Oilers vs. Predators Postgame: Pat Quinn Should’ve Saved His Rant

Nashville Predators: 6

Edmonton Oilers: 3

Pat Quinn should have saved his rant for this game; the Oilers looked far worse tonight than they did against Los Angeles.

Oilers Three Stars, According To Me 

1. Robert Nilsson. A beautiful power play night for Nilsson, who scored two goals and threw a big hit too. The second goal was a gorgeous little deke that had everyone excited – well, everyone other than Pat Quinn, who sounded less than impressed in his post-game press conference. His six shots was twice as many as any other forward.

2. Gilbert Brule. Had a solid game, regardless of which line he played on. One assist on the night and a few good chances; I’m still trying to figure out why he got demoted off the first line, and more importantly why Quinn slashed his ice-time tonight.

3. Ryan Stone. I was baffled by Stone’s demotion to the fourth line, particularly given that Quinn opted to replace him with Patrick O’Sullivan. He’s been a legitimate find this year; an NHL player who came from well back to earn a spot, and from where I sit he’s one of the nine best forwards on this team. 

Random Thoughts

Pat Quinn took shots at a bunch of unnamed players, rather strongly suggesting that there are guys on the team who care more about individual achievement than they do about team achievement. He also flat-out stated that some of the veterans were a big part of the problem.

J-F Jacques played far and away the fewest minutes of any forward, with 6:30; the next lowest total belonged to Zack Stortini, who just missed the 10:0 minute mark. I wonder if his 0/5 run on scoring chances had anything to do with that.

It was nice to see the MacTavish line blender out in full force as the game wore on; I was watching line matchups all game and it seemed like Quinn had planned to run Horcoff & Co. against the Erat, Arnott and Sullivan line, but once he abandoned that players started getting subbed in all over the place.

Line changes keep killing this team. Nashville’s fourth goal racked up a minus for Horcoff, Nilsson and O’Sullivan, but it wasn’t remotely deserved. Zack Stortini didn’t get the puck deep, and then his line (I believe Moreau and Cogliano were the other two guys) meandered over to the bench for the change. Horcoff jumped on to the ice at one point but had to jump back off to avoid a too many men penalty; by the time his trio finally did manage to get on the ice it was far too late.

The Steve Staios holding penalty in the third period brought the phrase “cascade failure” to mind. Most hockey plays aren’t the result of a single, definable error; rather they’re caused by a series of errors. In quality control this is generally known as “cascade failure”. In any case, the first failure was Denis Grebeshkov (who had a brutal night) whiffing on a pass. Than Jeff Deslauriers got ambitious and chucked the puck away rather than covering it; the puck ended up on a Nashville stick. Then the Oilers played ring around the rosy for a while before Staios finally got whistled. Team effort.

Dustin Penner took a beating from the refs tonight, and was quite correctly livid about it.

  • To Whom It May Concern

    #26 ronaldo December 17 2009, 03:10PM

    Alright, it's 12*17*09, where the hell are you RossCreek?

    Would you believe that I broke my 3G connection as I was about to start my day of internetting yesterday? And would you then believe that after pouting & sulking like my Oiler "star" Patrick O'Sullivan, I headed to my local BP's to administer a substantial beatdown to my liver, drinking gin & tonic doubles from 4 til midnight (sprinkled in with random shooter debauchery), completely missing the Flames-Kings *12/17/09* matchup because the Oiler game and the NFL game were already on the TV's? (By the way, another "stellar" performance from the Oil.)

    Well if you believe all of that, then surely you'll believe that a mixture of pizza, gt's and grape juice came spewing out of my mouth in the shower at 10:30 this morning.

    Yup… my first day with the Nation and I'm already doing my best Wanye impersonations. That is correct. 12/17/09 was to be my first post-game summary over at FlamesNation.ca

    With an invitation from Wanye a month and a half ago, I recently decided I'd give it a go.

    A day late and a dollar short. Pushed back like a Dr. Dre album. Just like 30's the new 20, *12/19/09* is the new 12/17/09.

    For those willing to take the odd gander away from ON (just for a sec) to check out FlamesNation from time to time, see ya there. Those that are "all-Oil, all-the-time", I understand. I won't take it personal… just like you shouldn't take it personal that 'my' team is better than 'your' team ;-b

    *Oh… and props to Ogden Bro for calling it and to ronaldo for ~caring~*

    **Now lets watch us some Ovechkin!! DOWN WITH THE 'NUCKS!!**

  • Hemmertime

    "Same guy who compared Reasoner to Sakic."

    And yet Quinn seems to agree with him regarding who the best all-around Oilers forward is.

    Hmmmm, 2 proffesional coaches with 70 years combined at the NHL level or a bunch of fans… who could be right?

    • Hemmertime

      Hey, nowhere did I say Horcoff isn't useful or a good player, my arguement is that Horcoff shouldn't make the Olympic team, and that Mac-T's judgement is skewed/horribly biased

      Misrepresenting what I'm saying seems to be the in thing around here

      • Petr's Jofa

        In defence of MacT, the question to MacT was poised at the beginning of the year (Oct 8th) and it was which player not invited to Team Canada's Olympic camp will make the team. It's not like he came out of now where and said Horcoff was better than the 40 other players at the August camp.

        MacT went off the board and didn't pick Savard. It was a reach but if Horcoff could have matched his pre-injury 2007-08 all-star worthy output, his name would be in consideration. As we all know now, he hasn't come close.

  • i dont even need to give reasoning or stats for my opinions, truth speaks for it self. as long as our core of guys are these "veteran/leaders" who couldnt be all-stars in a beer league, we will suck. trust me. how do u expect POS to give a fcuk, when horcoff sucks worse then he does and POS is being called out. i wonder if he took a page out of the penner book from last year. remember the team sucked, but only penner and nillson were in the dog house, never horcoff never moreau. you cant expect these players to take the organization and the coaches serious, when this junk is hapening. they are not fools, they can see whats going on and i am not suprised they arent connectiong with the hypocritical coaches and management

    So why was MacT stumping for Horc to be on the Olympic squad earlier this year? He doesn't owe anything to the Oilers now that he is an analyst? Your logic makes no sense as usual.

  • Please tell me if it is true that MacT wanted Horcoff on the Olympic team. Unforkingbeleivable.

    The only thing worst than that would be if MacT iced Toby Peterson or M. Poilet in the final minute of the Gold medal game.

  • HansBaurMesserschmittWatson

    That's right, it's coming back to me ….

    "I'm going off the board with Shawn Horcoff," MacTavish said. "Terrific role player, the best three-on-five penalty killer in the game, and when you get into those situations, you're going to wish he was there to fill the role".

    This was on TSN's "The Quiz" when asked if he could pick any player for Team Canada that was not at the summer training camp.