It seems that our very own Mike Comrie is getting married.

Now though this is about the 1,204,509th time this rumour has been reported, the fact that it is being reported by major publications like the National Post and was tweeted about by First Lady of the OilersNation – Lynda Steele earlier today, tells us that it has much more legs than before.

The National Post has linked to something called a Gossip Cop – which sounds as credible as we need it to be to declare it to be true.

Says the Gossip Cop:

"Hilary Duff is engaged to Edmonton Oilers player Mike Comrie.

A Duff staffer told Gossip Cop an official statement will be released later.

The proposal took place in Hawaii, where the “Lizzie McGuire” star and her NHL beau are still vacationing.

Duff and Comrie have been dating for a few years."

The Gossip-cop-o-meter ranks it as a 10 out of 10 "truth" and not a 1 out of 10 "rumor" which essentially tells us it is truth. Cops don’t lie Nation, especially when it comes to Celebrity Marriages.


Let’s assume for the moment that this rumour is true. What is the impact of getting hitched on Comrie’s long term status in Edmonton? Does becoming Mr. Hillary Duff essentially rule out living and playing in Edmonton? Or do these Hollywood jet setters lifestyle assume that one party is always on the road? 

This brutal season has gotten to the point where it feels like it isn’t even going on half of the time. Comrie’s play in Edmonton becoming a non-story is amazing given his history and speaks to how terrible this season has become. Does Comrie even fit into the long term plans of the Oilers anymore?

That’s four questions Nation. Anyone have answers?


Either this was the luckiest photographer in history, or it was planned. Either way – Photos!