NationDraft Update: New Year. New Leaders!

Me oh me oh my.  First off, I must apologize for the lack of Team 1260 NationDraft updates of late.  The sparse updates are just the unfortunate product of the crazy holiday season and its seemingly never ending onslaught of food, friends, cheer and Oiler losses.  I mean, this is important stuff here.  Without these updates, none of you would know where you stand.  You wouldn’t have the terrific comment section below to rejoice in your triumphs and give it to Wanye for his Oilercentric draft picks and, as a result of said picks, poor performance in the draft standings.  So let’s get down to this, shall we?

Team 1260 NationDraft Upate (as of Jan 3/10)

The Top Ten

1. Young Guns 561 0
2. Calgary Sucks 560 -1
3. Kevo91 560 -1
4. The G.O.A.T 560 -1
5. R Kenny’s Killers 556 -5
6. Inverno76 Oilers 556 -5
7. FTC 556 -5
8. Subaru Shooters 556 -5
9. MoOsEkNuCkLe 556 -5
10. empaul 556 -5

What do we have here?  Doth mine eyes deceive me?!?  After weeks of total domination by a select few, we seem to have a new collection of leaders in the Top Ten!  Who saw this coming!?!

It would seem that “Wiltonclan”, “Sage11” and “Carlo Gambino” have taken a page from the Edmonton Oilers’ playbook and have turned a good start into an out-of-the-playoffs-by-Christmas-epic-fail.

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By taking a quick look at the picks for the new Top Ten vs. the old Top Ten, it would look as if the new guard gained top spots thanks to the recent first-rate play of Nicklas Backstrom, Ilya Kovalchuk, and Eric Staal.  Good job new Top Ten! 

Now, I’m sure most of you are just dying to know how you stack up against the Oilersnation crew.  It’s probably the only reason you are reading this article.  Well here you go.

This Is How We Do It

83. Robin Brownlee 539 -22
395. Jason Gregor 508 -53
544. Towel Boy Vs. Mothra 493 -68
671. The Pacinos 478 -83
749. Bonsignore Citizens Brigade 466 -95
872. Lord Wanye’s Steeds 427 -134

I still feel I have it in me for a late charge.  I’m gunning for you Brownlee.

Now it’s time for my favorite part of the NationDraft update:  Stupidly awesome team names.

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Honorable Mention

172. Kathy Bates’ Face            529     -32


217. Best. Team. Ever  524     -37

Judging by the 217th place standing I’d say this is the best team ever in name only.

518. Cooly McCoolstein          495     -66

Is it weird that I was very close to actually naming my team “Awesome von Awesomstein”?

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Well, it’s good to see some new teams making a stand for top spot in the NationDraft.  It just goes to show you that nothing is for certain in the world of NationDrafting.  Let everyone know where you currently stand via the comments section.  We love gloaters and trash talk here.


The Towel Boy


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