Gregor’s GDB: TSN won’t know what hit it


I used to love watching OTR. Well, love is kind of a strong word. I actually mean that I enjoyed watching it. The only reason I don’t anymore is because of a little device called the Playstation Three. Now, if Landsberg was a Vault-dwelling Capital-wasteland-roaming nuclear-holocaust survivor… THAT I would watch.

Why am I mentioned this? Well, because of the following email I received from none other than Jason Gregor, the TEAM 1260 vault-dweller who’s roaming Canada’s cultural Capital-wasteland. That’s right, our boy is fighting zombies in Toronto. Here’s what he told me:

“Bingofuel, your writing sucks. You know sweet eff ay about hockey and even less about the ladies. [ed note: most of what you see in this email is heresay.]

But peep this, fella: I’m going to be on Off the Record today. Tell citizens of the Nation to tune in, and follow the conversation.”

Deed: done. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go fire laser beams at Super Mutants.