Oilers/Canadians Postgame(s): Overtime Losses

Coyotes: 5, Oilers: 4 (OT)

USA: 6, Canada: 5 (OT)

Both teams near and dear to the collective heart of OilersNation lost by a single goal in overtime. Team Canada lost at the World Juniors after an incredible comeback effort fueled by two late Jordan Eberle goals. It wasn’t enough, as Capitals prospect John Carlson scored the overtime winner to give the U.S. the gold medal.

Meanwhile in Edmonton, the Oilers twice came back from two goal deficits, but lost in overtime on a Shane Doan goal. Another loss, another bad outing for Jeff Deslauriers, and another game that I presume very few people actually watched because there was a chance to watch hockey played by a team that wins every now and again.

Team Canada Star

1. Jordan Eberle. Yep, that’s it. There were other strong performances in tonight’s game (Pietrangelo, for one, was pretty good)but it was Eberle who once again came through in the clutch, scoring goals with 2:49 and 1:35 left in the third period of the hockey game. He was Canada’s best player – perhaps the best player on the ice – from the middle of the second period on, and his big-game heroics on the junior stage have given him a lasting place in Canadian hockey lore.

Random Thoughts

Eberle was named tournament MVP and Best Forward at this year’s WJC. Given that Anton Lander and Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson also had good tournaments, there’s plenty of reason for hope (and with three of the first four stories on the official website being about the WJC, the Oilers know it). Isn’t hope wonderful?

With the Springfield Falcons 5-2 loss on Sunday, Taylor Chorney now sits at minus-19 in the 16 games since he’s been returned to the AHL. I don’t know why he’s posted such miserable numbers since turning pro (my guess would be defensive incompetence) but they’re certainly continuing.

On the other side of the spectrum, Theo Peckham is the only plus defenceman in Springfield.  There’s reason for hope there.

With his two point night this evening, the much-reviled Patrick O’Sullivan is as hot as he’s been all season; he has three goals, three assists, and a plus-1 rating in the last six games.

I completely agree with Brownlee’s argument about splitting time the rest of the way between Deslauriers and Dubnyk the rest of the way. 

Congratulations to Dustin Penner on his 20th goal of the season; it’s his first goal in seven games, and hopefully this marks the end of the mini-slump he’s been in.  Lowetide suggested that the Oilers might consider trading him a few days back (a suggestion that wasn’t met with a chorus of cheers) but there’s a part of me that wonders if his early season performance was an aberration.  After scoring 15 points in the first 10 games of the season, he’s dropped to 7 or 8 points over the last three 10-game segements.  Has he broken ou, or is he in danger of reverting to the 40-50 point player he’s been the last three years?  I don’t know the answer, but if I were the Oilers I’d be thinking about it.

  • Zamboni Driver

    Not sure who I'd pick between Gagner and Eberle right now…..but I do know that I NEVER want to see them on the same line.


    Okay, powerplay maybe – but just say 'no' to the smurfs.

  • Chris.

    Tracie said:"Eberle is small, but so is St. Louis and Crosby and they seem to get it done. I believe Eberle is stronger on the puck and his speed and hands open up space for him to do stuff…the frustrating thing with Cogs is that he has speed but no hands and with Nilsson and Gags, they get pushed off the puck really easy. Eberle finds opens space and can do stuff with it…I think him and Gags are keepers and try to find some good draft picks for Cogs and Nilsson. Again, just my thoughts…"

    So you've seen Eberle perform in the NHL alongside Crosby and St Louis? You know for sure that Eberle will be stronger on the puck than Nilsson or Gagner? What caused you to believe that Eberle will be able to "do stuff" with the puck against NHL regulars on a nightly basis?

    Not to be harsh… but Eberle is a Prospect. Nobody…. and I mean nobody is 100% sure how Eberle's game will translate in the NHL. Did anyone notice how Schremp had been tracking ahead of Eberle offensively on Willis's graph on the main page? It's a little early to get so excited. Oiler fans always do that… we build entire rosters and assign expectations on a bunch of hopefull's and maybe's.

  • Chris.

    Not sure why we're comparing Schremp and Eberle but in any case one big difference is Eberle also plays a sound defensive game and was used extensively as a PKer in the world juniors. Also Schremp played on a team with many more weapons on it than the Regina team that Eberle plays on. IMO there is no comparison. Eberle outshines Schremp on all levels.

    • Chris.

      Eberle outshines Schremp on all levels? Really? Easy statement to make given that Schremp has failed to make an impact in the NHL… But how do you KNOW given that Eberle has never played a single game in the NHL? Hindsight doesn't even apply. When Schremp had his 149 point season he "outshined" Eberle IMO… and back then nobody, and I mean nobody in Oil Country wanted to hear about his small frame and poor overall footspeed… Btw just exactly how big and fast is Eberle again?

  • Bruno

    No doubt that Eberle's value is higher than it has ever been, but he is the last person they would consider trading right now.
    Given all the bad press surrounding the team this season, trading the Canadian Hero(almost)would be a PR nightmare.
    People on ON are more than just your casual hockey fans and might be able understand a trade that involved him. People who only catch the odd game, flip on the highlights, or caught the WJC would be convinced the Oil were trading Gretzky again.