Three minutes of fame

We’re still taking donations! We’ve achieved our goals for sending Jason Gregor to the 2009 NHL Entry Draft to cover all the goings-on for the OilersNation. But we still want to raise as much money as possible for the Stollery Childerns Hospital Foundation! Donate today!

I spent most of my life watching ITV News here in good old E-town. I remember the weather with Bill Matheson and sports with Darren Dutchyshen. Lately, of course, I catch the six o’clock news with Lynda Steele and Gord Steinke. Obviously, Global hasn’t been called ITV in ages. Clearly, the only hockey knowledge I possess is stuck in that era of local television. But what might not be obvious is that tonight, I along with ON’s own Jason Bartholomew Jefferson Gregor VII will be on The Early News at 5pm with Lynda Steele.

When you crazy citizens of the Nation decided you wanted to send a writer to the Draft, Wanye and I were floored. “Draft!?” we thought out loud. “Why it’s preposterous! It’s insanity! It’s exactly the type of nincompoopery we like from our readers!”

So we posted the handy donation button and let you guys go buckwild. It took about 24 hours to get to the total we needed to send Gregor to Montreal, and then you wonderful Denizens of the Digital opted to donate any overage to the Stollery. I thought this was newsworthy, so I Twittered Lynda Steele, and she suggested Gregor and I come in for an interview.

And it was rad.

We made our way to Global Studios this afternoon, and met with Lynda when we arrived. I immediately handed over a box of 24 cans of Vitamin-P covered in OilersNation stickers with a note written on it:

“Some libations for the crew at Global TV from Wanye Gretz.”

At least I think that’s what it said. Wanye was drunk when he wrote it with a sharpie in his mouth.

Lynda took us straight to the studio (pictured above), where the famous “I’m” Bob Layton had just finished doing one of his segments. (And no, Bob doesn’t appear to have a radio voice. He always talks like that.) I accidentally bumped past Bob as I was putting my stuff in a corner. I said “Sorry Bob,” without even thinking. Yeah, sorry, Bob, old friend. Are we still on for dinner later this week, Bob? Because we’re good buddies given that we occupied the same room for two minutes together JUST AN HOUR AGO, BOB.

I’m an idiot.

Bob was gracious, of course, said it was no problem. Still, I expect his segment tonight will go something like this:

“Young people are so rude these days, bumping into their elders, using their first names without permission. This generation needs to learn some manners before the entire city plunges into the cold, black abyss of the North Saskatchewan. I’M BOB LAAAYTON.

Anyway, Gregor and I finally sat down with Lynda to shoot the segment. Lynda’s as nice as she seems on TV (read: very). She asked great questions and kept things moving. As quickly as the segment started, it ended. But you can catch it live on Global tonight at 5pm.

Before Gregor and I left, I gave Lynda two OilersNation T-shirts. One for her, and one for her co-anchor Gord Steinke.

Sorry Gord, no OilersNation neckties yet.