Around The Blogosphere: Quinquatria

The Minerva Temple in Rome. Apparently, this has something to do with Oilers hockey.

Today being the 19th of March, no doubt everyone’s been busy celebrating their favorite ancient Roman holiday! This one day festival was dedicated to Minerva, who was busy even by mythological standards: she served as the virgin goddess of warriors, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, and crafts. She also invented music; without her help, Hall & Oates would never have come up with the epic sound of Private Eyes (clap clap). In any case, if you can distract yourself from observing the holiday, here’s what’s happening around the blogosphere:

  • The Oilers rank 8th in the West in terms of winning percentage since the All-Star break, and that’s probably connected somehow to their current position in the conference – 8th. Don’t ask David Staples what it means for the rest of the stretch drive and the playoffs, though.
  • From that same Staples post, he suggests O’Horcivansky as a name for the Oilers current top line. It’s a little long for me – maybe something shorter, like O’Shorsky?
  • Is Ethan Moreau the worst forward on any playoff team? I think not, but he’s closer to the bottom than the top.
  • Scott does that thing he does: offers a rhyming psalm hoping for the Oilers to win tonight against Colorado.
  • Speaking of the game tonight, the odds coming out of Vegas aren’t encouraging.
  • Is Riley Nash the best prospect in the Oilers’ system? Lowetide offers a look at his last two seasons.
  • Are you still on the Rob Schremp bandwagon? You aren’t alone.
  • And to conclude, a brief look at the Oilers Corsi rankings over the last ten games.