Oilers vs. Avalanche Postgame: Technology Steps In To Preserve My Sanity

Colorado Avalanche: 3

Edmonton Oilers: 0

I have a confession to make: I apparently don’t know how to run my PVR. For a variety of reasons I ended up catching only the first period and relying on my recorder for the rest, and somehow I ended up not recording the hockey game. By the sounds of it, the central themes of the first period (brilliance from Jeff Deslauriers and the goalposts, total domination by the Avalanche) continued unabated throughout the game.

It almost makes me wonder if the PVR was trying to save me – because that first period was the worst hockey I’ve seen in at least the last five games. The power play was brutal – not only did the Avalanche manage to outplay the Oilers on it, but Penner and Gagner were on different pages ,Gilbert and Chorney seemed lackadaisical, and Lubomir Visnovsky was uncharacteristically sloppy. The period got worse from there.

In fact, I’m fairly sure the post-period smack talk went something like this:

Statistical anomaly of the night: Ethan Moreau led the Oilers with five shots, and his line was the only Oilers’ line that out-shot the Avalanche (although tossing in blocked shots and missed shots it seems clear they weren’t dominant territorially).

  • Reggie Dunlop

    The second goal was a clear look wrister from a defenseman that he misses like his brain went Homer Simpson "stop the puck – what – too late doh". With 3 minutes left in the game who knows what might have happened. The look on Quinn's face said it all. He played great up to that point, but let the team down big-time with that gift. The 3rd goal into the empty net by Yip was better than that 2nd goal. How much better do you think the Oilers would be if they just got another NHL goalie? Even a do nothing GM like Tambo shouldn't find that too difficult.

    That 2nd period by the Oilers was the WORST I have seen any team ever play. It really looked like men vs. boys. The only problem is Colorado is younger than the Oilers.

  • Chris.

    I was critical of the Plante selection at 15th overall being that most analysts projected him to be a late first rounder, or early second rounder… I was further alarmed/concerned with Plante's post draft trade request and eventual retraction when he was with the Hitmen. Plante reinforced my negative opinion of him with his poor overall numbers in Springfield…

    That all said… Plante's solid major league debute has me intreagued.