Back to square one: just not in the standings

The Edmonton Oilers obviously don’t get a do-over on the first 44 games they played this season, but they will approach their final 38 games as a second season and a new start after last weekend’s mini-camp.

At least that was the spin, and probably the most sensible approach, at Rexall Place today as coach Pat Quinn and the Oilers looked ahead instead of back. With a record of 16-23-5 for 37 points, it only makes sense.

"We are on the journey and the journey hasn’t gone the way we planned," understated Quinn. "You can’t forget that part of it because there’s a bit of a mountain in front of us as far as gathering points and trying to achieve the goals we started out with.

"We’ll be re-establishing our goals. We’re going to play by the old maxim, one shift, one period and we’ll see if we get where we’re doing little things well and maybe big things will happen that are good big things."

While many fans are getting behind the push for the Dive For Five, Quinn’s focus, as you would expect, is elsewhere.

"You have to scrape yourself up and be in the fray," Quinn said. "That’s what we have to do. It’s challenging ourselves. Now, we may still not get to the results we want, but we have to continue to be better."

With a two-day golf junket cancelled in favour of the mini-camp, players put the best possible shine on things.

"They were good," Dustin Penner said of workouts Friday and Saturday. "It kind of re-set the computers.

"We spent two, six-hour days at the rink, with an hour of video each day, chalk talk on the board. I think it was beneficial. You would be hard-pressed to find anybody who would say it wasn’t."

Work smarter not harder

If hard work on its own was the answer, Shawn Horcoff would be an 80-point player and the darling of Oilers fans no matter how much money he’s taking home every two weeks.

Obviously, it’s not that simple. Quinn talked about "hard work" in the context of the weekend and what he hopes the benefits wills be.

"Emotion is a big part of this game," he said. You can have the negative ones that crop up where you’re frustrated because nothing good’s going for you. "So maybe the answer is, ‘I’ll try harder.’

"Well, thinking that you’re trying harder, sometimes it increases your frustration because it’s not effort that you needed. You might have needed smarts or you might have needed courage or you might have needed some of the other things that are necessary for hockey players to be successful.

"There is that increasing level of frustration that gets people to give up a little bit on themselves. That’s the biggest fight you have as far as both the coaches and the players in that room.

"The challenge is to stay on the task here because it is about them. It is individual. They’re the ones who want to be good hockey players. They have to challenge themselves daily. To push that."

This and that

— Having missed all the fun with Sheldon Souray Friday, one television reporter who shall remain unnamed went looking for more of the same NTC talk from Lubomir Visnovsky. He lobbed all sorts of grenades Visnovsky’s way with a barrage of loaded questions, but got no sniff.

On the positive side, Visnovsky took another twirl on his twisted ankle today and should be a go against Nashville. That’ll leave the Oilers with seven blueliners to choose from for the first time in awhile.

— Aside from doing a lot of 4-on-4 work early in practice, the Oilers worked a lot on their 17th-ranked power play, with two full units working the drills.

One unit had Gilbert Brule with Sam Gagner and Patrick O’Sullivan up front with Denis Grebeshkov and Visnovsky on the points. The other fivesome was Robert Nilsson, Horcoff, Penner, Tom Gilbert and Souray. Neither one did a lot to impress the coach.

— Marc Pouliot’s on-again, off-again comeback from pubitis was on again today as he skated the full practice without any apparent ill effects. I’m guessing he’s a week or 10 days and at least a couple of games in the AHL for conditioning from returning.

— Mike Comrie took the ice with skating coach Steve Serdachny after practice today. No firm word on a return, but you’d have to think that Comrie will be in line for an AHL conditioning stint when he gets healthy.

— Quinn has liked Andrew Cogliano’s effort and compete level, if not his results offensively, lately and suggested he might look at getting him more ice time in the next little while.

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  • "You have to scrape yourself up and be in the fray," Quinn said.

    That's all anybody could reasonably ask for. Just play your best, bust your gut and let the chips fall where they may.

    These guys do that for the rest of the season and I'll be happy. This team may end up in the bottom five, but I'd like to see them kicking and screaming every inch of the way.

