it was Patrick O’Sullivan, who fires the puck from everywhere and hadn’t been rewarded to date. The fact that he added a legitimate goal a little later on only made it better. His shooting percentage jumped from an NHL-worst 5.2% to 7.4% tonight; just one point below his career average.

Speaking of which, what on Earth was Jim Howard doing in net on O’Sullivan’s goal?  Crazy stuff.  In fairness, he also had a few brilliant saves, so maybe he can only be beaten by bizarre goals he should have stopped.

Ryan Potulny seems to have been everything Andrew Cogliano needed to kickstart him, and the two had a few very good chances tonight.  They’ve drug Ethan Moreau along with them, and that trio is outplaying the wildest expectations I would have had for them.

Robert Nilsson’s goal was just sick; total domination of an overwhelmed defenceman.  His NHL future is precarious, largely due to faults of his own, but it’s always nice to see those flashes of talent that remind you why so many people have figured at one point or another that he was a player.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m at a considerable disadvantage in covering the game tonight – what did everybody else think? 

  • Jamie B.

    It was nice to see Patty and Nielsen get goALS. Neilsen's was a beauty and what a great back pass off the boards by Stone to set him up for his fantastic moves. Also I was following Neilsen most of the night and he was finishing his checks ( I thought he might hold back because of his recent concussion).
    I also followed Jacques play all night and he was a force. He played solidly positionally and layed out the hits when the opportunity arose. I'm glad Quinn recognized him in the post game scrum.
    Deslaurier looked shaky at the start of the game but played good after that shaky start. It was a good thing the Oil were carrying the play and limiting good scoring opportunities.
    Overall a good game played using their speed and hitting to force turnovers and to cover up defensively….excepting the lone wings goal with 0.9 seconds left in the 1st period.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    Re all the Columbus/Howson love being thrown around here/the Oilogospher the last few weeks.

    Columbus sits in 10th place with the worst GF/GA differential in the conference. The lowly Oil have also blown them out and had big comeback wins against them over the last 100 games.

    I'm confident this Oiler team, even with their incompetent management would be in the 9/10/11 mix with the BJ's and their top notch managment if it weren't for all our soon to be record setting injuries.

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach


      Last year I mentioned that Mason might have been thrown in too early and it looks as if I might have been right. That has been one of their issues the other is they seem to be like Edmonton, one line and then too many of the same type of players elsewhere.

      • Dan the Man

        Who cares, theirs no bonus point for fielding a cheaper team.

        They also likely have an enternal budget so theirs at least a good chance at least some of that un-used cap space is worthless.

        also part 2: their salary structure is going to change quickly when Nashes raise kicks in.

        • Not that much, Nash is only getting a raise of a couple million. and they have tons of room. Modin comes off the books, and Torres is the only significant player needing a new deal as far as I can remember.

          Internal budget likely does play a huge part in decision making though, no question about that.

          Edit: I should add however that I am on your side as a whole on the whole Howson debate. I doubt he is the genius everyone wants him to be, but the one advantage I will give him is that he at least seems to have a plan.

  • Ender

    TigerUnderGlass wrote:

    I'm almost unhappy that [Nilsson] scored that goal, because every time he shows us something like that people start wanting him around again. Hell at the rate Tambellini seems to work that one goal may have bought him another year.

    Ogden Brother Jr. wrote:

    I mentioned it before that right now with Hemsky and Comrie out, that our best option is Nilsson. Although odds of us making it are slim to done, Management and Coaching aren't going to throw the towel in just yet.

    Unfortunately, I think Nilsson is going to stick for awhile simply because our options are few. In the choice between playing Reddox or one of your other Falcons for that fateful 10th game versus playing Nilsson who is on your big-club roster anyway, I can see a certain logic in playing it the way the Oilers have. I think the mentality is 'This season is done anyway, so let's not screw up next year while we're at it.' Still, I think if we had a few extra bodies to choose from (Hemsky, Pisani, Comrie, et. al) that Nilsson would have long since been on a plane across the Atlantic and this wouldn't even be a story. In any normal scenario, Nilsson does not belong here anymore. The only reason he's still an Oiler is because we're a long way from normal these days.

  • Dan the Man

    Nilsson is the perfect player for the Oilers, both are painfully inconsistent and just when you are ready to write them off completely you see a little flash of brilliance that gives you a glimmer of hope.

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    Let's look at the bright side in all of this:

    If Nilsson had scored that goal in the playoffs, he'd be sitting on a contract extension and we'd all be stuck cheering for our second-favourite teams.

  • HansBaurMesserschmittWatson

    yeah i dont get those numbers either

    the only detroit goal is cause strudwick and staios are slow n old

    souray was aslked to sumbit the list of teams he would like to go to this trade deadline

    that is why he atitude is weak and piss poor the last few games . he lost it he dont care no more

    • I'm a Scientist!

      souray was aslked to sumbit the list of teams he would like to go to this trade deadline

      What? Says who?

      And the detroit goal was a beauty. An excellent pass and a wicked shot. Perhaps we are a bit to blame, but at least it was a good goal!

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      a fairly decent number of contracts containing NTC or NMC allow the team to receive a list from the player of teams they will or will not accept a trade to.

      im not 100% sure on the particulars of sourays deal, but this might be a provision in the deal where souray provides the team a list every year. I am pretty sure sourays NMC expires after this season anyways.

      Visnovsky after the 2012 season, for example, submits a list of 10 teams he will accept a trade to

  • HansBaurMesserschmittWatson

    smid got hit in the back by dan cant see cleary and his right hand got jammed against the boards.
    minor swelling, no concerns. he will be alright

  • BarryS

    Enjoyable game.

    – Lines looked good overall, there really didn't appear to be a weak line. Even line of Stone-Stortini-Nilson looked good and had a few nice opportunities.
    – Brule and Penner are scary good together a nice tandem. Add in Gagner and its an even better touch.
    – Lots of physical play. They stood their ground, went hard into the corners and to the front of the net.
    – Deslauriers rebounded nicely, made some good saves, hard to fault him on the Cleary goal.

    – Souray and Staios looked very slow on the Cleary goal. They were beaten by a good breakout pass and just couldn't get setup defensively. Foot speed looks to be a concern on D, good thing the Forwards are usually backchecking hard, but it does hilight what a fast break-out can do against the Oil.
    – The Joe was pretty empty to begin with and by half way through the 3rd there were a lot of empty seats. I can understand that your team isn't playing well but man it shows the woes the Wings are having since Yzerman retired.

    • I'm a Scientist!

      I think the empty seats are also because of the recession. Motor city got hit pretty hard with all the car plants and such. Not much to cheer for in Detroit these days… Lions suck, Tigers suck, Wings…currently suck.

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

      The joe is empty because no one has a job in Detroit anymore. From what some Detroit fans have said is they still have season ticket holders, it's just they pick which games to go to as all the extras cost too much.

  • The joe is empty because no one has a job in Detroit anymore

    …and that's almost an understatement.

    The fact that you can buy the Silverdome for the same approximate price as my house is a laughably clear sign of a city hit hard.

  • Lofty

    Actually Detroit has had issues with attendance ever since Yzerman had retired, which was before the US Banking system showed what a sham it was. Even with the team's lackluster performance this year they have had attendance issues for quite some time.

    I also think its unfair to blame the economy even with the higher unemployment in Detroit than the nationwide average. Many other US based teams in similar situations to Detroit do not have the same issues with fan support as the Wings do right now.