UPDATED: Start salivating, Nation


Just received the following dispatch from Gregor:

“My gut says it will be Pat Quinn as head coach with Tom Renney as associate coach.

I can’t get any confirmation on that, but that’s my guess.

Either way, this is Tambellini’s biggest decision so I won’t be surprised if he goes with guys he knows and trusts. He can’t afford a George Burnett type of situation.

The new coach has to be a hard-ass that the veterans will pay attention to. That is Quinn.

The associate needs to be a technical guy. That is Renney.

I don’t know who will be the assistant, but I hear that Buchburger will be in the organization in some capacity, but not as coach.

I will have more after the presser…or tune in to TEAM 1260 for all the reaction.

According to our very own patented (uh, sort of?) Oilers New Aggregator 2.0®, the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club has called a news conference today at noon mountain time. Could this herald the arrival of our long-awaited head coach? Will Steve Tambellini tell us what he brought to work for lunch today?


In my mind, this can mean two things: we’re going to either hear who the new head coach is, or it’s going to be some BS about another largely irrelevant (to fans, anyway) front-office appointment. Let’s hope it’s the former.