    "With five seconds left, destiny panics."

    • Good question, but it's too early to tell.
      A lot is going to depend, obviously, on how he plays when he comes back. If he plays in the final, say, 30 games like he did before he got sick, and he's not looking for a big raise in pay, it'll be difficult not to consider him.

      At the same time, do Quinn and Tambellini feel the need to weed out some of the smaller forwards? If so, who goes? Personally, I'd keep Comrie ahead of O'Sullivan if Mike gets it together once he's back. Nilsson has rid himself of an automatic ticket out of town because, while I still don't trust him, he's been much better than early in the season.

      That's a long way of saying I don't know.

      • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

        At least Comrie plays bigger then he is. Sure he is no fire cracker like Brule but he isn't afraid of going into the corners and getting dirty.

      • Reggie


        What about the thought that the only reason Comrie came to Edmonton was that his options were limited this season.

        If he comes back into the line up and has a decent finish would he be looking to come back here first ? Or would be he be hoping to sign a two year deal else where.

        Given the change in make up of the team next fall, who knows who will be gone at the trade deadline and who will be gone over the summer.

    • I honestly hope so. Consider me a new fan (former Comrie-hater). In the early goings, he was one of few players that looked like an NHLer and was helping make O'Sullivan look like a better player. Disappointing that he got the kissing disease.

      Also disappointing is the comment by RB about the powerplay units being unimpressive.

      Anyone here think this mini-camp is going to make a difference? Honest question… not rhetorical.

      On the note of Cogliano, I will say "it's about bloody time". I know a lot of people are dumping on Cogliano, but I don't think he's been given a lot of opportunity. I believe it was Quinn who said it, you have to put players in situations where they can succeed. Playing him with the pluggington brothers isn't going to help. I like Stortini, but lets face it, he isn't going to bring any offense out of Cogliano. However, he did help bring something else out of Cogs which is great to see. But now it's time to give this kid some top six minutes and cut back on one of the others (#19 would be my choice).

      • With the PP, it was Quinn who said he wasn't impressed.

        As for the mini-camp, I don't know what difference it'll actually make in terms of Xs and Os and execution, but it's one of those things teams grab onto when things are tough. "Hey, it's a new start."

        It's a bit of mental massaging that can sometimes have a positive outcome. It's like when a team sucks at home, they say, "It'll be good to get on the road" or vice-versa.

        • rindog

          Injuries and illnesses aside, my biggest disappointment this year has been the specialty teams. While the PP stats aren't horrible at 17th – the PP still looks terrible.

          I don't know how much the coaching staff works on it – but I am a firm believer that the success of a PP is based on the coaching even more than the players on the ice.

          Our PP is so predictable and stagnent. I always got on MacT's back for having such a brutal looking PP – but nothing has seems to have changed.

          I respect Quinn and think he is a great coach; but I can not figure out why we don't have a good PP?

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            It does look like crap alot of nights. But honestly though, considering the skill level of the team, they've probably been overachieving on the PP.

          • Jason Gregor

            I don't know how much the coaching staff works on it – but I am a firm believer that the success of a PP is based on the coaching even more than the players on the ice.

            Why do you think it is coaching? If you don't have skilled players on the PP it won't matter. Horcoff is not a good PP player, never has been never will be. The problem is the Oilers don't have anyone else who can win a faceoff.

            Yes coaching can help, but the coach can draw up the best PP, if the players don't execute it it won't matter. There has to be some ad-libbing on the PP and that is all on the players.

            They don't make the right reads very often on this team, and if you look at how often they make long passes that get broken up you'd go bonkers.

            Sure coaching is a factor, but more is on the players in my mind. Some guys are very good PP players, but not great five-on-five.

            Marc Andre Bergeron for instance has 16 PP points, but only 23 overall. He is great on the PP with his shot. Same as Kotalik in New York, 16 of his 22 points have come on the PP.

            On the other side. Henrik Freakin Sedin has 62 points, but only 15 have come on the PP. It is strange considering the Canucks are 4th in the league on the PP, but Sedin has only been in on 15 of their 40 PP goals.

