Gilbert rumours: the buzz and the lowdown

Edmonton Oilers v New York Islanders

Is Tom Gilbert being fitted for a Columbus Blue Jacket? The answer, despite buzz being generated today by an item on the website The Fourth Period, is no better than "maybe."

First I’ll pass along the buzz, Then, you’ll get the lowdown. The Fourth Period reported the following today:


"Could the two teams sitting at the bottom of the Western Conference find a way to help each other before the March 3 trade deadline?


It appears they’re trying.  According to sources, the Edmonton Oilers and Columbus Blue Jackets have been scouting each other lately and are involved in trade discussions.

The Blue Jackets had a scout attending last night’s Oilers game in Anaheim, while Oilers director of pro scout Morey Gare was in Columbus yesterday.

It’s believed the Blue Jackets are interested in Oilers defenseman Tom Gilbert, though it’s uncertain if Edmonton is willing to move him. The Oilers, meanwhile, are looking to acquire a top-six forward.

Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson, who used to work for the Oilers prior to joining Columbus, has indicated that he won’t part with R.J. Umberger, though the team may be willing to deal Kristian Huselius."


Bottom line? The possibility of a trade between the Oilers and Blue Jackets does exist, as Howson suggested to Jason Gregor and I last week on Gregor’s show on TEAM 1260, but there’s nothing on the table right now.


While it’s true Gare was in Columbus the other night and the Blue Jackets had pro scout Bob Strumm keeping tabs in Anaheim Wednesday, the teams aren’t actively involved in trade discussions at this point, and that’s straight from Howson himself. We talked today.

Howson did have some very general discussions with Oilers president of hockey operations Kevin Lowe over a week ago, but nothing specific, not even the loose framework of a possible deal, was talked about. In addition to that, Howson hasn’t even talked to Oilers GM Steve Tambellini.

That doesn’t mean Howson won’t catch up with Lowe and Tambellini before the March 3 trade deadline to explore possibilities, but it’s premature in the extreme to assume there’s anything on the front burner.

As an aside, while the assumption is Gilbert is the player on Howson’s radar, and there’s no question there’s interest there, No. 77 might not be the only possibility. What about Denis Grebeshkov?

Gilbert is a $4-million cap hit and has four years remaining on his contract after this season. Grebeshkov on a one-year deal worth $3.15 million and is a restricted free agent July 1.

In any case, don’t expect any developments between the Oilers and Blue Jackets before tomorrow’s roster freeze going into the Olympic break.

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  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    I have to say when you guys asked Howson I got the impression that he was trying to be as nice as possible about saying no we don't have interest.

    Also TFP isn't exactly a credible source, they take general rumors or findings an re-filter them.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    According to the Edmonton Journal, the Phoenix Coyotes are interested in Oilers center Andrew Cogliano.
    Citing sources, the paper suggests the possibility of the Coyotes dealing Peter Mueller for Cogliano is "far fetched," though Phoenix does have its sights set on the 22-year-old forward.

    Meanwhile, the Journal also suggests the Columbus Blue Jackets are interested in Oilers defenseman Tom Gilbert, while it appears likely the Oilers will end up trading captain Ethan Moreau before the Mar. 3 trade deadline.

    Here is how they came up with the Gilbert rumor. They used Matheson as the "source" in there one article and they caught wind of a scout being at an Oiler game and an Oiler scout at a CBJ game and put the two together.

  • Hemmercules

    So what you're saying is no one is interested in any of the Oilers junk. I'm shocked. I can't even get excited about possible moves anymore because Tamblo doesn't do anything. Let me guess, he's waiting until everyone is healthy so he can see what he has……

    *smashes head through computer screen*

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    I guess I ask the other obvious question, at this point why would CBJ upgrade their team? Do they really think they can make the playoffs? I also question if they have the money to acquire Gilbert.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I thought a gilbert for RJ swap before the season would have been a good deal for both teams. that was before 77 pissed away his value this year. Huselius I do not want any part of. skilled but little emotion and doesnt bring it every night. already have too many of them. we would be screamin for a trade within 3 months

  • Banger

    Just heard the Bob's discussion with the owner. Nothing really new there IMO except for the fact that it was REVEALED that we are rebuilding…wow very newsworthy.

