Oilers re-sign Reddox and Potulny

Liam Reddox: Unlikely Hero

The Oilers have re-signed Liam Reddox and Ryan Potulny.

When Reddox refused his offer sheet, it was surprising that that even got out, since Ladislav Smid and Gilbert Brule didn’t accept their original offer sheet either.

These are depth signings and I’d bet both will be more involved in helping the Falcons than they will plying their trade with the Oilers.

Reddox will probably be the 14th forward on the team when camp breaks. He has shown he can be a reliable forward in a limited role, and despite his size he actually competes harder on the puck than most of the Oiler forwards who are bigger than him.

But if the Oilers have to ice a lineup that has Pouliot, Pisani and Reddox in the same game then they are in trouble because they all have similar traits, although Pisani is the best of the bunch.

As for Potulny he seems destined for the Falcons, and he is a good signing for Falcons fans, but Oiler fans shouldn’t be to giddy about this signing. I don’t see how he ever becomes a regular on this team. Still you need depth on the farm if you want the kids to at least be competitive in the AHL.

While Reddox gives the Oilers depth, I don’t see his re-signing making them a better team. He doesn’t address what Pat Quinn said he wanted from his bottom six forwards: size and hard to play against. While Reddox at least competes for the puck, he won’t ever have defencemen thinking about blowing snow if he is on the forecheck.

Depth signings for the Oilers, is what these two are, but the problem is they are small forwards. Do the Oilers really need more depth in that department? I say no.