NationDraft Update: Send In The Cavalry

Holy Schnikies!  Have you checked the Team 1260 NationDraft standings since our last update?!?   What the heck is going on over there!?

There has been a slight alteration of the Top 10, more specifically: the 1st Overall Position.  Also, by “slight” I mean HUGEGANTICUAN!!!!

That’s right people; somebody has called in the cavalry since our last update took place.  I suggest we put on our lab coats and get down to business and use some science to try and figure out what happened and, more importantly, how we can all learn from what appears to be NationDraft Mastery!



1. Peniuk Pukes 806 0
2. Kevo91 793 -13
3. R Kenny’s Killers 787 -19
4. Subaru Shooters 787 -19
5. Young Guns 787 -19
6. empaul 787 -19
7. get er done 786 -20
8. Calgary Sucks 783 -23
9. The G.O.A.T 783 -23
10. KAG 783 -23

As you can see the “Peniuk Pukes” have gone all in.  And by “all in” we mean they have employed the ancient Sun Tzu battle tactic of “Being the only NationDraft team to have Daniel Sedin in their lineup”.  I’m sure that was a chapter in “The Art of War”.  Yes, I’m positive it was.  A couple three point nights for Daniel since our last update has vaulted the “Peniuk Pukes” into stardom.  Kudos!


I suppose you loyal Nation readers are chomping at the bit to find out how well you stack up against the rough and tumble Oilersnation crew.   Let’s have a look:

93. Robin Brownlee                          747   -59
201. RossCreek Renegades           728   -78
369. Jason Gregor                            706 -100
457. Towel Boy Vs. Mothra             695 -111
610. The Pacinos                              672 -134
680. Bonsignore Citizens Brigade    661 -145
855. Lord Wanye’s Steeds               601 -205

Would you look at Robin Brownlee’s placing!  He was in 120th in our last NationDraft update.  I guess having a healthy Jason Spezza has really kicked RB into high gear.  Somebody better keep an eye on him.


Well, as the intro to this update mentioned, Daniel Sedin has had himself quite a good couple of weeks.  Since our last update he has put up 13 points in 8 games.  Daaayyyyyuummm! Also, Robin Brownlee’s steed, Jason Spezza, has put up some pretty decent numbers as well.  He has chalked up 8 points over 6 games since returning from injury on Jan 23rd.  Not too shabby.

Another player available in the NationDraft doing alright for himself is Steven Stamkos.  That little firecracker has 12 points in the last 7 games since our last update.  Yowza! Washington’s Nicklas Backstrom is also rackin’em up of late.  A 5 point game last night gives him 14 points over the last 8 games.  He is helping out a few NationDraft teams!

Lastly, with a 4 point effort last night, LA’s Anze Kopitar deserves a mention here.  Including last night’s point feast he has put up 15 points over 8 games.  *swoon*

It seems all the players that should be putting up points for their teams are putting up points for their teams.


195. Puck Fronger                                    729 -77


247. The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers 722 -84

These guys travel from town to town putting on shows of dazzling feats of strength!  …and they also participate in the NationDraft.

710. Power Thrust                                                  655 -151

Hahahaha ha hah..ahhhh.ha…  that’s sick. 

Well, I certainly hope the next couple weeks are as exciting as the last couple of weeks in the NationDraft.  Will Daniel Sedin go down and ruin the "Peniuk Pukes’" stranglehold on top spot?  We’ll have to wait and see I guess.

Yours truly,

The Towel Boy


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