We won’t get fooled again


Just when you think things couldn’t get any more insulting to Oilers fans – it happens.

We were forcibly sat down late last night and made to listen to this Oilers appeal to the fans on Dan Tencer’s blog. If you haven’t gone and listened to it we can fill you in quite quickly. A bunch of Oilers who didn’t identify themselves – Horcoff was there (we would know his voice anywhere) and perhaps Gilbert,  Strudwick and even a Hemsky at the end? It’s neither here nor there – whoever they were they collectively made a flat and unemotional appeal to Oilers fans to be supportive of the team in the next 6 games in a clip with about as much production value as an OilersNation Podcast. They certainly didn’t sound like a bunch of players that were about to catch fire and start rag dolling teams in their final 6 games. They sounded more like tired and defeated hockey players who would rather have worn a beard of angry bees than face Tencer and his micromophone. This is at least an acknlowedgment of the gillions of Citizens of the OilersNation, albeit a strange way to go about engaging the good party people. But that too is neither here nor there.

After sitting down and giving it the benefit of the doubt we listened to the appeal three seperate times. Three seperate listens and we have one real take on the matter:

Are you serious?


“We the Oilers need you the fans, to cheer” they said. Uh, we need the fans need you the Oilers you to win some games!! If there is one party in the fans-team relationship that is failing the other we hardly think its the billions of devoted citizens of the OilersNation.

There is a touching part of the audio clip where the player reminisces about the fans on the route to the Cup run. Unidentified Oiler #2 mentions vague sentiments about how awesome it was when the fans would sing the anthem before the game. MY GODS MAN!! You do realize that you are basically rubbing salt in our collective wounds right? You do realize that we want nothing more than to get behind this team and cheer you idiots to 10 Stanley Cups in a row right? Invoking these memories as if to somehow suggest it’s the fans fault that you and your coworkers are anything short of bad right now is an absolute slap in the face to the hundreds of millions of fans that live and die with your every word. Rather than getting on the radio-blog thing and calling for support maybe you could go out there and earn it the old fashioned way:

Go out and play some friggin playoff hockey.

We would personally give our left testicle, 3 toes and half of our thumb if you idiots would win a Stanley Cup. So don’t you go on the air and somehow infer that we are letting you down in any way shape or form. It is you who is letting us down. Get that very, very clear in your collective minds.

Perhaps we too should go on the air and make attempted emotional pleas that come off insincere and self serving too.

“Please Oilers on behalf of the fans, please go out and play better hockey. You have no idea the lift it provides to all of our frozen spirits when you and your cohorts go out and play some decent puck. It would be just lovely if you could find it in your hearts TO PLAY SOME FUCKING PLAYOFF HOCKEY”

Playing the heart strings of Oilers fans in the powder keg of emotion we have going right now may not be the brightest idea guy-signed-to-gigantic-contract-starting-next-year. But if that is the game you want to play Shawn Horcoff, we will play along.

We have reached out to our vast network of criminal associates and have arranged tickets to tonight’s game against the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. The fact we are going to drag ourselves to the game despite the performances we have witnessed at RX1 as recently as last game should say something about commitment. We will join the other 1.4 million committed fans who will be filing into RX1 or dejectedly plunking themselves down in front of a telematrix to witness the hockey match this evening. We are going with our boy MSG who is one of the most knowledgeable hockey fans and biggest Oilers fans around. The two of us sat side by side for the bulk of the games during the SCF run in 2006. We will do as you ask and will personally drink ourselves under the table (as usual) screaming and yelling all the while (as usual) while making off-handed quips much to the delight of our section mates wherever we are sitting. 100% positive and 100% believing as we have done since we were 4 years old and started watching your predecessors play. We will do as you ask Oilers, but know this:

If you show us the same effort you showed us when we attended the games against Minnesota, Buffalo and Chicago this year we don’t know what we can do next but it will be dramatic. Not that anyone really cares what we think, but WE care what we think and we won’t be able to look ourselves in the mirror at the bus depot in the offseason if we know we let you kick us again when we were down.

But OK Shawn Horcoff. You have earned the right to make an appeal to the fans. We will do as you ask and we put all the negativity on hold. We will try and encourage the other dejected Oilers fans we know to cheer as though it is a playoff game tonight. We have collectively gone to the trouble of buying tickets and everything so why not right?

You have now have our full and undivided attention Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club and we are going to come through in spades like Oilers fans do time and time again. But if you fail us, so help you Gods Edmonton Oilers.