            Either way I don't know if it is more coaching. You are right they need to come up with something better, but this entire coaching staff has changed and the PP hasn't looked any different. Either the players don't execute the PP game plan, or they don't have the ability to ad-lib well enough.

  • Having missed all the fun with Sheldon Souray Friday, one television reporter who shall remain unnamed went looking for more of the same NTC talk from Lubomir Visnovsky. He lobbed all sorts of grenades Visnovsky's way with a barrage of loaded questions, but got no sniff

    Were you watching? That must have been entertaining.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Thank goodness the Olympics are coming up. After this computer re-setting mini-camp, the Oilers are bound to come out swinging for a few games. Hopefully not enough to get the points they need to get out of the bottom 5 positions. The Olympic break should work wonders on crushing any momentum they may garner over the next little while.


  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Not suprised to here that someone actually went after another guy with a NTC, Horcoff next?

    The thing that gets me is guys like this want to seem proud about themselves, like they got dirt that no one else did. Then they wonder why fans take it the wrong way and why things get blown out of proportion.

    As for Cogliano. Really this is something that should've happened before. The guy doesn't get the time he should. Now is the time to give it to him and see what he has.

    • I tend to agree with you on Cogliano. He's been lost in the shuffle at times. He takes some blame for that for not grabbing a role and excelling in it, but he's also suffered by not having that role clearly defined for him.

      Andrew is a conscientious young man. He wants to do well. He wants to play here. I'd go as far as to say he's a sensitive guy who gets rattled fairly easily. Raffi Torres was the same way, despite his robust exterior. If Cogliano gets feeling good about himself and builds a little confidence, he's shown he's capable of having an impact.

      • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

        Considering the role he is playing I think he is producing quite well. I always wanted to see him get more ice time with Hemsky, but I'm not sure that will ever happen. Cogliano has the ability to bury passes, but when you play with Moreau who doesn't pass what can you expect?

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    One last comment before I leave for home. With Eberle not being traded and his team most likely not making the playoffs do the Oil play him in the NHL or AHL at season end?

    • Jason Gregor

      If the Pats miss the playoffs and that looks likely today, then Eberle's last game is March 13th v. Brandon. That means he could play 14 games with the Oilers. If he plays ten he would lose one year of eligibility, so I'd suspect you will see him play nine.

      He had nine points in nine games with Springfield last year, so I don't see the point of playing him in the AHL again at the end of the season.

      Let him see what the NHL game is about, and then he can work on whatever element he feels he needs to improve on in the summer.


      AHL. He'll be here soon enough, let him play against pros with less chance of killing his confidence.

      You won't kill his confidence because if he struggles he will have all summer to feel good about himself. Let him test himself against the best.

      • Fair enough. I guess there's no real harm in keeping him for nine games in the NHL. I just had this terrifying image in my head about the state of the Oilers dressingroom by the end of the season with some key guys traded away for picks and a years worth of frustration culminating in a last place finish.

      • Shaun Doe

        Hey Gregor, in response to your position on Eberle playing 9 games with the Oil at seasons end: Would it make more sense for Eberle to play around 5 games to get a feel for the NHL and pinpoint his weaknesses as you said. That way next season he could have another 4 game audition to see if he has improved? I just figured that way we could see what he has to offer in both seasons without chipping into his contract, instead of just gambling on the chance that he improved as expected through the summer. Or would you think that seeing how he comes into training camp and pre-season would be enough let them know.

          • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

            Why?You can't tell me with where this team is going that he isn't going to get 9 games next year anyways. Even if Eberle starts next year in the minors, I'm pretty sure he'll end up with 9+ by season end.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            In my mind you don't want to go into next year with no choice but to keep him on the big team. What if he plays 9 this year, and then 5 games into next year he looks completely out of place.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Hall alone wouldn't, but (on paper anyways) a healthy roster + 3-4 proper roll players in the prime of their career should put us in solid playoff contention. (what should have been done this summer).

