A Quick Dustin Penner Question

Dustin Penner

There are a lot of people out there who don’t like Dustin Penner. “Lazy” is a word that gets tossed around a lot, although “inconsistent” “unmotivated” and even “fat” get used sometimes too. I decided I’d take a quick look at how the first line of Ales Hemsky and Shawn Horcoff have performed this season with and without Dustin Penner.

I decided to use Vic Ferrari’s Time On Ice tool, which scans NHL shift charts, to compile the results for the first line with and without Dustin Penner.

With Dustin Penner

  • 21 goals for, 5 goals against (+16)
  • 173 shots for, 109 shots against (+64)

Without Dustin Penner

  • 9 goals for, 10 goals against (-1)
  • 281 shots for, 250 shots against (+31)

I really didn’t like the Dustin Penner offer sheet; I place great value on draft picks, and felt that Penner was too much of a question mark for such a big offer. That said, I do think that Penner’s a useful NHL player who has been made the scapegoat far too much on a team with multiple problems.

My question for those of you who don’t like Dustin Penner: Why is the first line so much better with Penner than without him?

  • Hippy

    Jonathan Willis wrote:

    Anybody want to give me the odds that I get a legitimate answer to that question?

    Well, it's possible to dislike Dustin Penner while still admitting that he's the best option at LW that this team has right now.

    I wish he came out with something to prove more often, but even at half effort he's more use on the ice than stapled to the bench.

  • Hippy

    His numbers show that he has decent chemistry on the 1st line. If you look at his numbers, his age, his size then his contract actually looks somewhat decent.

    The problem I have with him is probably more perception than anything. Penner doesn't bring a physical element most nights, he coasts back to our zone when he backchecks, he coughs up the puck at bad times and overall he looks slow and disinterested most of the time.

    I do have to give him props though. He puts up decent numbers so effortlessly that it looks like a 35 year old couch potato like me could do what he does.

  • Hippy

    Dont get me wrong, his numbers with the top line compared to without are really wide. My biggest beef with Penner is there are times during a game or a full game where it just seems he isnt "checked in". Just skates around with no life.

  • Hippy

    I've noticed that in past games if Penner gets hit hard early in a period he seems to play with more drive. Much like another #27 who played for the make beleafs a long time ago. Maybe the Oilers defense should wake him up at the start of each period.

  • Hippy

    Monday Guy wrote:

    Numbers Schmumbers
    I want Results
    tell him to put the puck in the net
    …. only then can we be pals again

    16 goals for, 5 against.
    9 goals for, 10 against.

    Penner was putting the puck in the net.

  • Hippy

    I think that Penner isn't that bad either. He has become the poster boy for legions of fans who are pissed off with mediocre results.

    As Oilers fans we always need whipping boys. Always. Don't we Tom Poti?

    *Poti nods, silent tears streaming down his face while he eats an unseasoned chicken breast*

  • Hippy

    Thanks for this Jonathan. I am beating my head against the wall trying to get people to stop getting a skill player to fit into an Ethan Moreau mold. I mean, I think people want him to be Moreau, when he's more Cogliano (without the speed). This guys just thinks the game too well to not be good.