That just happened


“A picture says a thousand words, but in this case it’s probably worth about two hundred” – A buddy who just reviewed our second cartoon in as many days.

Well, when you lose 42 per cent of the time you also win 58 per cent of the time and the Oil showed us that is the case with a good old fashioned le whipping of Les Canadiens last night. Much to the dismay of the thousands of Habs fans who collectively leaned on the OilersNation for tickets to the game as they do every year, that version of the Oil came out firing, scoring, hitting, winning and smiling. We were so happy to see that Oilers squadron show up. We all know that version of the Oilers – the team that shows up for about 15 or 20 games a year.

That Oilers team doesn’t need to fire anyone. That Oilers team has seven players on pace for an 82-goal season. That Oilers squad would beat the other Oilers squad 815-2 if they could somehow play themselves in a regular season game in some alternate dimension. That Oilers squad doesn’t need Jaromir Jagr, Vincent Lecavalier or anyone except someone to open the bench gate and yell “go get ’em, you Stanley Cup Champions!”

That Oilers team makes liars out of every rational Oilers fan who predicted that the Oil would not win against the Canadiens and makes irrational believers of any self respecting Oilers fan who witnessed the game. That Oilers team sells thousands of Oilers themed keys such as the one we had made yesterday for the princely sum of $6:


That Oilers team inspires these types of novelty key purchases by the thousands. “Why would I want a normal key when there is an Oilers key to be purchased?” we ask ourselves on account of that team.

It’s almost worse for MacT and Company when that Oilers team shows up for work. They bitch slap the Eastern Conference All Star team, getting goals from everyone including the usher in Section 112. They seem to suggest that many of the pieces of the championship puzzle are already seated in the dressing room at RX1, if only someone knew how to assemble them properly on a night in and night out basis.

Losing Grebeshkov is certainly not going to help in the long run, but to that Oilers team it won’t matter in the least. That Oilers team could lose half of its players, be trailing 17-0 with seven minutes left and would still find a way to win. That Oilers team wins because they get 18 late goals including 2 goals in the last 4.7 seconds of the game forcing ten seperate cardiac events in the stands of RX1 in the third period alone.

In the words of the Immortal Towel Boy: Who saw this coming?

No one did. Screw you, good version of the Oilers.