GDB minus-7: No team is an Islander unto themselves


The Oilers will ice a more veteran laden lineup tonight in their pre-season tilt against the Islanders Rexall.


The Islanders have Tavares listed as playing tonight along with Doug Weight. Some other interesting names to watch for the Islanders include netminder Mikko Koskinen, their 2nd round pick. They are really high on him. If you are looking for some fisticuffs, Joel Rechlicz is tough and would be more than willing to dance with Steve MacIntyre.

Some interesting combos tonight:

Nilsson — Gagner — Hemsky
Penner — Cogliano — Eberle
Cornet — Pouliot — Pisani
MacIntyre — Reddox — Trukhno

Souray — Smid
Grebeshkov — Motin
Taylor — Young

JDD and DD

Reddox started the first half of practice in the middle with Pisani and Cornet, but then he switched jerseys with Pouliot half way through.

I’m surprised Reddox is playing the middle tonight; I can only assume that the coaching staff wants all the returning players to get in one of these first two games. Visnovsky is the only guy who isn’t playing. Khabibulin hasn’t dressed yet either, but they plan on getting him in once and maybe twice over the weekend. Brule didn’t finish the season here, so he doesn’t count, and he is the only guy with a chance to make the team that hasn’t played yet. He will be in on Friday it sounds like.

Although it is a bit surprising to see Reddox in the middle and not Brule, it’s only one pre-season game, and don’t fret thinking the Red Ox will play down the middle this year.

Nilsson has a chance to impress tonight playing with Gagner and Hemsky. Mike Comrie had two points last night, and from where I sit I think those two are in a direct battle for a spot in the top six. I just don’t see how Comrie can play centre on this team, unless they move Cogliano to the wing and go with three offensive-oriented lines.

If you are going to the game or watching online, keep an eye on Motin, he wears #29. The swede is not a “chicken Swede”, by any stretch. He doesn’t crush guys, but he plays a style that will piss off the opposition.


Starting today the always jovial Brownlee will be on Just A Game twice a week. You can listen to the sultry tones of Brownlee twice a week now, Wednesdays and Thursdays. But his weekly IRRITANTS will only air on Thursdays.

  • Bob Cob

    Jason Gregor wrote:

    Yes, except tonight you will hear the hall of famer, Rod Phillips and Stauffer…

    Thank God, Peter Mahar(sp?) sucks, he sounds like he is talking with marbles in his mouth.

  • Heather

    I scored club seats to the game tonight! I am pretty stoked and will take your advice and keep and eye on Motin.

    Did I read that Bulin wall? What about the Goalies, Nation?

    The towel boy summed it up, "God I love HOCKEY!!!"….

  • jeff

    Well without seeing the Isles lineup I can say that we should probably beat them with that lineup.

    Quick question about the preseason Gregor. I listen to your show and the talk of preseason and lineups and such and I was wondering why don't they give season ticket holders the option to buy the tickets? Then maybe they can give kids a deal to go see the game at a reduced price.

  • Asciutto

    "Although it is a bit surprising to see Reddox in the middle and not Brule, it’s only one pre-season game, and don’t fret thinking the Red Ox will play down the middle this year."

    Not surprised at all.
    Brule was at best 50/50 to make this team
    And, when they added Comrie, Slim headed down to the bus station.

  • blu

    I am largely in favor of this whole Oilers Hockey thing, and I'll be honest about that 2nd line exciting me the most.

    I haven't seen Eberle play in Oil colours yet. Does he look ready for the big league this year?

  • Propeller wrote:

    When will roster of forwards start to be trimmed?

    They play Friday, Saturday and Sunday so look for them to maybe trim one or two before then, and then after Sunday there will be a big cut down.

    No point cutting down to early and having your veterans play too much.

  • Dr. Unk

    The oil looked good last night. I love that they are streaming the game on the website. I just wish that I didn't have to listen to the Flames Radio audio (Ched was about a minute fast, and streaming Ched as well put it about 45 seconds slow).

    I was very happy with the Zack Attack fight. Looks like getting together with big George had a positive effect on his fighting.

  • BingBong

    That first line is basically our three most talented players. Should be fun to watch…
    I still don't really get how this team WON'T have 3 offensive lines…having Comrie or Nilsson play a 3rd line checking role seems silly.
    On another note, our AHL team should be much better this year – a lot of talent and size there.
    Go Oil!