GDB LXI: Ain’t No Love

A question: If the Oilers play on Valentine’s Day, on PPV, during the Olympics and when they are in 30th place, will anyone watch?

Of course the diehards will, many of them haven’t seen a girl in years. 

If you are planning on switching between the Olympics and the Game, note that the pairs short program is on at 5:30 and the Men’s moguls final is at 6:30, so some of you might channel surf for the latter, although Wanye is a huge figure skating fan, so he’ll won’t risk a minute of missing all the pretty skaters jumping. Unless he has a Valentine’s Date. Which he doesn’t.

Besides fellas, is there anything more romantic that cuddling up on the couch on V-Day with your special lady and watching to see if Ryan Getzlaf has healed enough to play in the Olympics? No. No there isn’t.

Let’s be honest, that is the story line for tonight’s rare 5:00 p.m. start. Getzlaf took the pre-game skate in Calgary last night, but didn’t play and word is he wanted one more day of rest before testing his ankle. Getzlaf will dress tonight, because if he doesn’t, I doubt Steve Yzerman will keep him on the roster. Two people close to the team told me this morning that he is feeling better and is confident his ankle is strong enough to play.

If the Ducks training staff says he’ll be ready to go in four days, would Steve Yzerman roll the dice and keep him on the roster instead of adding Jeff Carter? Canada plays Norway on Tuesday and Switzerland on Thursday, so realistically they probably don’t need Getzlaf until next Sunday when they face the United States . If Getzlaf is able to practice at a high tempo by Wednesday, I’d keep him over Carter. Strength down the middle is a must, and Getzlaf has an element of skill, size and toughness that no other centre has. Eric Staal would be close, but I’m not sure even he is at Getzlaf’s level.

Getzlaf would have to re-injure himself tonight, if he plays, to keep him off the roster in my mind. Canada has to submit their Olympic roster by noon tomorrow, so we won’t know for sure until then.


The Ducks’ 3-1 loss last night in Calgary pushed them four points back of the 8th place Flames, so the Ducks will be hungry to get a win and move within two before taking two weeks off. If the Preds lose to Pittsburgh this afternoon, (they were losing 1-0 when we posted this) and the Ducks win they’ll be two back of both the Flames and the Predators.


Tonight could be the final home game for Ethan Moreau, Steve Staios and Fernando Pisani in Oiler silks. The Oilers play in Nashville and Chicago prior to the March 3rd trade deadline, so look for an inspired effort from these three. None of them are oblivious to their situation, and I’d expect them to compete hard tonight, try to get a win and increase their trade value if that is at all possible.


I was taking part in the Chief’s 25-year alumni dinner last night, but I slipped out to the hotel lounge at 8:30 to watch Jennifer Heil in the women’s moguls. What a great event, and in the driving sleet Heil performed exceptionally well, only to lose to Hannah Kearney. She lost by five one-hundredth of a second.

Many of us were hoping for Gold, and until an athlete wins gold at these Olympics all we will hear is how we are the only country to not win a gold medal on home soil. It is getting old. Heil was obviously disappointed by not winning but she was very classy in defeat and that is what impressed me most. Of course other’s think Heil choked. If you think that I question if you actually watched the event.

At the bleacher report  Mark “The Hard Hitter” Ritter had this convoluted assessment of Heil’s performance. Side note: Who calls themselves the Hard Hitter? Really?

"You see, historically many Canadian athletes have come into the Olympic games favored in their respective events, and on far too many occasions they have come up short.

Comparatively, for whatever reason, the Americans seem to shine at the Olympics, as was the case last night in the moguls event where American Hannah Kearney finished with a gold medal effort, despite her perceived shortcomings—mainly her complete self-destruction at the 2002 Olympics in Turin where she was favored to win gold only to place a very disappointing 22nd."

Whatchu talkin ’bout Hard Hitter? You contradict yourself in your own article!

The Americans seem to shine, he says and then points out how Kearney didn’t just disappoint; she flat out choked in 2006 and finished 22nd despite being ranked number one. Heil was ranked number one and won a silver medal yesterday. Is that really not getting it done? I think “Hard Hitter” should find better examples of a choking or realize that hundredths of seconds is what makes the Olympics so special.