            In my mind, the biggest question for the next 2-3 years is goalteding (and more specifically health)

        • I never really thought of it being this way. I just assumed he'd be able to play 9 games again next year. But now that you mention this, I guess it probably doesn't make sense that he could. Does it?

      • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

        This is kinda what I was thinking as I left yesterday. Play nine out of fourteen games with the Oilers and allow him to practice with the big club and try gather as much info as possible.

  • Jenga


    Should we be reading anything into MacKinnon's article in the Journal yesterday? Was this a proxy announcement to tell us that the dive for five is not alive in Oilers HQ?

  • Tracie

    Personally, I'm worried that this camp will improve us just good enough to miss the playoffs and come out with a lousy draft pick! I mean, what's the point of having a camp now? Even if we play .750 hockey, there is very little chance we will make the playoffs, so the camp was just to improve us enough to miss the playoffs but not get a good draft pick? What's the point of that, except that it keeps the Oilers status quo as far as development! finish 9-13 like every year and go itno next season with tons of promise and little substance! at least if we are last, sure the season is going to be long and right now I can't pay people to take tickets off of me, but at least we have the promise of getting a good young player to compliment the likes of MPS, Eberle, Omark, etc! Tambo has wanted a scorer, and now he can get one in Taylor Hall (or Seguin) and now he wants to wreck that as well?

    Although I do want them to compete more and make the games more interesting to watch, I'll be pissed if all this does for us is make us finish 9-13!

    • Paq Twinn

      I totally agree. I would be pissed if they even managed a monumental miracle and made the post season dance for a lousy 2 home dates AND another crappy pick. The last thing this franchise needs is false optimism/unfounded hope. We suck and its time to stop lieing to ourselves about it and that goes for management as well.

      • At the risk of being the latest Captain Obvious around here, wouldn't them making the playoffs from where we are right now mean that this team is far from the definition of "suck". I know its pretty unlikely, but it would make for one of the best sports stories of the year. And you know what? If they made the playoffs, I'd be cheering my ass off for them because the accomplishment would be worth it, not to mention that they might very well make a round or two.

        Taylor Hall or Eberle are going to be difference makers for us MAYBE in three years. You might as well get used to the suck and cheer for a bunch of guys who (hopefully) will be busting tail from here to the end of the season. Then hope that Oilers management gets the job done this summer and starts this damn rebuild for real.*

        *Oh man. Sometimes I crack myself up.

        • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

          Ya, no doubt. If the team was somehow able to make the PO now, they would be one of the hottest teams of the second half.

          Though their is a decent chance Hall/Seguin will be difference makers next year… or two years like Stamkos.

        • Paq Twinn

          In some ways you are right. But if this team miraculously made the playoffs, it would be a fluke, not because we don't suck. The Oilers have many of the right pieces in place, just too many wrong ones. In the end I'm completely satisfied with 25th-30th in the league this year and watching to see how management will go about rebuilding this franchise to the glory we all deserve as fans. If done properly I don't think it will take more than 3 years before we're back in the playoffs…..consistantly.

          p.s. Don't get me wrong, I will still cheer win, lose or draw….oh wait, there aren't draws anymore.

  • Jenga

    Cogliano is one of a far too long list of players who came to the Oil as a silk purse and magically got turned into a sow's ear. I predict he will be gone and will shine elsewhere. This is not a difficult prediction when you look at the performance of the Oiler organization.

      • Lofty

        I think the Oil coaches and management are not sold on Cogliano and that is why they were prepared to trade him last summer. Quinn has dropped him to the 4th line and cut his minutes back proportionately. If that happened to you what would you have by way of confidence??

        Considering some of the MacT holdovers and doorstops who still are part of the line-up while Cogliano sits on the bench, I just don't get that rationale at all.

        I don't want them to trade Cogs but I think the hand-writing is on the wall. What do you bet that Tambo trades Cogs for some broken down plow horse he knew from the Canuck organization?

      • Bob MacKenzie has already stated that he thinks Cogliano could be moved.

        Perhaps they trade him for someone older (not a lot, but maybe a year or two). Maybe they package him up with someone or a draft pick for a more suitable fit.

