GDB minus-6: Putting up the Wall


Does anyone know what Bulk Barn is? If you’re wondering why I’m asking such a random question so early in the morning it’s because, the Oilers were supposed to be on the ice at nine, and as of this writing, I’m sitting here watching Khabibulin and goaltending coach Freddy Chabot do through the paces. Bulk Barn is one of the logos on the ice, and I have no idea what they are.

As you know I’m not a fan of goalies — more so goaltender commentators, but it was interesting watching Chabot warm-up Khabibulin. They were out for at least 20 minutes before everyone else. Chabot had 50 pucks in the slot and he would rotate firing them at Khabibulin’s left and right side. Every shot the Bulin Wall would put into the corner. He put eleven straight from the left side in the exact same spot; directly to the corner under the logo on the boards. Pretty impressive puck control from Khabibulin.

The lineup tonight looks very similar to Tuesday’s game in Calgary.

Jacques — Horcoff — Schremp
O’Sullivan — Comrie — Stone
Lazo — Brule — Linglet
Brennan — O’Marra — Stortini

Gilbert — Chorney
Staios — Arsene
Strudwick — Plante

Khabibulin and Dubnyk

We’ll see Brule and Khabibulin for the first time tonight, along with O’Marra, Linglet and Lazo.

Brule was scheduled to play in Calgary but sat out due to the flu, and he says he feels fine now.

Things to watch tonight

  • JF Jacques needs to be much better than he was on Tuesday. He wasn’t physical and on four separate occasions he didn’t help Horcoff on draws. Quinn pointed it out on Wednesday, and I’ll be curious to see if Jacques “gets it” tonight. Jacques better show he knows he has to play a 4th line role regardless of who he plays with.
  • Brule has a job to win if he wants it. He is much more physical than Pouliot, is just as good in the draws, and plays way more aggressively. I spoke to him yesterday and he is eagerly waiting for tonight. He wants a regular spot in the lineup.
  • Can Schremp make some plays five-on-five? We know he is good on the PP, but he won’t make this team if he can’t contribute even strength. He has been much better moving his feet so far this year. It seems he has broken the habit of getting across the blueline and then coasting into the zone. He needs to keep moving his feet.
  • I know many of you were impressed by Stone on Tuesday, and you should have been. But he was playing against predominantly AHL players. He won’t stick here, but he can make a good impression and be one of the first guys called up when the injury bug hits.
  • Will O’Sullivan and Comrie have the same chemistry or was it only one game? At some point this pre-season, either Comrie or Cogliano will have to play a game on the wing. There isn’t enough room for both of them in the middle. Neither should centre the 4th line, so I’m curious to see which guy will be the first to play the wing.
  • How long will it take for Brennan to drop his gloves? He didn’t find a dance partner on Tuesday and you know he wants to make a statement with his fists tonight. Brennan firmly believes he can take MacIntryre’s spot on this team. I don’t see how, since he only has an AHL contract, but he is confident he can.
  • Will they play Cotton-Eyed Joe again tonight? I can’t believe they still play that song, since I don’t know any fan or player who gets fired up by that song. It is AWFUL. They played it on Wednesday, and the Islanders scored a minute after to tie the game in the 3rd period. The only way that song should ever be played again is if the actual “Joe” makes a one-night only return to Rexall.You remember him don’t you? The song would come on, and he’d jump out of his seat and start to dance up and down the stairs, then halfway through the song he’d take his shirt off, and finish his dance. He looked like an idiot, but it was entertaining for a year or so. It ended when he thought he should get paid more than just getting to gold seats every game.

***An aside about “Joe”. One night at the old Cocktail Club on the southside, I was drinking after an Oiler game. Brett Lindros was in there and a buddy of mine knew him through a friend. He was retired and now hosting the “Be A Player” show that aired on TSN. We are having few pops and Lindros is telling us some classic stories about his time with the Islanders, when “Joe” comes over and interrupts. “Joe” starts in on Brett about how he should do a variety of things differently on his show. He starts telling him how to ask question better.

To Lindros’ credit he was calm throughout. He said thanks for the tips and turned around to talk to us. Well, “Joe” wouldn’t let it go and gives him the “Don’t you know who I am” line. I’m not lying. Lindros, of course, had no clue who he was, so we filled him in. Lindros starts to laugh and says, “You keep dancing man, maybe one day you’ll be on Broadway.”“Joe” starts on with “My career will last longer than yours did”, and then he must have thought his song was playing because he took his shirt off in the bar and takes a step towards Brett.

Finally Lindros has had enough. He takes one hand and puts it on the face of “Joe” and literally picks him up by the face, and shoves him away and says get lost. The bouncers come over and grab “Joe”, who is fuming now. He challenges Lindros to come outside, but the bouncer steps in and says he’ll take care of it. “Joe” stood outside the bar for an hour and a half waving at Lindros through the window. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. The guy was off his rocker, and he really thought he was an Edmonton celebrity because of his song.

