Mike Comrie signs with the Oil?


Now we don’t disagree with Robin Brownlee about anything – ever. It’s not because we are scared of him, but more we are scared of the things he would do to us if we ever angered him. Sure we love a good drive by shooting as much the next guy, but we are far too pretty to have our face rearranged by “BC’s most dangerous man 1977.”

But a couple of hours ago we were messaged by a guy we know who said “now that you have got your head out of your (edited) and returned to writing on the Nation, you might be interested in discussing the fact that it would appear Daryl Katz has personally wired up a one year deal for 1.3 million with Mike Comrie.” Our eyes shot out of our head so fast that we put down the bag of cans we were scavanging in the river valley and ran straight home screaming at the top of our lungs, bloody eye sockets and all.

Now we aren’t here to start a database of falsehoods in our best Eklund imitation. We aren’t going to engage in idle speculation about how billionaires are rarer than foreign tourists in Edmonton and how Bill Comrie and Daryl Katz are probably friends on some level which could have led to a dialogue being opened with Dot Com’s camp. We wouldn’t presume to weigh in on an unlikely rumor that could be a potential disaster this season.

We won’t pretend that we know better than Brownlee who told us back on August 19:

“While Comrie, now 29, is good enough to play in the Oilers top six and could be had for a discount rate, like maybe $2 million in a one-year contract, it’s a profoundly bad idea on so many levels I don’t even know where to start.”

However interesting re-signing Comrie would be in an attempt to exercise the “everyone hates Edmonton” demons that began when he left town back in 2003 under a cloud of rumors and cloak-and-daggery, we won’t lower ourselves onto the slippery slope of discussing this in great detail.

But you can.