Are The Oilers Shopping Souray?

According to rumour-monger Bruce Garrioch, they are. In his latest column, he passes along the following bit of gossip:

The talk is the Edmonton Oilers are sniffing around to see what kind of interest there is in defenceman Sheldon Souray, who has a cap hit of $5.4 million for the next three seasons. There are whispers Souray, 32, was offered as part of a package in a four-player deal with an Eastern Conference team.

It’s hardly the first time that rumours of Souray leaving town have circulated among the media. Robin Brownlee was at the forefront of such talk this summer. It earned a place in Jim Matheson’s column, too.

I imagine that if Tambellini is shopping Souray, and if he believes what he’s said publicly, it will be in exchange for a difference maker at forward. If he doesn’t really believe what he’s been saying about this team, it will be in exchange for futures and whatever salary he needs to take back to make the deal work.

The question for us is which of the three options we’d prefer to see him take: not to trade Souray, to trade him for help now, or to trade him for help down the road.  Chalk me up for option three, but I’m curious to see what everyone else thinks.

  • Come on, why would we trade a heart and soul guy? When he is healthy, he is as intimidating as they come. All we read is about our small line up. I like Ethan, but, his time is past for this team and this should be Sheldon,s team!

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      depends how you look at it.

      Are the Oilers going to be a contender before Sourays deal runs out? no probably not.

      So, you have a player who is reaching the age where the majority of players start to decline in production. Add in some injury concerns, and now might be the time sourays value is at its highest.

      that said, unless souray asks to be traded, i try and trade one of gilbert, grebs or visnovsky first.

      • Bucknuck

        It would be hard to see shelly go I love him as an oiler, but I totally agree that in a year or two from now shelly wont be worth as much, it sucks to say but its true, I think Lubo can play at a higher level for longer. But ya with the crop of young d that we have coming in I would way rather see greb or gibby than shelly go

  • Chamucks Deluxe

    pls don't tell me he's being traded for another start 'to play with Hemmer' 'cause I'm gonna start crying.

    With Eberle, MPS, Cornet, Omark…we might not need help up-front.

    Is Souray gets traded should be for cap space and prospects.

    Could the leadership situation be a factor?

  • I think if we could get some decent picks or prospects that will help us down the road, I'd be for it.

    That doesn't mean I would be thrilled about it, but we have to be realistic; we're not doing anything with him here, and we need more pieces to be successful.

  • Nuge&Connorvs.Sam&Sean

    And right on cue, here comes a patch move. Why in the world would you trade a player like Souray? He's a leader. When he went down, everything went belly up. There's a lot of other moves that can be done.

    For example, all the replicas on the team. Ask your self, why is there only one center on a basketball team? Because he needs space. Same thing here, since they are replicas, they think alike and move in just about the same pattern no matter what they practice. It's built into their mentallity. They do have too many offensive D-men, but Souray brings a physical element that the others do not bring.

    They better no trade Souray

  • Chamucks Deluxe

    Remember when Ottawa kept the smaller, skill over power Wade Redden vs. the more physical leader with a rocket shot in Zdeno Chara?

    Is this a similar case here with Visnovsky-Souray?

      • Horcsky

        Also, Visnovsky is a better d-man than Souray. If you have to move one of the two, move Souray. No doubt that Souray brings a lot of the elements of toughness and grit that the team lacks, but Visnovsky might be the most gifted all around player we've had here in awhile.

      • Chamucks Deluxe

        At the time Redden was an All-star, and lead the NHL in +/-.
        I have no doubts at all about Visnovsky's ability, and no doubt that Chara is better than Souray.

        It's just that they're both getting up there in years, and who would you get the most out of in the long haul?

  • Hemmertime

    Hold the phone here folks. Trade the only veteran physical force on your 'D' for what… a Kostitsyn maybe? Give me a break. Souray should be the captain of this team. That is of course if the management possessed either brains or balls. Give Souray the position he deserves and increase his sense of personal investment in this organization for him. Ethan Moreau was MacT's idea of a captain, not Quinn's and not mine as little as that means.