Final note: Happy Valentine’s Day to all the ladies, and gentlemen remember to remind her that March 14th is your day.

  • Eric Johnson

    WOW Tyler, you're like the annoying guy who always has to be right and will argue you in the minutia and inane, to try and prove just a modicum of the smallest point, there by, in your mind, voiding the entire argument made by the other person.

    Are you a Lawyer or something? Seriously

    Effing annoying dude.

    You apparently have a great site that people enjoy, so instead of pissing in the ON cornflakes, bring some of that to the table. Right now you sound like a whiney ass.

    • Homie

      Yes, he is a lawyer.
      And to your point, Tyler just wrote a 2,800-word essay on his site taking more pokes at me over JDD and defending his statement in July 2008 Ryan Miller was only an average to slighty-better-than average goaltender who was not worth the contract he got.
      What Miller did last season and so far this season still hasn't convinced Tyler Dellow he was wrong.
      That — not 500 words, not 1,000 words, not 1,500 words etc etc — makes your post gold.

      • Eric Johnson

        Ha ha! wow. Well he's in the right profession I guess.

        He must be like that "most interesting man in the world" from the beer commercials. The only time he was wrong is when he thought he was mistaken…

        I wonder if Miller will choke like a Canadian in the Olympics?

        ~Oh and no link to his 2800 word article? Typical ON move Brownlee, just typical~

          • Eric Johnson

            ~You're a lawyer too!

            *makes the sign of the cross, puts on garlic necklace and securely staples wallet to ass*~

            It was not a dig a Lawyers. He argues like a Lawyer, He's a douche cause he's a douche. Don't worry I can understand how you would think I was painting with a broad brush. After all there is a long list of lawyer jokes.

            I deal with stereotypes in my profession all the time and it can be frustrating, we male prostitutes are a diverse group.

      • Eddie Shore

        Honestly how is he still going on and on about this? He reminds of me of Brian Burke.. he likes to hear his own voice. Does anyone even care anymore? Other than him of course?

      • Frankels

        He actually wrote 2800 words to take some thinly veiled shots at you while trying to defend an opinion which time & statistics have now proven to be incorrect?


        Sounds like someone needs a life.

  • Zamboni Driver

    A) if you paid money to watch the ppv, there is this line about dollars and sense – check into it. And send some money to the Red Cross.

    B) the c-word that interviewed Heil last night should be taken to the woodshed.

    C) Gold for the good guys! Very nice

    D) Four points for Getzlaf eh? Sure it was against US and all , but I'd say he's probably okay to go.

  • Eric Johnson

    Hey Gregor great article, I found myself frustrated last night at the percieved choking, however with a day to digest I am extremely proud of her attitude and the character Heil has (tuff times do not create character it reveals it). She was great and we can all learn alot from people with that kind of character.

  • Eddie Shore

    Yeah, I watched about a 1 period and a 1/2, then watched the Olympics. Gotta love the internet. Honestly, who was dumb enough to pay for this. Some one in Oiler land did! Thanks for the first period, and the Tambi interview between the first and second. He was choking down every statement that came out.

  • papaburgundy

    As a Canadian, I am nothing but PROUD of Heil and Bilodeau as they both gave everything they had and won silver and gold respectively. The Oilers could learn a lesson from these two on how hard work DOES pay off!

  • Frankels

    Jennifer Heil did anything but choke – she had a great run. If she had choked she would have finished off the podium. Alex Bilodeau's run was amazing and so happy to have Gold!!!!
    As for why you guys argue silly points on this site – may I ask why bother? If this Tyler person is such a consistent annoyance, why even acknowledge his comments? That just feeds the ego. Unfortunately, there are always naysayers to everything in life and that is just the way it goes. Is it frustrating? Yes, but at the same time who cares. If this is how they want to live life -finding the worst in everything or everyone then let them and move on.

    Boys – you may want to just move on and not argue every point.