GDB 54: Voulez vous le win?


For the first time since December of 2005 the Canadiens visit Rexall Place.I could sit here and write a novel about how moronic it is for an original six team not to play in another Canadian city for that long, but that would be about as insightful as people who think fighting is the biggest problem in the NHL.

Speaking of the obvious, the biggest concern for the Oilers right now is they can’t score.

Horcoff: One goal in his last 17 games.
Cole: One goal in his last 11 games and no points in last six.
Cogliano: No goals in his last 15 games.
Penner: Two goals in his last 16 games.
Gilbert: One goal in his last 34 games.
Grebeshkov: One goal in his last 13 games.

That is half of your top two lines, and all of them get ample PP time. People can talk all they want about the likes of Reddox and Brodziak needing to be better, but it is clear that the supposed top-six forwards and scoring D-men aren’t getting it done offensively.

Tonight the lines will be back to “normal”

27 10 83
12 89 26
18 13 78
85? 51 46

Steve MacIntyre spent lots of time on the ice after practice skating with Fernando Pisani, so you would think he is the healthy scratch tonight, but MacTavish wasn’t divulging who would be on the fourth line. It sounds like a game time decision whether he will play.

As Brownlee pointed out yesterday, MacIntyre and Laraque have been exchanging text messages lately. Comparing notes on other tough guys around the league has been the gist of most conversations from what I understand. Does this mean they have a gentleman’s agreement not to fight? Possibly, but they also know their role and if 33 dresses and he or George take a run at someone I’m sure they both still know their role.

Roloson will start in net again, and MacTavish hinted he wants to get Deslauriers a start on the upcoming road trip, but hasn’t decided where yet. You would think it would be in Phoenix against the struggling dogs on Monday night.

Lidstrom his idol

Ladislav Smid has a two-game point scoring streak going, which ties a career high, but he is still looking for that elusive first goal of the season. In fact, he hasn’t scored in his since March of 2007, a span of 118 games.

Smid jokingly blamed it on his childhood idol Nick Lidstrom. “I switched to an Easton stick two years ago, because Lidstrom uses one, but I haven’t scored a goal these sticks yet. I might have to go back to Reebok.”

“I blame it on the forwards. None of them have set me up with a tap-in goal. Look at me, I’m not going to do it by myself and they know it, yet they haven’t helped me out,” laughed Smid.

“But I’ve been thinking about my celebration. It will be a big surprise and it will happen this season. Count on it.”

Good prank

At the beginning of the season, Ryan Rishaug from TSN traveled to Dallas to do a story on Sean Avery. Avery and the Stars agreed to it ahead of time and he flew down, but when he got there Avery snubbed him and said he wouldn’t do it. Rishaug and his camera guy got Avery on camera walking away saying, “I don’t want to talk, I hate TSN.”

Well, with Avery out of his counseling rehab, Rishaug got taken pretty good from a TSN counterpart who will remain nameless. This morning Rishaug got a text saying that Avery wanted to make up with the reporter that he blew off earlier this season, and here is his number. 1.413.497.0025

Rishaug gets all excited. Redemption is sure to be his as he grabs his pen and notepad, gets comfortable at a table and dials the number.

“Thank you for calling the psychiatric hotline…”

Listen to the entire call. Classic. I think Oiler fans can relate since their team shows multiple personalities from game to game.

  • freeze wrote:

    hmmm, a team on the skids and having trouble winning on the road. sounds like a guaranteed Oiler’s loss to me.
    …not to be pessimistic or anything. :p

    Don't forget 3rd Jersey and PPV night.

    *thumbs up*

  • Rick

    How can Oilersnation run a picture in the GDB that has in the lower righthand corner something that says "the passion that unites us all" with a Maple Leafs crest next to it?

    Now I am not a superstitious person – knock on wood – but not photo shopping that out of the picture has got to guarantee all sorts of suck for the Oilers tonight…

    Surely you guys must have learned the lessons of bad mojo after the Maple Leafs game and Pittsburgh Game and Sundin poll question fiasco's.

  • Milli

    Laddi with the Hattrick!!!!

    Souray should get a half dozen, ya know, just to show Gainey what he's missing!!!!

    And, hopefully scary carey gets the start, that dude can't stop a beach ball!!!!

    I get to watch tonight surrounded by about 18 die hard, french speaking Habs fans, each of whom I get 5 bucks, so, either the mighty OIL win, or I won't be able to afford hookers, blow, or food for a month!!!!

  • sittingatmydesk

    i dont care how it comes, the oil HAVE to win, even if 85 scores off his ear, we need to win, in fact we need to string a couple of consecutive wins, as we are loosing pace for the playoffs.we have to go 3/4 on the road trip…..