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What an interesting unofficial start to the Free Agent Frenzy.

I will state for the record that I still stand by my source, because in the time I’ve known him he has never misled me before. If it turns out that Heatley doesn’t come here, then my apologies for getting your hopes up. But know this – the Dany Heatley situation seems fishy on many levels.

For weeks and especially the last few days leading up to today it seemed many felt that his $4 million bonus/lump sum payment was due at midnight on July 1st. Now it turns out it isn’t due until the end of July 1st at 11:59:59. His contract says payment is due on July 1st, but doesn’t specify which day part. I just find it funny that for the past three weeks it has been reported in many places, including TSN, RDS, Sportsnet and both radio broadcast rights holders, as well as non-rights holders, and blogs that the deadline was at midnight Tuesday. Why would the league let their partners report this without quietly correcting them?

It seems that Heatley hasn’t completely said NO to Edmonton; rather that he’d liked to sleep on it. Reading, hearing and being directly told this explanation leads me to believe that he never thought Edmonton was a realistic destination, and that another team would step up, so he never gave it a lot of thought. Then the realization comes that Edmonton is the most interested and offers the best package, so he says yes, albeit briefly, and then decides he needs to think about it.

If that is the case and he wakes up in the morning and feels Edmonton is a good fit, then Oiler fans won’t care. They have been through much worse in recent memory. But if he decides he isn’t interested in coming here, then Senators Fans will suddenly find a great many Citizens of the OilersNation in the refund line at the Dany Heatley fan club. Perhaps Heatley didn’t believe Edmonton would be his only choice?

A short memo to Dany Heatley

Why list the Oilers as a team you would go to in the first place? When you submitted the list didn’t you realize then, that everyone one of those teams could be your next team. Shouldn’t you have prepared yourself for that?

No one wins if he decides to veto the deal.

The Senators will be left scrambling trying to find a partner, especially if he doesn’t decide by 10 a.m. MST when free agency begins. The Oilers will have three players who knew they were on the verge of being dealt, but they will remain and play for an organization that was willing to part with them. And the Oilers will have to decide by 10 a.m. if they will pursue a UFA or wait for Heatley to decide if he’d like to play for them.

Oiler fans will be feeling rejected once again and wondering why?

Even if Heatley gets dealt to another team that he prefers, he will still be looked upon as a selfish guy who quit on one team and then refused to go to one that really wanted him. If he wakes up tomorrow and decides E-town is not right for him, I’ll take my lumps from those who will question my accuracy, that is part of the job, but this deal seemed too close to evaporate at the last minute.

Bob McKenzie, who is more connected than anyone, and extremely accurate had the names in a PROJECTED deal earlier than anyone. Normally when he makes a projection it comes true. Bob never once CONFIRMED this deal, but he isn’t one to toss out names and then not have something pan out very often. I know of a great many deals that have supposedly fallen apart at the last second, but in most of those cases the names of people involved were never reported.

Why did all the names get out this time?

And if it wasn’t almost a done deal how come no one from the Oilers denied it?

If everyone thought the deadline was tonight, and there was never a report of a trade with the Rangers before the deadline, if they get a deal done on Wednesday how will that make the NHL look?  And what if Heatley sleeps on it and decides he wants to be an Oiler, will Oiler fans still be upset?

It was an interesting and for me an educational start to the free agent frenzy. Things might not always seem as they appear, even when you are certain of it.

  • DaGongshow

    spoonful wrote:

    One less listener for the TEAM 1260.
    Amateur hour comes to Edmonton on that station.

    BooHoo! Enjoy listening to 930 CJCA The Light. Should stroke your self righteous ways. You won't be missed!

  • Dustin Penner's 2nd Chin

    Very strange turn of events.
    We don't know the full story, but I'll say this:
    -Heatley is a punk. He publicly requested a trade… but only to certain teams (NTC)… and can't even decide within those teams when the times comes to sign the papers.
    -This whole $4M bonus stuff is definitely fishy, especially if Tambellini was as misinformed about it as us fans were through the media.
    -The Oilers NEED to give the Sens an ultimatum on this deal; one that is BEFORE free agency begins at noon tomorrow. We CANNOT afford to have this Heatley cloud screwing up our UFA strategy.

