Oilers vs. Blackhawks Postgame

Chicago Blackhawks: 4

Edmonton Oilers: 2

Hey, look, a loss.

I got home tonight, looked at the ticker, looked at the remote for my PVR, and decided that I didn’t have the fortitude to sit through the game.  So I won’t.

I will take this opportunity to mention some of the tools that I use when I want to look at a game indepth and verify what I just saw.  For instance, this tool, provided by Vic Ferrari, allows the user to scroll through and see how the coaches ran their bench.  Most nights for the Oilers, it’s an endless succession of 1-2-3-4, but a few games ago the coaching staff decided, ‘aw shucks, we’re sick of losing, let’s try matching the lines.’

The astute observer, either of the game or of the shift chart, will note that Quinn & Co. rather diligently sent out Horcoff, Moreau and Pisani against Toews, Kane and Brouwer.  It was a mismatch; in terms of shots Horcoff finished the night +6/-17, and in Corsi he finished +13/-34, but somehow he finished even on the night, and added an assist on Pisani’s goal.  I’m guessing the line had a brutal evening against some superior players.  On the defensive end, the staff also matched Gilbert/Souray against the Bane of Cabbies and his confederates, and they posted similar numbers to the ‘shutdown’ trio.

Those shot totals are here, by the way; another handy tool from Vic.  By the look of things, the notion of sending out those five as human sacrifices (much like MacT used to do with Stoll and Reasoner, before they were run out of town to the sound of crowds cheering ‘minus-23, minus-17, minus-23!’) was somewhat effective at shielding the rest of the team, but nowhere near enough.

This is the 11th loss in a row for Edmonton, and if they can somehow squeak through St. Louis and Calgary, they’ll be 0-for-January.

  • Chris.

    Spot on Chris. Cogs should get that 2nd line time. Let the Oil see what he can do. The only thing the rest of the season is good for is an audition for who wants to show what they have for next season sans Moreau and a few others.

  • Looks like Souray to the Devils is picking up some steam…

    New Jersey: Maybe the best chance for relocation. Lemaire was Souray's first NHL coach. He likes him, a lot, and the feeling is mutual. The Devils are certainly a Cup threat, battling for top spot in the East even without defenceman Paul Martin, who's been out with a busted forearm for months. The Devils need somebody to run their power play. They have cap room and New Jersey always drafts well so they have assets. Reportedly, they would move Swedish forward Niklas Bergfors (27 points, 13 goals) and former world junior forward Matt Halischuk, although the Oilers should maybe hold out for big Canadian junior forward Adam Henrique from Windsor. The Devils would move defenceman Andy Greene (24 points), too.


        • Bucknuck

          What is that "if" about? 😉

          Seriously though, if they keep playing him against the Penguins and Sharks I don't see him getting a win. Now when Columbus, Carolina, or St Louis is on the menu I want to see Dubs in there so he can fix his stats a little bit.

        • He's 2 years younger than JDD and doesn't look any further behind. So 2 years from now, it'd be fair to assume he'll be better than Deslauriers is right now.

          That's also 2 extra years before he becomes a UFA.

          Plus he has the organization's vote (IMO) because he was a 1st round pick, while Deslauriers was a 2nd rounder. All things being equal, the organization will likely tend to keep the guy with the higher pedigree.

          Oh… and he's a western Canadian kid.

          So ya, I'll take Dubnyk.

          • I have to think that on a real NHL team, neither JDD or DD would see the light of day. It stuns me we're still "waiting to see how these guys play out" when its ridiculously obvious neither has the stones for the big show.

            The only reason they're still here is the drive for the first draft pick. It sickens me to think we're throwing the season, but having JDD and DD carry the mail in the best league in the world says we're doing just that. *spits*

          • Devan Dubnyk is 23. 23!


            Curtis Joseph's 1st year – 22yrs old
            That same season, Mike Richter started – 23
            The year before, Ed Belfour started – 23
            Dominik Hasek was 26
            Marty Turco – 25

            By no means am I trying to compare Dubnyk to these guys. The point is, at 23 years of age its awfully early to right off a goaltender. Look at Tim Thomas. He wasn't even a regular til after 30.

          • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

            Problem is with how the CBA is setup you don't have the option of just sending a guy to the minors because he is on a two-way deal. Drafting goalies might be the worse possible thing a team can do, unless of course it is someone who ends up going to NCAA where they are stuck there for four years and then you have 3 years to play around with them in the AHL.
            Either that are a true stud.

          • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

            Atl and Nyi have three goalies, Mtl is trying to get rid of Halak, Dallas turco, Theodore in wsh is available, Van has Schneider, Ana has JSG plus Pogge is doing well in the AHL, Vokoun is thought to be available, talk about Nabokov becoming a UFA, Toskala while not a good goalie could be cheap backup, Mason in Stl is UFA, NSh has both Ellis and Renne as UFA's odds are one will be gone next year.

            This is just stuff off the top of my head that has been mentioned this week. Lots of goalies out there.

            I'm really not seeing the point in drafting them.

  • Chris.

    It's pretty clear that Cogliano is not ever going to be in the top six under Quinn. The team is dead last; with injuries galore; if not now… when?

    So lets assume management wants to trade Cogs… why not showcase him a little? Are they afraid Cogliano's play at this point will prove to other GM's that he can't play in the top six anywhere?

  • Milli

    Ya, i wasn't pumped about Tambo's interview, but what the hell is he really supposed to say>? I am not a fan of his at this point, but, I will see what he does or dosn't do at the deadline….maybe I'll be eating my words for about the millionth time this year!!!