        Anything is possible. I know you love you some Cogliano, but you sound as though you don't even think it should be a realistic thought.

        • I just dont see the point of trading him when the Oilers are going into a rebuilding program. It doesnt compute in my head. If a trade unfolds where the guy is moved and the Oilers receive a bunch of picks or prospects I could understand, but I cant really comprehend the point of going into a full blown rebuild and trading away talented youth.

          • Chris.

            You move Cogliano because Gagner and Brule have passed him by… and Eberle is on the way. There is only room for so many small forwards on your roster… Of course, it would have made more sense to move Cogliano last year when his value was higher… It's not that Cogliano is a bad player, it's just that Tambellini needs to assemble a roster with better balance…. The coach needs the freedom to roll lines composed of players who have compliamentary skill-sets… It takes quality to trade for quality…

            *All sentences read in a dull slow monotone.* (like an exhausted Father explaining to his child why it's important to call if you are going to be late for curfew)

          • Hey, the kid wont cost all that much and he draws penalties as well as add *some* offense. The team is going to get rid of enough guys that the Oilers (and you) dont need to give up on a guy who isnt old enough to rent a car on his own.

          • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

            i dont know if it is some much giving up on cogliano, as it is trying to find the right fit.

            does cogliano look like he is going to be a top 6 player? tough to say, i would lean towards no

            does cogliano have the attributes that make him a fit on the 3rd line? not really, he doesnt win faceoffs, doesnt really kill penalties (yet), doesnt play physical etc..

          • Cleetis

            One of my pet peeves is when people think a team is giving up on a player by trading him.

            Dude, by trading Cogliano,or offering him up in a trade doesn't mean the organization has "given up on him". It means the organization has realized they have holes in their line-up and would be willing move certain players to make their team better.

            Like Chris says, Cogliano is a redundant player here, we have lots or 5' 10" 180ish pound forwards with skill. If he is what other teams want in return for a young guy with more size or talent, you trade him. You have to give up something good to get something good, so he might offer some value on the market.

            If the Oilers traded him for a 5th round pick then you can say they gave up on him; but if them move to fill one of the glaring holes in the roster, it's just a move that needed to be made to improve the team.

          • We shall see if Tambellini is capable of trading players to make the team better. So far he's managed to downgrade Cole for POS and offer our only young physical defenseman, one of the young forwards, and our best forward (this season) for a guy who had no desire to play in Edmonton and has a history of demanding trades from places he doesnt want to play.

            What does that track record suggest will happen when he trades Cogliano?

          • I cant really comprehend the point of going into a full blown rebuild and trading away talented youth.

            Unless you're trading it in exchange for other talented youth… that fill's a void elsewhere in the roster.

            Brandon Dubinsky's name has been thrown out by a few people, and regardless of whether or not there's any validity with that one, that type of trade would make sense, no?

      • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

        ~anyone seen schremps numbers lately?~

        (yes i am only kidding, and yes, i realize he is slightly older, but the productive is higher than cogliano right now)

  • Jason Gregor

    I could live with the team committing to a top down re-build for the next couple of years. I want to see a definitive commitment by the team chosing a course and sticking with it. The Katz-led Oilers seem to have some sort of Black Ops mentality. They are upsetting fans and I think it is because of their unwillingness or inability to communicate unequivically with the fans with some degree of openess. I realize they can't disclose everything but a certain amount of loyalty to the fans is not unreasonable.

    After all they want us to invest thousands of dollars in season tickets and I for one am not interested in investing my funds until I know what their intentions are. Do they actually think hockey-savy Oiler fans are going to support this team blindly forking over thousands of season ticket dollars while they fumble this organization into mediocrity with a big greasy side-order of obscurity??

    Whatever you may think of the free agents and their advisors for turning down Edmonton you would have to be nuts to sign with Edmonton right now. Atlanta, Carolina and Tampa Bay look like well-oiled machines compared to this disorganized blunder-fest.

