NationDraft Update: Hello There


Oh, hello there.

I am currently busy in my study enjoying a thorough read-through of one of the many great works of one of my favorite authors of classic literature. Yes, I know, how did Ann Rule write so many riveting novels? She truly does have a keen grasp on telling the story of true crimes.

Now, how are you doing? That’s good to hear. I suppose you’re here to inquire about the goings on in the Team 1260 NationDraft.  Well I believe I could oblige and give you an update as to how things are looking.

Let’s sally forth, shall we?


Team 1260 NationDraft Update as of Jan 19/10


The Top Ten


Team Name Points Points behind
1. Young Guns 679 0
2. Calgary Sucks 675 -4
3. The G.O.A.T 675 -4
4. Peniuk Pukes 674 -5
5. R Kenny’s Killers 668 -11
6. Inverno76 Oilers 668 -11
7. Kevo91 668 -11
8. FTC 668 -11
9. Subaru Shooters 668 -11
10. MoOsEkNuCkLe 668 -11

Lookie here!  We have some slight changes in the top ten since our last update.  “Peniuk Pukes” shimmied their way into the top ten and kicked “empaul” out into the ranks of the common folk beyond the top ten.  “Kevo91” gave up their third place spot to “The G.O.A.T.” and slid down to seventh.  It’s always good to see some movement in the top ten.  “Young Guns” and “Calgary Sucks” better hope their picks hold up.


The Nation Crew


Speaking of great people, I would imagine you are vibrating in excitement to see how your draft picks stack up to the fine folks that bring you  Well, vibrate no longer my friend.  I happen to have a list right here:


Team Name Points Points behind
120. Robin Brownlee 639 -40
341. RossCreek Renegades 612 -67
435. Jason Gregor 601 -78
521. Towel Boy Vs. Mothra 590 -89
709. The Pacinos 562 -117
744. Bonsignore Citizens Brigade 556 -123
868. Lord Wanye’s Steeds 508 -171


Woah, nicely done me.  *pats self on back* 

Gregor & Brownlee:  I’m truly sorry to see your rankings slip so hard.  It would be a shame if they were to slip any further.  (insert evil laughter here)

Who’s Hot?

I had Evgeni Malkin slated for a Not Hot spot, but it would seem that he came out of his funk last night with a hat trick.  I also see that Crosby had a small night in the points department last night.  Ok…he had six freakin’ points!  Yeesh.

Who’s Not?

Iginla, where are you dude?   With one point over the past five games he’s not helping anyone’s NationDraft team too much.  Maybe the Olympics will help his confidence?  *crosses fingers for Team Canada*

Honorable Mention

717. The Flyin’ Seamen 561 -118

Don’t seamen use boats?

747. Team Ogden Jr. 556 -123

I figured this site needed more mention of the word "Ogden".

872. Vancouver sucks 502 -177

We’ll see tonight I guess!  (oh boy.)


This concludes the latest edition of the Team 1260 NationDraft Update.  I hope your team isn’t sucking as hard as mine.

Yours truly,

The Towel Boy


 This message was written in accordance with the guidelines and rules set forth in the Charter of The Ministry of Drafts and is approved by the Minister of Draft.