The 2009 NHL Draft, Edmonton, and Dany Heatley: Links From My Favourite Dying Industry


It was a fairly good day for news coverage of the Oilers, with plenty of relevant coverage in the Edmonton Journal and Edmonton Sun on the upcoming draft, some thoughts about pending UFA’s, and of course Dany Heatley.

Let’s start with the article that had everyone here talking this morning, Jim Matheson’s piece on Dany Heatley, featuring this quote from the ever-popular anonymous source:

“The Oilers aren’t close,” said a source.

While not overly encouraging, we can get a more rounded view of the situation from Allan Panzeri (an Ottawa-based reporter with Canwest):

Several league executives contacted Tuesday said they’ve heard that a number of teams interested in Heatley will not make an offer until after July 1 to avoid paying the bonus….

The Edmonton Oilers are thought to be interested in Heatley, though the word is that haven’t yet approached the Senators.

As eager as fans are to spend Daryl Katz’s money, it doesn’t surprise me that he’d like to avoid paying the 4MM signing bonus.  If the Oilers are interested, I’ll imagine we’ll find out about it after the draft, since Bryan Murray’s recent statements seem to indicate that he has a deal in place that he’ll make before July 1st.

Meanwhile, both Tychowski and Ireland have articles up about the coming draft, featuring many quotes from Steve Tambellini which are also available on the Oilers official site.  Without any disrespect, I think it’s fair to say that the preview Robin Brownlee put together for OilersNation yesterday was not only more in-depth but also gave us a far better picture of the Oilers’ intentions in Montreal.

Moving on, Steve Tambellini was pretty cavalier about signing free agents Dwayne Roloson and Ales Kotalik – particularly the former, shrugging off concerns that the Oilers wouldn’t have a goaltender:

“At the end of the day, we want to make sure we have a strong goaltending team, but if it doesn’t happen right now, I’m not worried about it,” Tambellini said. “If we don’t have something in place a week from now, we’ll have time to make sure we have a strong goaltending team by the time we start our season.”

That article also discusses the decision to put Rob Daum in charge of Springfield.  It’s a one-year contract only, so this is really a zero-risk move for Tambellini and should finally give us a chance to see what an experienced AHL coach can do with the Oilers’ prospect group.  Daum garnered a lot of public sympathy for being unceremoniously dumped from Craig MacTavish’s coaching staff; now, we’ll see what he can do with a group of underachievers and a thin roster.

Speaking of which, assistant G.M. Kevin Prendergast (who may or may not be on thin ice himself) is going to be tasked with overhauling Springfield’s disappointing roster – a roster which had been put together by him in the first place:

“We have to replenish the players in Springfield, too,” said assistant general manager Kevin Prendergast. “We have a lot of important things to do in the next two to three weeks.”

With a new G.M. in place here in Edmonton, I’d imagine that Prendergast needs to show something here if he’s going to be in the management mix going forward.

  • Hippy

    I don't see us landing Heatley just because of his cap hit and the fact we have tooo many over payed contracts. Lets say Horcoff was a million less, Moreau was gone and Staios or Souray then I would say go after Heatley full speed. However, getting rid of the higher cap hit players will not be easy or just not possible so I think they need to go with plan B or C. A younger player with less cap hit, or a risky pick. I suggest, Kessel (BOS), Gaborik (Min), Hossa (DET) or maybe someone else. I just have a bad feeling with the whole Heatley situation.

  • Hippy

    toprightcorner wrote:

    I guarantee you that every team in the West, other that Detroit, has at least contacted Murray to see if they are on Heatly’s list.

    Well, let's review it.

    Anaheim and L.A. have publicly stated that they aren't interested (they could be lying).

    Colorado is rebuilding, and looking to move salary.

    Columbus, Nashville, Phoenix all presumably don't have the money. That's six teams, plus Detroit, out of it.

    I agree with the general point (teams are going to check) but the field isn't quite as wide as people generally think.

  • Hippy

    @ OILER86:
    True, but I'm done getting my hopes up only to have them change the VERY next day. Well, at least we should know in no longer than a week. Then we can have the same thing happen with Free Agency. It's rather stressful being an Oilers fan. Here's hoping for the best!!!

  • Hippy

    I wouldn't put too much on Murray saying he has a team that is close to offering what he wants. That is the standard sales pitch, "I have a guy coming to look at this house later tonight that is very interested and plans to make an offer". This way, every team that has approached the Sens think "someone is close, but its not us, we better up our offer."

    I also wouldn't make much of the comment that the Oil haven't contacted the Sens yet. I guarantee you that every team in the West, other that Detroit, has at least contacted Murray to see if they are on Heatly's list. Tambo has at least done that and then would work on a package. Murray will let this go to the 11th hour on June 30th to get as much as possible so the later you can put in a proposal, the easier it is to offer up a counter offer.

    Like one of the articles said, wait until after the draft and the rumours will start to become more accurate. I can't see Murray wanting any significant draft pick this year for Heatly, he needs to replace him now, not 2 to 3 years from now. A deal will not be done before or at the draft.

    The one thing that gives us the advantage is that I don't think Katz would have an issue paying the $4 mill bonus if thats they guy he wants. Not many other teams could say that, and the cap hit is still the same.

  • Hippy

    NFINITEone wrote:

    All this back and forth speculation is killin’ me. First I hear we’re going hard after Heatley, then we’re not. Then I read we are one of the 4 teams on the short list. Then I hear we haven’t even approached the Sens. What is really going on here. Too many sources. Too many opinions. I just want it to end already.

    Agreed. Speculation and gossip are great, but it does get tiresome reading completely conflicting reports on a seemingly daily basis. Ah well, it's part of the fun I suppose.

  • Hippy

    All this back and forth speculation is killin' me. First I hear we're going hard after Heatley, then we're not. Then I read we are one of the 4 teams on the short list. Then I hear we haven't even approached the Sens. What is really going on here. Too many sources. Too many opinions. I just want it to end already.

  • Hippy

    Antony Ta wrote:

    If Heatley isn’t on the Oilers radar… who is? I’d rather have Gaborik than Hossa.

    I'd have to agree, if Hossa's shown us anything it's that he's a great complimentary player (OTT, ATL, PIT, & DET), Gaborik (while risky) can carry an offense on his back.