  • I have no problems moving any player that helps us i the next couple of seasons or maybe even this one. Cogliano has shown he can score some goals in the past, but he needs the minutes to score. If he isn't going to get them here…

    I read Dan Barnes article on Saturday & it felt kind of eerie. I am glad I am not the only person in Oil Country finding other things to do with my time when the Oilers are playing. The fans have figured out where this team is going already & is waiting for the organization to tell us the obvious.

  • Jmask5

    The Oiler most Definatley need to rebuild. The length of the rebuild will depend on how Omark, Eberle and MPS work out in the NHL and whether we get Hall or not. Some teams can turn it around pretty quickly like Colorado magically did this past year, but sometimes it takes a bit longer like Chicago or LA. Let's hope its somewhere in the middle since the Oilers have been in a half assed rebuild for the past 4 years.

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

      This is a key statement. Look at TB and the Isles, they have had top picks in recent drafts but are still in the rebuild process.

      It just seems that too many people think that adding Hall along with all our other prospects will turn us around quickly. It may, but it may not.

  • I agree with the sentiment about Eberle, the sooner we can get Eberle into NHL games, the better off he will be. Besides the end of the year plans to play out like exhibition games, at least from the Oilers standpoint. Might as well get him ready and face the pros.

  • I feel the same way, I want to use the 9 games this year for Eberle, to help him really be ready for next year. We are gonna NEED him in our line-up next year. With all the shaping and re-tooling our roster will do to get ready for the new players next year it will be done with a certain 'act of faith' feel to it as Eberle, MPS and some others may be expected to make the roster.

    I know that people expected that last year and it didn't happen, but that was the first year of this coaching staff in this organization. A new coaching staff often needs takes a full year evaluating the players that they never worked with previously. Then, once they are comfortable with the assets they have they will be ready to make the moves to improve the team.

    It may well turn out that Eberle, MPS, et al aren't ready yet next year, but I believe that they will be given every chance to make this team, and learn while playing on this team. A rebuild rarely takes one season only so letting them learn up with the big club, even if we're not winning is not so bad, IMO.


    • the problem with letting them learn on the job is that it burns up the cheap entry level deal and you can end up with an unproven entity standing in the "i want a raise" line.
      Making the same mistake repeatedly is however the modus operandi of the recent Oilers….. so your scenario is probably bankable……. sadly. I am very curious to see what the Oilers are going to pay for Sam Gagners "upside".

      Anyone want to throw out a number/terms. Less than Nilsson? ha!

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Rumor flying around we are dealing Cogliano for Lee, O'Brien and a 2nd. Not sure how legit the source is but nonetheless there is a non-eklund rumor.

    • From Bruce Garrioch…

      The only teams actively selling — with the deadline set for March 3 — are the Oilers and Hurricanes.

      It’s not known if there are any hard feelings with the Oilers after the Dany Heatley fiasco last summer, but it seems doubtful there would be.

      The names being bandied about from Edmonton are centres Andrew Cogliano (4 goals and 6 assists in 44 games) and Robert Nilsson (6 goals and 8 assists in 29 games) and winger Ethan Moreau (4 goals and 4 assists in 43 games). All are affordable, but it would depend on what the Oilers want in return.

      • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

        Garrioch is Ek's twin brother to me, but my rumor could be Ek and Garrioch triplet. I just don't know. Although the trade seems like a legit trade, was kinda wondering what people thought.

  • Jason Gregor


    Why are you worried about playing five games next year? Whether he plays in the NHL or the AHL his contract starts. If he plays more than ten this year, that counts as season, that is why it makes sense to play less than ten this year.

    Next year doesn't matter because he will either play in the NHL or the AHL so it will count as the first year of his contract.

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

      That's the thing that scares me, but with that being said why is it that no matter who the coach is Cogs ends up in the same spot.

      We need to get rid of some smaller guys and get bigger. Here is one way to do that.

  • Chris.

    Cogliano for Jim O'Brien, and Brian Lee, AND a second round pick? If this is at all possible then Tambellini should do it and do it now.

