Oilers regular-season schedule announced


The Oilers will play five games against Atlantic Division teams, eight games against Northeast Division teams, and five versus Southeast Division opponents.

The Montreal Canadiens come to Edmonton October 10th, the Toronto Maple Leafs come to town on December 30th, and the Ottawa Senators, are here on March 9th.

The good news for Oiler fans is you will see Ovechkin, Crosby, Malkin and even the high octane Philadelphia Flyers this year. The Caps are here on December 19th, the Penguins January 14th and the Flyers come to town February 3rd.

They open the season at home v. the Flames on Saturday Oct 3rd, and nine of their first 14 games are at home.

The Oilers have a six game trek, two five-game road trips, and one four game trek. And their longest home stand is five games from Nov 18th to Nov 27th.

Here is the link to the entire schedule.

  • Craig "Norris" Muni wrote:

    hey jason, they have a nasty 6 game trip from Nov. 28 to Dec. 11. Bunch of weird stops.

    Yes technically a six game trek, but they might come home between stops…since the first one is in Van and then four days off until game 2.

    And they have 11 back-to-back game sets. Last year Colorado had the fewest with seven and it didn't do them any good.

    Back-to-back games can be a problem, but it's more about the travel if they play on the West coast and then come home. Those trips hurt.

    This year…out of the eleven times…once they go from Dallas to Phoenix… They play the Flyers at home and then in Minny the next night. Another time they are at home then in Van the next night. Another time they are in Calgary and then Van the next night.

    They don't have that tough of a schedule travel wise. It will be interesting how many times they play teams on the second night. That is more of the advantage if you are rested.

  • Craig "Norris" Muni

    @ humantorch:

    You're right man. I got fixated on the destinations rather than the dates and thought it was a little random.

    It could always be worse, like Vancouver's.

  • humantorch

    Craig "Norris" Muni wrote:

    hey jason, they have a nasty 6 game trip from Nov. 28 to Dec. 11. Bunch of weird stops.

    Even that 6-game stretch isn't awful, because the first game is in Vancouver on a Saturday night, and the second game isn't until the following Thursday in Detroit, so I would imagine the team would come back to Edmonton for 3 or 4 days in between. Realistically, it's a 5 game trip including a likely golf game in Florida on the off-day between games against the Panthers and Lightning.

    I wish I had it that rough at MY job.

  • patty

    The 5 game trip in November could be nasty, with 2 b-b sets. Atleast the Atl game is in the afternoon.

    The New Years Eve game against the Flames seems to be a tradition now. Awesome.

    @ offside:
    Look on the bright side: We won't have to listen to Crow. Still sucks though, those are usually fun games if you can get tickets.