More on Dany Heatley / Somebody Make This Stop

Dan Barnes’ article in the Edmonton Journal this morning gives us yet another depressing update/non-update on the Dany Heatley situation.

According to Barnes’ source, the Oilers have no deadline for a resolution to the Heatley situation, and they haven’t given a deadline to the Ottawa Senators or Dany Heatley, either.  According to Barnes, Heatley’s camp wants at least two other options, and while Murray is negotiating with two other NHL teams there’s no particular reason for those teams to be in much of a hurry to acquire the Senators forward.

Meanwhile, Heatley himself remains ensconced in his summer home (see video above), comfortably removed from both the situation and the beating his reputation is taking in the media.

Other than that, the situation remains at a standstill, as do the Oilers.  In fact, if the season started tomorrow the only roster changes to the team would be swapping out Ales Kotalik, Kyle Brodziak, and Dwayne Roloson while adding Nikolai Khabibulin – not the sort of forward movement fans were expecting from G.M. Steve Tambellini.

There haven’t even been much in the way of rumours of other movement, beyond an ill-advised attempt to overpay Senators fourth-liner (and Heatley critic) Chris Neil on a multi-year contract.

Last season, Steve Tambellini made some good moves (notably the Erik Cole trade), but for much of the season stood pat evaluating while the Oilers struggled.  He’s gotten largely a free pass for that; after all, it wasn’t clear if he, Lowe, or Daryl Katz were in control of ths situation.  He doesn’t deserve and he certainly won’t get a similar free pass if he fails to make substantial moves this summer.  Hopefully, the situation won’t come to that.

  • Hippy

    a) why should Heatley care about any of this crap? sure, the fans pay his salary but the fans seem to have this sour-poopy-diaper tone all the time about how this needs to get resolved ASAP for their own sanity.

    b) as we all know, the Oilers have built an atrocious roster of overpaid players due to numerous reasons (fan pressure, lacking pull in free agency, geography, demographics, Pronger trade, etc, etc). buying themselves out of it isnt going to happen this off-season. theyre a fringe playoff team at best even with Heatley. which leads to them building a core. whats left in the UFA pool that can help build your "core" as opposed to just putting in inconsistent plug-in players (Kotalik) who leach dollars over a term? not much. especially with the cap/contract situation of the Oilers.

    c) sticking with Heatley (as opposed to some fans wanting to "move on") is about building a "core" of players. if it doesnt happen, what else are they going to chase through trade/UFA? Souray for a second-liner and a D-man? eh.

    Hemsky right now is their only "core" forward. Gagner is not even close to ready for first line minutes and Horcoff is an offensive "passenger" that Hemsky feeds perfect PP passes to for whiffed/shanked one-timers.

    if they dont get someone to play with Hemsky this off-season that is a Legit first liner, its one more year of his gravy deal down the toilet (whats that say about the organization). and its going to be another long, mediocre season – with mediocre things to look forward to. have to give Tambo credit for actually chasing Heatley. cross your fingers.

  • Hippy

    Who are the other two teams, or is Murray just saying that. And I think we sould just step away from Heatly, unless we can get him in the next 48 hours. Otherwise let's try and fill other holes, and maybe see what other people can do on the top line.

  • Hippy

    Heatley must think the Oilers organization is run by a bunch of idiots. Who else would give him this much leash? He's obviously just waiting for an offer from someone else….anyone else. He doesn't want to be here, but he still wants to leave himself the option in case nobody else wants all the baggage he brings. I say we finally cut the cord with this guy and let him rot.