    Let's set aside our Oiler goggle love for the slumping young Cogliano… We're talking about trading away one of the smurfs for a couple of monsters. Jim O'Brien is a 6'2" first round draft pick who plays center. Brian Lee (defence)is at least 6'3" and was taken in the top 10 of the 2005 draft… It's like trading the 25th overall pick for the 9th, the 29th, and a second rounder… I realize that O'Brien and Lee have yet to make much of an impact in the NHL; but have you seen Cogliano's game lately? This is the kind of trade that makes sence if you are moving toward a total rebuild. Also, with Comrie and Pouliot nearly ready to go someone has to be the odd man out….

    • Chris.

      Murray came to his sences? That would have to be considered a lopsided deal… unless Cogliano was on pace for a 25 goal season and winning 45% of his faceoffs.

      • Not sold on the Ottawa players. I think Lee could still turn out, but O'Brien seems like a project to me. He's rated as Ottawa's 6th best prospect and Lee hasn't been able to crack their lineup yet even though they have a need for a puck-moving defenseman. Meh, not sure 'bout this one. Admittedly, I know little about O'Brien, so who knows.

        • Chris.

          Springfield is a mess. O'Brien could be usefull there… As for Lee: he has had problems putting meat on his lanky frame but is only 20 years old and D-men take longer to develop. As for their inability to crack the lineup: Ottawa doesn't run an AHL training camp during the NHL regular season like Edmonton. Both players would probably have over 100 NHL games experience if they had been drafted by the Oilers. (I know I'm exaggerating)

  • Chris.

    I sure wish I knew how much truth there was to that rumor… If I were Katz, and if I knew Murray had made such an offer to Tambellini, and he was dithering the deal away wanting to see how things will go over the next 18 games… I'd fire Tambellini immediately and promote Quinn on an interm basis. It's clear that the Oiler braintrust has an inflated view of both our players and prospect pool. You get the sense that Quinn is laughing at Lowe/Tambellini behind their backs after conducting his own evaluation of the talent here… I wonder if Managements set of Oiler Goggles have grown so so thick that it is their flawed preception of things that is preventing any action on the trade front…(Not salary, trade cap, or any of the other excuses)

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      "I wonder if Managements set of Oiler Goggles have grown so so thick that it is their flawed preception of things that is preventing any action on the trade front…(Not salary, trade cap, or any of the other excuses)"

      With all this "evaluation" talk, that makes more sense then all this cap excuses everyone looks for.

  • Jmask5

    I personally would like to see Cogs next year with MPS. Two of the fastest guys in the league would surely create a lot more offensive chances. If we are going yo get rid of a smurf might as well get rid of Nilsson since Omark is the same player but cheaper.


    Said to Cogliano "The internet says you're traded." Cogliano replies: "Again? Where am I going this time." He says they're ready for rumours
    29 minutes ago

    Brule has the flu again…4th time this year. Unlikely for tonight, with Jacques back in. They'll do more tests on Brule re: frequency.
    19 minutes ago

    Busy day Daniel san.

    • Chris.

      On Cogliano: Not really. The person who put the bogus rumour to rest is Bob Stauffer. He asked a member of management about the possibility this morning and got a text back saying "no way."

      Bob mentioned the reply and Tencer did his thumb-typing thing and put it out on Twitter. I guess that's the fastest way of getting it out there — what do I know, I'm a dinosaur — but the the info comes from Stauffer.

      • I'd assume a lot of Oilers news comes from Bob, no? Didn't mean to falsely credit work, just that I got it from Tencer's twitter, and then Gregor's post shortly after confirmed the same.

        • Chris.

          I know you didn't.
          I think the onus is on the person spreading the information — via Twitter, news story, TV clip or by whatever means — to credit the person who provided the information. In this case, that would be Tencer who should be crediting Stauffer.

          It's pretty basic stuff. When you write a story and, for example, the GM says he isn't making a trade you write: "GM Steve Tambellini says . . ." blah blah blah.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            I don't know.
            I don't follow Twitter or subscribe to it. I only mentioned it because I was there when Bob got the info from management and then I read the reference to Tencer's Twitter later.