    On another note, really tough to see that Bob is on the Oiler pay roll. I used to be his biggest supporter when he actually had an ubiased opinion, now IMO he is more of a homer than Dan Tancer is….Oiler's Lunch is lame unless Mr. Graham is hosting…Other than that I'll listen to Jason Gregor any time over that Oiler Kool-Aid garbage

        • Horcoff? The GM who makes that trade should be fired immediatly if not sooner. Were stuck with him. 7.5 for maybe 25 points this year. I know the mantra. He'll never be able to live up that contract. But cripes Horcoff shouldn't be playing like a 1st year rookie either. His plus minus is as bad as it gets. Anybody notice Blair Betts getting a 2 year extension(700,000 per) yesterday from the Flyers. Oops forgot. We are not suppose to need a centerman who can win faceoffs and penalty kill for 550000.Exactly how much less is that than Horcoff?

      • Travis Dakin

        I third that…motion passed! No trading for Huselius allowed!….While were at it, include Filatov on the no trade list. Sure he has lots of talent and untapped potential, but he seems more interested in plying his trade overseas. We already have a Linus Omark, we don't need another one!

  • Banger

    Did anyone hear bobs interview with Kay Z pretty basic interview but Bob sure was trying hard to beef up the radio voice and was definitely reading his intro I like Bob but he's funny sometimes

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      it was good to hear from katz, but it was painfully obvious everything was well prepared ahead of time.

      ~i dont really blame stauffer for going along with it. after all, who is going to send him texts saying the coach isnt going anywhere~

  • misfit

    Thanks Robin.

    Between the two, I'd trade Grebeshkov in a heartbeat. It's not that I don't think he's going to be a good defenseman, I just think Gilbert is better. He's also a RH shot, has more experience in a bigger role, and after this year the difference in cap hit will likely be negligible anyway. Plus, Grebeshkov is playing on the 3rd pair when this D is healthy, and not getting the powerplay time needed to make it worth the lesser role at ES.

    And I hate that the Oilers are "officially" going for the long term rebuild. It's nice to think that they'll stock up on high draft picks and become super powers in the league for years down the road, but if you ask me, all it does is give Tambellini more excuses for not putting together a decent team and a longer term at the helm.

  • Dan the Man

    Hey, isn't Gregor the one that usually posts the pictures of Ice Girls?

    *High fives himself for the best "Tom Gilbert is girly" joke in the past 5 minutes*

  • smiliegirl15

    Finally admitting it's time for a total rebuild is like saying the patient is dead after he's beginning to rot. sheesh!

    The fans have known this since everyone left town after the 06 run. I really hope Tambellini is listening to what Quinn has to say as far as what they need.

    • Harlie

      I thought the same thing when I heard Katz today mention the rebuild. Like Tambellini and Lowe and Quinn and all these guys never had the balls or the go ahead to call it a rebuild before?

      And I was also lol'ing when Katz said it was unacceptable to be in last place. Yet here he was accepting the situation by saying that we're going to rebuild through the drafts.

  • smiliegirl15

    How about trading a Tit for a tat…

    Gilbert for a draft choice?

    By the way just got off the phone with a friend in Philly. The radio station 610 is reporting the Flyers have been scouting the Oilers for the last three games. My guess is someone cheap or goaltending?

  • Wanyes bastard child

    Well there goes my glimmer of hope that a fellow computer illiterate learned something 🙁

    True story, I formatted my computer once (took me 3 days…) and while I thought I was being smart and saving all my music/video/pic files to a flash drive, it turns out I just saved the shortcuts from my desktop and not the actuall files. So I lost everything… don't know why I felt the need to share this story but I did it so, meh…

    And Go Oilers!!!

  • SquidRx

    I'd rather take a cheese grater to my taint than see a trade of Gilbert for Hugesilliness.

    Besides it's Grebeshkov that needs to go. Please.

    I've got the game on against my better judgement. I am in a shi77y mood without the frustration that the Oilers have to offer.

  • I like Gilbert at 4 million a year. Has played awful this year and has regressed a little . Grebby is good to go as far as I am concerned. Cripes how many turnovers in your own end can a guy make before the coach sits him. "If" he returns next year. I would certainly not be looking to pay him 3 million plus. He has proven he is not at that level. Howson needs to put a winning team together sooner than later. He is under the gun. He fired Hitchcock, has given into player demands so to say by doing so. I would think that he is looking for more experience on the backend rather than players with potential. Columbus needs a winner next year. I think that a Souray or Visnovsky deal is more in line with Howson's plan for next year rather than a Gilbert or Grebeshkov. It would send a message to the fans of Columbus that they are commited to winning right now.Not 5 years fron now. The Oilers have the luxury of waiting. THe fans in this city understand whats going on with the Oilers. They know that a guy like Gilbert will be in his prime when the team once again starts winning. We hope. Knock on wood.