  • oilertooth

    @ DaGongshow:

    the most comparable deal that the rangers could put forward would be:

    roszival (salary dump ala penner)
    callahan (=cogliano)
    Korpikoski (=smid)

    Wouldnt you prefer the oilers deal?

  • DaGongshow

    Bottom line for me I guess is somehow I would like to see the Oil stay in this trade. If Heater doesn't want to come here, screw the little Pissant! If Ottawa is happy with their return, maybe we can broker what WE get back for Heatley. The fact that we can get Penner and Smid off our books is a good move. Smid has been dead to me since I heard he requested a trade out of here when he wasn't in our top six to start the year. Penner can't handle the Oil Country pressure cooker (I don't think Heatley can handle it either). Sad to see Cogs go, but I think he is too young to get over the "Yeah we traded you, but it didn't go through, we still have you as a big part of our plans for the future" speech. Maybe something with LA including JJ and Frolov or NYR involving Zheredev, Dubinsky or Callahan.

  • oilertooth

    @ Jason Gregor:

    long time reader, 1st time poster


    I am with you on the fishiness of the situation. If you look at it from Murrays POV, maybe he has been setting up Tamby as the pawn this whole time to get the rangers to pony up a deal that he wants…tamby showed his cards too soon and the market for heatley is now set: 3 capable nhl roster players and he has 'found' 24 new hours to keep driving the price up…

    We should focus on betts, jagr, and samuelsson

  • DanMan

    Completely unrelated but what do you think about this, Jason?

    Tom Gilbert to the Pens straight up for Brooks Orpik.

    Gonchar doesn't seem to have much left in the tank, other than Letang there's no other proven puck mover on Pittsburgh. The contracts are almost identical. I think Orpik has 4 yrs left at $4 mil per and Gilbert's about the same.

  • Mike from Hardware

    I just can't wait for the tell-all book one of the players, agents, GMs, or media members involved closely with the deal writes 10 years down the road finally has a chapter involving this.

  • oilerzz

    i think its unfair that this organization ( once proud) has to take another un deserved shot like it did today to have this story break ( shame on the sources without being accurate) the fans of the oilers deserve better and for this to happen really is a sad state …. lets hope the oiler players involved understand that it was a business decision and not personal and can overcome the fact that they were traded away and then not traded away but understand that sometimes the best deal is the one that didnt get finalized … wow tough times ahead for oiler nation and not deserved !!!!!

  • erixon wrote:

    Do you know if the Heatley deal is just awaiting his decision. Like if the deal is in place, and they are waiting for him, is it possible that teams can even negotiate other deals involving heatley or does this wait until the Edmonton deal falls through? Hope this makes sense, its late. haha

    Any team can negotiate with Ottawa, and the Rangers are. There is nothing to stop them, since the deadline was supposedly midnight on July 2nd all along.

  • Hemmertime

    I think heater was hoping for another team when he said ill think about it but in the end would he wave if we were the only offer OTT agreed on probably furthermore heatley is endangering what is left of his reputation how much before no-one wants him?

  • Hemmertime

    On the upside I think our offer is tough to beat personally, NYR could offer what really? plus if NYR and us put similar deals on table why would sens accept NYR offer when same conference…seems to me we are still in goodshape.

  • DaGongshow

    I think this whole thing is fishy. I truly believe that there is a 3 way in the works and has been there from the start. Part of the trade was just leaked early. Maybe I am just trying to rationalize things.

    Personally I would love to see:

    To San Jose:


    Souray (I love him, but heard he wants to be closer to child)


    To Edmonton:

    Either: Thornton or Marleau



    Not sure of salary implications, but I like to think it looks ok. Tambo would than have to do that trade to get Tootoo outta Nashville. We would be unstoppable with the Cheechoo Train and the Tootoo Train! Woooohooooo!

  • erixon


    Do you know if the Heatley deal is just awaiting his decision. Like if the deal is in place, and they are waiting for him, is it possible that teams can even negotiate other deals involving heatley or does this wait until the Edmonton deal falls through? Hope this makes sense, its late. haha

  • DonovanMD

    I would say the Oil won't be involved in much in the next few days UFA wise, but after today I have no frickin clue.

    People will forget all about it Gregor, you're not the first media guy to break a story only to have it go sour. Keep up the good work.