Oilers vs. Flyers Postgame: Two In A Row!

Edmonton Oilers: 1

Philadelphia Flyers: 0

Incredibly, two wins in a row for the Oilers. They did it tonight by playing an incredibly disciplined defensive game, and capitalizing on a power play with less than 20 seconds left. Great goaltending didn’t hurt either.

I had an spectacularly long blow-by-blow post all set to go, but apparently I clicked the wrong button and Microsoft Word ate the entire thing. With eight minutes left in the game. I thought my head would explode.

Oilers Three Stars

1. Jeff Deslauriers. Incredible game for the young goaltender. The Oilers did a good job of limiting shots against, but even so Deslauriers looked a lot better than he has in the none-too-distant past.

2. Sam Gagner. Gagner played well, again, and set up Ryan Potulny’s game winner in the dying moments of the game. He also drew the penalty that put the Oilers on that power play.

3. Ryan Potulny. Potulny was having a fine game on the Oilers’ penalty kill, and he had a couple of very heady moves in the middle frame, but all that must pail in comparison to scoring the winning goal against his old team.

  • I was thoroughly impressed with Alex Plante tonight, thought he handled himself very well against a physical Flyers team and didn't back down at all.

    JDD played his best game this season IMHO, hopefully he can keep it up.

    I was also thrilled to see that they Oilers didn't fold up their tent once Philly brought the physicality and in most cases initiated it. This is the type of game that can bring a team together, however lets not get too crazy and lose sight of the task at hand.

  • @Drago:

    It's early, but I've been very impressed by Plante. He had one notable screwup where he let Claude Giroux get past him and Strudwick had to stick to the cnetre of the ice to play the pass, but Giroux took his time so Plante was able to get back and bury him.

    Other than that, he was fairly smart, quick to get back in position, and made Dan Carcillo look prett stupid on four different occasions.

    I like him.

    • I liked his game too. He is kind of awkward at times but I love that he was laying out guys like Carcillo.
      Another year or two in the minors to work on his skating and shot blocking should turn him into a decent NHL Dman.

  • Travis Dakin

    i never seen a nhl team play a junior team before tonight.have the oilers looked like they never played together before tonight.see comrie tell cogs to goto the front of the net.lol!

  • Travis Dakin

    JW, I think the Oiler's 1st star has to be the goal post. Without some key saves, this game was over in the 1st.

    2 games and they just cut they Fall for Hall lead in half. Not cool.

    Time for the Tambo to make some moves. He needs to send Plante back down and instead hold a pre-game lottery to see which lucky fan in attendance get to be paired with Strudwick for that nights game.

    • I like the pre-game lottery idea. That said, a random selection for pairing with Strudwick may well result in a crushing blow to Strudwick's poor ego when the 70 year old grandmother wearing figure skates ends up -2 to his -3 on the night.

      Not that this would be a bad thing . . .

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Good on Denis Lemieux for the shutout.

    Did Lapierre say he had enough and then give Stortini one last shot, and then stortini jabbed him back?

    And wow does Stortini look like Clay Guida with that hair.

  • Whoa whoa-whooooooaaaaa!

    They may have strung together 2 good games here, but I don't think we need to be too worried about making the play-offs or getting 1 position out of the lottery. 2 games doesn't mean that they aren't still going to try & shed some salary.

    That said, nice to see them put in a couple of solid efforts at home, it may keep some people interested in going to the games. Pat Quinn stopped blaming losses on luck a long time ago, but hard work & a few goal posts & we come out victorious.

  • papaburgundy

    C'mon Oilers! Suck it up and prove to everybody you can lose 20 games in a row in true losers fasion. These two wins were pitty wins given to you by the other teams because they could afford to dog it for one night and still make the playoffs. Now the pitty party is over and Minnesota is going to get down to business. You prepared Oilers?

  • Ender

    I really liked that win. One could see Philly is definitely a better team but the Oil executed alot on defense, alot less sloppy. More often than not they were making good (smart) passes. Has Gagner got some extra jump/shiftiness or what these days?

  • Dan the Man

    I was watching a bit of the OHL all star game last night before I went to the game and they were interviewing Taylor Hall's dad. They were asking him about Hall being ranked first overall and how he has no control over where he ends up. His reply….."You can always hope a different team loses"

    Am I reading too much into this? I took it as Edmonton wouldn't be their first choice.

  • Ender

    Wanye wrote:

    Oh and if I was in charge of this team I would send the Oilers out to this song before every game:

    If they are gonna lose, they should lose with some fire.

    My friend, that is a seriously messed up video. I don't know about losing with fire but if I watched that before every game, I don't think I'd be focussing on a simple Moreau penalty in the final two minutes near so much.

    Build a man a fire, keep him warm for a night.
    Set a man on fire, keep him warm for the rest of his life.

  • Bob Cobb

    Plant has been good the 2 games he plays, I could see him with the Oilers next year in the 5,6 positions as long as he keeps his game simple. He reminds me alot of the Human Rake, he could be the shut down defensmen the Oilers are looking for. If he were to turn into a Smid type of player, the Oilers I would think, would be happy.

    As for Pierre MacQuire(sp?), the guy is a tool, he has such a man crush on Dion Phanuef that it is boardering on suspicious.

  • JorgeR

    I missed the game due to mid-term season but from watching the highlights this morning one thing was clear.

    Scoring chances shown for Philly – 7
    Scoring chances shown for Oilers – 1
    (and that was the goal)

    And in almost all of those chances it looked like JDD was out of position or just flopping around and got lucky with the shutout.

    I'd say we should spend very little time worrying that the team might not follow DFF, because by the looks of the highlights it should have been another loss but we just got lucky.

    Good, Oilers save a little pride, still draft first!

  • All you had to do was watch him last night at point blank range in front of the Philly net and he hits Horcoff in the rear. Bad penalties, diminishing skills, poor leader. Tambellini's will need to sweeten the pot to get rid of him, so be it.

  • Milli

    Gagner looks like he is really progressing, thank god, through the misery of this season at least there is one possitive. PLante looked very solid, and he actually hit!!!!! WOW, that is big for this team, loved when Vish was laying face down and Gilbert just skated back to the bench…..Now, maybe he didn't need to drop the gloves, but come on man at least engage in a little shoving match.

    • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

      Did you catch his "obligatory" thrown punch on Hartnell, after he threw Grebeshkov into Deslaurier (can we trade for Ott, and Auld, cuz typing these long names sure suck when you have fat hands and an iPhone).

      He didn't look like he wanted anything to do with Hartnell. You don't have to fight, just tackle him and people will jump in

  • Bandwagon jumper

    I tell ya again, this is the beginning of a late season rally.

    They won't make the playoffs but will win just enough so we fall out of the lottery for the top two draft picks.

    And if we do finish in the bottom two, do you honestly think the NHL will let the top draft pick go to Edmonton? No way in hell that Bettman would let that happen.