So help you.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Chaz wrote:

    As cheesy as this was, it’s kind of true. Why put so much energy and time into supporting this team all year only to lose faith while they are still mathematically in it?

    Apparently you have missed the Oilers play of late. What have they lost – 4 of the last 5?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I'm torn on this one. I get the sentiment from the Oilers and would love to see the joint rocking down the stretch not to mention into the playoffs.

    The trick is, I doubt that there is a single person that goes to the games not wanting to cheer and have a good time. The lack of atmosphere isn't by choice it is because the Oilers haven't delivered. They haven't delivered at home in the W column and they certainly haven't delivered in the entertainment category.

    If they want people to cheer, not a canned pre-medidated cheer but actual emotion investment in the game, then they need to deliver. They need to score goals before the third period, they need to dominate the chances from the drop of the puck, they need to do all the things they have failed to do up to this point.

    The fans want to get involved but they need to have something to get involved over.

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    JRocks247 wrote:

    where’s our Captian?

    Moreau was already hung out to dry for suggesting the same thing earlier this season. I think it went something like this "it doesn't matter, the building is sold out every night"

  • I'm a Scientist!

    1 – Shawn "Scream talker" Horcoff
    2 – Tom "The Hair" Gilbert
    3 – Sam "I can't get my point across in under 4000 words" Gagner
    4 – Jason "I love everything except getting the puck out of my zone" Strudwick
    5 – Denis "The Menace" Grebeshkov
    6 – Sam "Ya I'm still talking" Gagner
    They're all on edmontonoilers.com

  • I'm a Scientist!

    As cheesy as this was, it's kind of true. Why put so much energy and time into supporting this team all year only to lose faith while they are still mathematically in it? We may as well go down with the ship and try to enjoy these last few games. I agree the Oil need to give us more to cheer about, but let's show the boys some love tonight and hopefully with a win we can start building some momentum. If they do miss the playoffs, there will be plenty of time to point fingers, and to moan and groan about what could have been, but for now….LETS GO OILERS!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ bcjames:

    I agree that it was a terrible idea by Tencer. The concept might be OK on paper but statements that self servicing and impossibly unconvincing by the players should have led any producer listening to it to scrap the idea completely.

    Look how upset the website is getting by all this drama! It is incorrectly counting the comment numbers!

    *starts to fix problem, remembers he knows nothing about the interwebs and calls on the brains of the operation to take a peek*

  • I'm a Scientist!

    you can see the video version on the Oilers website…unnamed #2 = Sammy G.

    You're perfectly right, talk about an unemotional plee…where's our Captian?…..

    "Some day the oilers will look to me to help, and I'll whisper, no.."

    not today though, not tonight….GO OIL!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    While I agree that the players' 'plea' to the fans was cheesy and half-hearted, it probably wasn't their idea. They were likely asked to do it by Tencer who thought it would make for great radio. Blame him (or his Inside Sports producers)not the players.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    The twits on “Moron Sports” picked up on this, guilting people into cheering.


    People pay half a car payment per night to go watch the sh*tastic display night after night. They gobble down watered down twenty-eight dollar beers, pay a reasonable 9 bucks for FRICKIN’ POPCORN…..POPCORN!!

    And want to be entertained.

    By a bunch of millionaires who think it is OUR job to motivate THEM?!

    What a complete, utter joke. This is the most disgusted I’ve been. Why in the holy hell should we cheer for these crybabies? Because of the logo on their chest?

    That only goes so far, when the people INSIDE the sweater are a collective bunch of….well think feline reference.

    *End of rant – should switch to decaf probably*

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Thank God I live in Calgary and only have the boobtube and internet to follow the Oil If I saw them in the streets and heard them on the radio I'd probably punch one.

    Does this mean they are going to mail it in for the rest of the season? The answer we shll see tonight.

    Prove me wrong and man up Oil, win it tonight, and then the next night and then the next night. That is how you get our support. We've been supporting you all along, reguardless of results. Now it is your turn…

    Go Oilers GO!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I heard Gilbert saying this yesterday on CHED. I think it is ridiculous you need fans to motivate you. Do think the 10 people attending games in Florida really have that much to do with on ice performance?!?!

    Ridiculous, look deep & get some balls boys. Play some fucking hockey for the +/-17000 people attending the game.

    While attending just about every play-off game in 2006, the first few games against Detroit were not the same as the games in the SCF. Give the fans a reaon to cheer & they will.

    Ridiculous to ask fans to cheer, almost as ridiculous as radio people in Caroina telling fans to stand the entire game 7 of the SCF.