Journey to the Fin Du Monde

Jason Gregor is going to the 2009 NHL Entry Draft

As loyal Nationeers are aware, something excellent happened last week – something that could only happen when a bunch of ridiculous Oilers fans band together to ensure that they’re getting best coverage a young website can provide them with.

Like a pack of maddened, hockey-obsessed jackals, you goons got together and decided to fundraise to send a Nation writer to Montreal so you could get all the Entry Draft coverage you’d ever want. It started with a snide remark Brownlee made about Wanye being a “cheap screw“.

And fair enough. Wanye’s so cheap he steals empty cans of Lucky Lager and then comes to my place to fill them up with my über-expensive vitamin P. And I have to spend the next week sober. SOBER while trying to maintain order here.

But when long-time OilersNation commenter humantorch (currently livin’ large in Holland) suggested he’d pitch in a few bucks to send Brownlee to cover the Draft, well… For those of you just joining us, this should get you up to speed.

Show me the money

I bet a lot of you are wondering how things are going so far. I’m pleased to say that there’s no question anymore: we WILL be sending herr Gregor to the 2009 NHL Entry Draft this coming weekend. Will Fraser and Brownlee are even going to cover his show while he’s gone!

Here’s the breakdown for you:

TEAM 1260 donation: $1,000
Wanye’s donation: $500

For a total of $1,500. Not bad, right? What’s really astonishing, though, is you guys.

You have raised a whopping $1,815 at last count.

That makes for a grand total of $3,315!

Sweet shit, Nation! You’ve done it. Gregor, Club Supersex, schooners of Fin Du Monde beer… You’ll have your Draft coverage!

Don’t stop now

I’m only joking, of course. As stated before, any money raised exceeding what’s required for Gregor to cover the Main Event over the weekend will be donated to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. So don’t stop now! Let’s try and get together an obscene amount of money for the kiddies, and I’ll make sure Brownlee, Gregor and myself get a photo of us handing over a novelty-sized cheque to the fine men and women at the Stollery.

And who will that cheque be from?

Why, the fine Citizens of the, of course.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    bingofuel wrote:

    @ Cam:
    Seriously? I LOVE Fin du monde. But nothing beats my weekly dose of Pilsner. Good, cheap prairie beer.

    Seriously. And the only beer worse was Maudite, which is made by the same brewery.

    Now that Lucky Lager on the other hand is good beer – and CHEAP, but not quite as good as Hoegarden Beer, which is my favorite import.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    As history has always told us, some of the best ideas ever thought up have come from within a drunken stupor. How else can you explain Smokey Baby Back Rib flavoured potato chips? Only a drunken fool with the munchies could adequately conceive of making a meat flavoured potato chip.

    P.S. They're good. I mean, real good.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    God loves the Prairies and always will…that's why God gave the Prairies delicious Pil…Our lakes are filled with Pil, it's flowing thru our veins, we drink Pil from the skies when it rains.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    i survived numerous trips to belgium back in my metal days and the unibroue product is as close as Ive found to "belgian style" brews. Very fine stuff….

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Great work Nation. I am so proud to be a citizen of this fine Nation because of all of you.

    On a side note…. Vitamin P is moose piss. You friggin farmers and your pill. Easterners and their Keith's or Blue and the BC tree huggers with their Samsquanch piss kokanee. There is only one Beer. It's called CANADIAN! yummy.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Wow nation, mighty damn good job. All this because of Wayne's drinking problem. As a great philosopher once said "beer, the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems".