Another sign of the apocalypse


Well Grade 8 teacher, when you told us that ‘our attitude was going to get us nowhere in life and we wouldn’t amount to anything’ we suppose “nowhere” meant Global News at 5 on June 24, 2009 and “amount to anything” meant Global News at 5 on June 24, 2009. Yes, we know we technically didn’t appear on camera, or even really do anything. But a website we are occasionally allowed to write on did something totally kick ass and like many of you we are SUPER pumped about it. As depicted in the photograph above, us nerdy types are an excitable lot and our phasers are currently set on “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

Ahem. Govern yourselves accordingly. 

A. How about this scenario right here?


If you told us 18 months ago that we would witness Bingofuel sitting next to Jason Gregor and Lynda Steele whilst wearing an OilersNation T-Shirt, we would have guessed that we were somehow involved in an Amber Alert and that Bingofuel was making an emotional appeal to our captor to release us safely. And if you don’t think that is a major milestone consider the fact our Grandma later called and told us that “she saw our internet on the TV news.” When Grandma hears about the site from someone other than us, you know that the word is starting to spread.

We will spare you a 1,000 word article describing our undying love for Lynda Steele. Let’s leave it at “thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.” And please know Ms Steele: if someone you know ever needs an organ, you need a fall guy in court for a failed murder-for-hire scheme or you need volunteers for anything please consider us standing by and awaiting your command.

B. How about this guy right here?


So how’s about that bingofuel? Did he ever come off polished or what? “Oh I’m sorry Lynda Steele, what was that you just asked me as we sit at the Global anchor desk? Something about my boy humantorch in Holland? Let’s just calmly discuss that for a minute like seasoned pros shall we?” When we spent the better part of Grade Three drawing batman symbols with bingofuel (who sat one desk over) we totally knew he would one day represent Oilers fans on the TV. Not because he was necessarily the most craziest fan on the planet but because he was smarter than the rest of us.

Bravo good Sir.

Side note: In case you think we didn’t really do anything at all we sent over a case of this:


That’s some high octane fuel right there. In other news we are running low on OilersNation stickers.

C. How about this guy right here?


How Gregor managed to find time to plug the OilersNation, Team 1260, The Walkabout Pub, 10w30 Motor Oil, Duracell batteries, GEICO and Tang in a 30 second clip escapes us completely. We suppose that comes with being a professional radio talking guy. We were talking to Sir Gregor last night and he seems totally ready to take Montreal by storm on our behalf. Despite his cool demeanor on the news we can report that he is actually quite pumped about the entire thing. We heartily suggest we get our Nation demands on the site now, before he gets to Montreal and loses himself in the scene.

How about them readers of the Nation?

This is so cool. Let’s get those last donations in if we can gang. We have passed our target – the funds go straight to the Stollery now.