Oh snap, Puffy!


Well, well, well. What do we have here? Methinks that a certain booze addled, unemployable internet sensation hath correctly predicted something occurring — even though people who actually know stuff vehemently disagreed with us and called us names in the process.

We talked to Brownlee last night as he was hard at work using actual connections and journalisticity to talk to Comrie himself and find out the real deal long in advance of today’s signing.

“Now listen here you witless bastard,” Brownlee helpfully began, “I don’t know how an idiot like you managed to actually scoop the herd on this story but let me give you a piece of advice. Now that it turns out you are right — do yourself a favor and don’t gloat. Professionals don’t need to say I told you so and if you want to be taken seriously neither can you. Just report the facts, say it will be interesting and leave it be.”


How about no?

For those of you who don’t need or don’t care for a recap of our correctedness – here is a recap.

We said, on Twitter: “I’m going to throw this out because I was told it by a trustworthy dude. Rumors of Comrie signing to a 1 yr deal at 1.3 with the Oil. WTF?” — 1:03 PM Aug 27th

Then we posted about it on the Nation.

The response from real media folk was unanimous.

Matheson said: “It may be the hottest rumour on Internet sites, but forget about Mike Comrie and the Edmonton Oilers kissing and making up.”

David Staples also chimed in: “Last Thursday, a writer, who goes only by a pen name, Wanye Gretz, reported on Oilers Nation, a hockey blog, information from an unnamed source that Oilers owner Daryl Katz was trying to sign up Mike Comrie.”

And for some reason, Pedro felt the need to comment with a single sentence as the 201nd comment on our initial story:
Yay #200!

Well, we won’t use our massive correctness as a platform to yell back at people who rip on us, or poke fun at institutions of journalism. But we will say this:

“We told you so.”

*lights cigarette and lies contented in bed next to the correct rumor prediction, who looks appropriately pleasured*

Mike Comrie is an Oiler. No this isn’t an alternate dimension, no it isn’t some sort of internet tomfoolery nor a joke Katz is playing on all of us.

So be it, we for one welcome the return of our diminutive overlord. Whatever demons that roosted when Comrie left town will now hopefully depart for other cities in the NHL. If Comrie can return and play well in Edmonton, with its snowy winters, snowy summers and 400 foot gold statue in tribute to Snowy — that dog from Tintin — then anyone can play here. And we welcome this shift in attitude.


  • I'm a Scientist!

    I can't help but think of your source being some Deep Throat or Cigarette Smoking Man off of X-Files.

    *Wanye pushes his shopping cart down the ramp at the library parkade & his source lights up a cigarette. Wanye screams like a maniac, CSM tells him how it is & disappears into the darkness. Wanye has to push his shopping cart with #7dollars of empties back up the ramp avoiding oncoming traffic, screaming like a lunatic.*

    You should go & buy some new underwear – cause it took a big set of brass balls to start that rumour. And to stick to it after all of the credible guys were saying not a chance.

    Congrats – keep your ear to the ground.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Archaeologuy wrote:

    I loved that dog from Tin Tin!

    Kinda ironic for me to hear you talking about that dog in regard to an post by Wayne Gretz… I named my German Shepherd Gretz

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Gretz wrote:

    We talked to Brownlee last night as he was hard at work using actual connections and journalisticity to talk to Comrie himself and find out the real deal long in advance of today’s signing.

    Can you really emphasize your journalistic prowess using journalisticity which is not a word?

    That aside, good call. Don't know what I think this until Heatley agrees to come and play with his old center.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Not exactly an approach to be confused with mature, professional or gentlemanly, but its no worse than over the top goal celebrations or yelling na-na-na-na from the top of a playground. Too bad, really. You almost garnered respect with your accurate prediction … almost.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    meant to say the Comrie signing, anyways of what I read it seems like he has something to prove to himself, so that will make him much more competitive than before, which will only benefit the Oilers

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Ccubed82 wrote:

    Stick it to em Gretz. Well done

    I don't want to stick it to anyone, I was more gloating. Staples and Matheson are supreme, I just wanted to gain street cred for directly comparing them to my rumor.

    Even a garbage can gets a steak now and again I guess.