Frozen in Time III


On February 28, 2009 Oilers Defenseman Dennis Grebeshkov was interviewed by a local radio personality about life, love and the pursuit of happiness prior to puck drop against the Minnesota Wild.

This is their story.

Grebeshkov: Well hello! Aren’t you cute. Where did they find you?

Tencer: Hey! I’ll have you know that my Mom dropped me off here at the rink hours ago thank you very much. And besi-

Grebeshkov: And look someone tied tie for you!

Tencer: Um, yeah. That was me Dennis. I can tie my own tie and if I’m not in a big hurry in the morning I even tie my own shoes.

Grebeshkov: So you are kid that is going to sing anthem?

Tencer: No Dennis. I am here on behalf of CHED.

Grebeshkov: You are here for Make-a-Wish?

Tencer: No Dennis. I am here to interview you.

Grebeshkov: You are lost child?

Tencer: I am here to interview you for the local radio station.

Grebeshkov: Why did they hire child to be radio man?

Tencer: I was hired to be on the Oilers radio network because an adult would have asked you guys too many hard questions. I interview the players about being Oilers and stuff.

Grebeshkov: Want to interview me?

Tencer: You mean it?? Honest injun??

Camera guy taking picture: [Thinking] I haven’t seen Tencer this excited since he found that program on the ground after a game. He’s gonna sleep tonight….

Grebeshkov: For sure. [removes bell from neck and leans into mic]

Tencer: Gee whiz mister! Can I ask you anything I want?

Grebeshkov: Anything. Is your wish kid.

Oilers PR staffer: [off camera] Ok. That’s all the time we have. Thanks Dennis you can go back to warm up now.

[Grebeshkov leaves bench and returns to warmup]

Tencer: [holding mic out to no one, bottom lip starts trembling as Grebeshkov skates away] But… but….

Grebeshkov: [back in warmup thinks to self] What a nice kid.