Coaches’ roles

I asked Pat Quinn about what roles his coaches would have this season.

  • Tom Renney will be in charge of the defence and practice.
  • Wayne Fleming will run the powerplay and be one of the observers from up above.
  • Kelly Buchberger is in charge of the PK and will be an in game observer on the bench and relay info to Quinn.
  • Quinn will oversee all three of these facets and plans to work closely with all three.

Tune into Just A Game on the TEAM 1260 today, and I will play Quinn’s response about all three of them. I will play it right off the top at 3:05 MST. Or you can listen online at Just A Game.

You asked for it

Many of you asked to have Brownlee’s Irritants of the week posted, so I put them up at Just A Game. They will be there every Friday from now on.

  • oilman007

    Who knew Joe was such a douche in real life, hilarious.

    My one question is why is Bucky running the PK when this was such a deficiency last year and Renney ran the best unit in the league???

  • Ender the Dragon

    Some good things to hear about the West Edmonton Wall, as well as the defined roles for the coaching staff. It will be interesting to see how Schremp does tonight, but I get the impression that unless he notches a hatrick at even-strength, there's no room for him on opening night. I think Schremp is playing for a press-box spot at this point, which is still probably better than the alternatives. Curious, though; supposing he does end up on Long Island, do you think he gets a starting role on that team or is he the thirteenth forward there anyway?

  • jeff

    Bulk Barn is a Canadian bulk food store franchise which carries a wide variety of bulk food items, ranging from candies, nuts, grains, dried fruit, and cake mixes to beans, flours, pet food, and drink mixes. It also carries piñatas, chocolate and spices.

    Bulk Barns has a close relationship with Loblaws and shares some of the No Name branding of their products, but it is not part of the supermarket giant.

  • BingBong

    Bulk Barn is just like it sounds – a big barn-like store that sells everything in bulk. Mostly food I think. It's pretty cool actually; prices are very good compared to a grocery store. Chocolate covered raisins are my fav…

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Bulin Wall in an Oilers jersey tonight…

  • lol

    No mention of Craig MacTavish's first comments since being replaced as coach? No insight, comments or opinions? There's nothing you guys want to share with your readers regarding a coach we've had for almost a decade who finally broke his silence?

    If the reason is because the interview was conducted by your competitor, CHED, than that seems very petty.

  • -30-

    Brownlee was cranky when he was back at the Journal ages ago. I remember him storming into the editors office on a regular basis.

    It was always a tempest in a teapot but he had the look of a guy you didn't want to joke with. Kind of a psycho/crazy/just released from the asylum look.

    In fact look closely at his profile pic on here 'cause it's his old Journal mug. I wonder what he looks like now?

    Less hair? More crazy?

  • Porter

    I can't wait to see Brule tonight….

    If the streaming live video is available in BC…

    ** grabs bible, rosary, chugs a pint of holy water, and prays "Oh gawd puh-leese" **

    I miss Edmonton…. sigh.

  • jeff


    Do NHL teams have to submit their gameday rosters at a certain time in the preseason? I remember last year that there were quite a few games that I didn't know the roster until the puck was dropped.

  • W.T.

    W.T. always appreciates JG honest and real life comments. W.T. says JG you should of had your tobacco spit cup with ya since no one was around.

    W.T. suggests JF needs to show up tonight in a big way. This appears to be the year he has to make it or move on.

    W.T. watched the MacT interview with TSN and also listened to the interview MacT did with Dan and Bob. This is going to be interesting as MacT comes across with a bit of an attitude. W.T. hopes he keeps it up throughout the year and tells it the way he see's it. MacT sure shut up Dan real fast when he asked him about the Oilers this year. To his credit Dan did ask the difficult question whereas Bob would not. Kinda disappointed W.T. as everyone knows how Bob felt about MacT as a coach from his old radio show.

    W.T. wishes Robbie S. would make the big club but W.T. thinks the gig is over. Best of luck with the NYI.

  • jeff

    So early in the morning? 11:34 the morning is over.

    I'm going tonight and will finally get my first look at this club this year. I will be watching Stone vs. Jacques. I want to see what Brule can do on the draw. I want to see what Comrie can do on the draw and see how he is overall. The final thing I am watching is Schremp. I really want to see how his speed is compared to others, and I also want to see his defensive play.

    Sidenote. Not sure if you do it on purpose, but I like how you bring things that are talked about on ON to your show.

    I guess to I want to see Lazo and Brennan. See if they actually have any abilities outside of being nut jobs.

  • risto

    Thanks Jason, great post.

    Bucky has an important job, and I hope Horcoff is on the PK more and not on the PP. He is very valuable 5-on-5, and should not be on the PP with all the skilled players on this team.

  • I listened to Brownlee's Irritants last night, and was laughing my ass off. What a cranky old man!

    But I already knew this. It was just refreshing to hear.

    This is a great segment, Gregor. Glad you added it to the show.