Rob Schremp In His Draft Year

Veteran readers here at the Nation will recall that back in February I did a mammoth nine-page/4000-word profile on Oilers’ prospect Rob Schremp. I didn’t think I’d have any more to add to it. I was wrong.

Tyler Dellow at had an inspired idea over the last few days: he went back to Schremp’s draft year, grabbed the draft-eligible forwards, and broke down their scoring into even-strength and power-play point production. He discovered something remarkable.

For starters, Rob Schremp’ production came almost exclusively on the powerplay. We might have guessed that from Kyle Woodlief’s 2004 scouting report (where he talked about Schremp needing “lots of ice to work with”), but I doubt we would have recognized the true extent of the inbalance. In total, 47 points – 63% of Schremp’s total production – came with the man advantage. At even-strength, he was actually a below average point-producer, as a quick comparison to fellow ’04 draftees Liam Reddox and Dave Bolland shows us:

Even-Strength Scoring, 2003-04

  • Schremp: 63GP – 14G – 14A – 28PTS
  • Reddox: 68GP – 18G – 16A – 34PTS
  • Bolland: 65GP – 17G – 16A – 33PTS

It’s also probably worth noting that 63% of Reddox’s even-strength assists were primary, as opposed to just 43% of Schremp’s.

Gabriel Desjardins of Behind the Net took Tyler’s discovery of the 2003-04 OHL game sheets one step further. He used my quality of competition method and ranked the draft-eligible 2003-04 forwards by how difficult the minutes they played were. The entire list is here; I’ll just compare Schremp to his teammate Dave Bolland and again to Liam Reddox:

Quality of Competition, 2003-04

  • Bolland: 83
  • Reddox: 82
  • Schremp: 41

Basically, this means that Dale Hunter did his level best to get Rob Schremp out on the ice against sub-par opponents, while players like Reddox and Bolland posted their totals against superior opponents.

This matters quite a bit since the vast majority of the game – and a player’s minutes – take place at even-strength. In his draft year, Schremp’s even-strength results were not especially noteworthy, as he put up fewer points in a far easier situation than did Reddox or Bolland.

In light of this, it’s perhaps unsurprising that both Dave Bolland and Liam Reddox have had better careers to date than Rob Schremp.

  • Hippy

    Schremp needs to get his strength and skating up to par. He then needs to learn to compeate and listen to coaching on a regular basis. If he can do that and improve his 2-way play he might have a chance to play in the NHL.

  • Hippy

    Dallas wrote:

    And is this saying that Reddox is just about as good a player as Bolland I dunno their has to be more intangables to this stuff cause I don’t think Reddox is close to the player Bolland is

    Of course not. It says they were close at age 18.

  • Hippy

    Schremp is not a useful player; He is simply not versatile enough to deserve a regular roster spot. Even if the Oilers give him a shot, and he starts producing offensively; Schremp will likely have a short career. Point producing forwards need a broader skillset to fall back on as they age.

  • Hippy

    Perhaps, but Schremp didn't exactly stink up the AHL except for having a bad season in 2008-09. Could you do a similar analysis based on his AHL career so far? I'm curious as to how that would've broke down with the Penguins AHL affiliate as well as with the Falcons.

  • Hippy

    The one thing that I like about Schremp is that he is a gamble. The Oil didn’t know what they were going to get when they got him, he could have been great but it looks like he could be a dud.

    I am tired of the oil pluging 2nd and 3rd line players in the place where stars should be.

    When I look at where Detroit has found its core and where they drafted them I realize what good scouts and a little gamble can produce.

    Oilers history has shown that organization is not scared to take some chances… just seems they are short on scouting and foresight when they do.

  • Hippy

    And is this saying that Reddox is just about as good a player as Bolland I dunno their has to be more intangables to this stuff cause I don't think Reddox is close to the player Bolland is

  • Hippy

    WTF? Nine pages and 4,000 words and you didn't cover everything?
    Next time you're dissecting a newspaper piece for having holes in it or failing to delve deep enough, keep in mind the max length for a column at the Journal or Sun is about 900 words, if the page editor is feeling generous.

  • Hippy

    I think I started following ON soon after Feb so I just missed your thesis JW, but this is very interesting stuff. As a non-believer in Schremp's god-like ability (if only he was given a chance of course), this sure shines a light as to the actual player he is and why he seems unable to succeed at the nhl level (or ahl level for that matter).