    It's only my opinion but I think vets and rookies alike would listen when he spoke. He has credibility and you sure can't say that about Moreau. He doesn't even have the fans on his side from what I have read here.

    I don't trust Tambo's instincts to make anything but a stupid trade. When he has acted he has shown poor judgement. O'Sullivan? Buckshy marksman and Khabby of the 1st year new contract disappearing act? Oh yeah it's his back…ouch mine too.

  • Paq Twinn

    I've been on the tank it band wagon for a few weeks now. Trade him for futures. There's a few other guys I'd trade too. Check it out on

  • If Tambellini trades Souray for "instant" help (i.e., an older proven scoring forward on a short contract) then he's a worse GM than even I took him for. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that this team doesn't have a hope in hell of winning anything in the next, oh, 3 years or so, and if Tambo trades Souray for anything that fits a short window of opportunity, then he's COMPLETELY out of touch with what kind of team he's working with.

    • Hemmertime

      Id trade Souray in a heartbeat for a proven 30 goal scorer. Or to fill one of our holes with a solid player signed through at least next year. We have Visnovsky as our #1 D already. He took the position we had signed Souray for. Then Grebs + Gilbert are good offensive D men, so Souray is a mean streak and a slap shot. Well, we basically eliminated his meanness by limiting him from fighting after his injury and his shot doesnt justify over 5 mil for 15 goals.

      Getting rid of Souray for anything more than a second round pick will make me happy.

    • Nuge&Connorvs.Sam&Sean

      Could not agree more.The team needs to move older players now (if possible) for younger players or draft picks.Unless people want to watch the team battle for the last playoff spot year after year it is time for a influx of youth and rebuild properly.We have good talent coming up.lets build a cup contender around the kids.So I'm option three for sure.One final thought,Souray does have a no trade clause.

  • HansBaurMesserschmittWatson

    I think the Oilers need to shift some of their payroll from the D corps, to the forwards, where they have too many cheap small young guys.Without knowing what is available for each in return, I would definitely move Gilbert instead of Souray. It looks like its going to be a young team for a while, so Sourays toughness and leadership would be good to have.

  • HansBaurMesserschmittWatson

    Bruce Garrioch's rumors are about as reliable as Sam Gagner in the shootout.

    This team doesn't have Mike Richards, Dustin Brown or Milan Lucic but if we did have one of them on our roster then trading Souray would be as stupid as trading one of them. He basically embodies everything this club is looking for.

    I cannot think of one available defender that brings all the same elements that Souray brings.

    oh, and bringing in Bergeron to replace Souray's points and a Gator type to replace Souray's toughness still doesn't replace Souray.

  • Corsby31

    keep him, he's tough, not a horrible cap hit, as good as leader as we have on this team, keeps the pp alive, hits, scores (a bit). Seems to me you better be getting a hell of a lot in return. And really, why bother?? Does trading for a guy like Horton make us a playoff team??? Not even close, this move would not make sense to me. Maybe at the deadline I would have a look, but not now!!

  • MrOiler

    Smid, Visnovsky and Grebs are all looking much better than last season. With Hemmer out for the season, trading Souray for some attack would make sense… except I HATE when stuff like that makes sense because I get all emotionally invested in individual players, like Pronger, Gator, Smytty and Brewer and when they leave it kills me, sense or not. I'd prefer to hang on to Souray. The team has felt a lot more like it's on solid ground since he and Steady Stevie returned. Having a good D won't hurt when Hemsky and Eberle start lighting up the front end.

  • MrOiler

    Hmm.. Just what exactly could we get for Souray? Will it be an up n comer or will we have a legitimate 1st line center?

    Any rumours to which "East Coast" team?

    Could it be for Horton possibly?