Oilers Vs. Wild Highlights

Edmonton Oilers: 2 (SO)

Minnesota Wild: 1

The gutted remains of the Edmonton Oilers roster apparently forgot they were supposed to lose, as they managed to get away with a shootout victory over the Minnesota Wild.  Jeff Deslauriers made 28 saves, Ryan Whitney led the Oilers with 26:20 of ice-time, and Aaron Johnson played 21:20 and finished plus-1 on the night.  Mike Comrie scored both the regulation goal and the shootout winner and continues to show why healthy-scratching him makes no sense.

On the negative side, new addition Ryan Jones took a knee-on-knee hit from Derek Boogaard and played less than five minutes, showing that a) he’ll fit right in with this lineup and b) Boogaard’s as hateable as ever.

      • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

        is it?

        Many of the fans and media have been crying for years that a rebuild is the way to go. That if the team is going to stink, they may as well finish last instead of the usual 9th or 10th.

        now, here we are, 60 games into a season that is clearly going to give the oilers their best chance at getting their first true superstar player in YEARS, and it is "impossible to care"?

        I realize the team stinks as much as the next guy, and the games are brutally painful to watch. But, that said, the team can still be supported. Maybe you or others dont recall how close this team was to moving only about 15 years ago. $hitty NHL hockey is still better than NO NHL hockey.

        It might be harder to find them, but there are some positives to take out of the year.

  • You know, there was a time when people watched games because they enjoyed the game, the competition, the skill and the sportsmanship, instead of sitting around sulking because they aren't going to the playoffs.

    I enjoy Oilers hockey because (a) it's the Oilers, and (b) it's hockey. I suggest you look upon this dry spell as a way to cleanse your palette of the "it's wins or nothing" mentality, and just enjoy a good game of hockey by some good kids. Appreciate it for what it is, and you'll really appreciate it more in the end.

  • Oilhead

    I thought it was a fun game to watch with Deslaurier and Backstrom one upping each other who could make the better save.

    As for the points, I don't see the Oilers making a habit of earning them with regularity. It's just nice to keep some confidence and esteem intact before ending the season in bottom of the standings.

  • Rip Torn

    We have a great city and are lucky enough to have an NHL team (sorry Winnipeg).

    Everything worth doing well will take time.

    U want fast = High Price
    U want quality = High Price
    U want both? = No Can Do

    /Cheer for your friggin' Hometown

    Go OILERS!!!!!!!

  • Arby

    Sometimes those kneeonknee hits are caused when a guy:
    Has Zero respect for the game itself
    Is the worst skater of the modern era
    Is a douchebag
    All of the above

    DB is a DB

  • Great effort by the guys. I liked how calm Whitney looked. Took his time and didn't get flustered or rushed into a bad play. Johnson looks like he wants a contract to play here next year. I liked his work ethic. JDD was great.

    To change the tone, I just re-upped my tickets for next year. After
    dirt-booogaard took out another of our guys I feel I should walk around with a big red S on my forehead, for committing my money for another year of watching our guys being pushed around and injured by cheap shots. How many is it this year? I've lost count. How many Oilers has dirt-boogaard injured? Four or five or more? Hey Steve! Hey Pat! We aren't team tough … our guys are walking (or skating) targets. We had the nuclear deterrent in McIntyre, but of course we couldn't "waste" a roster spot on him. Instead we create a lot of roster spots to fill in for injured players. As I have said before on this sight, if guys come in here and cheap shot our guys, there should be push back immediately against them or their team mates, even if penalties cost us a few games early in the season. The message has to be sent and it has to be clear!

    Maybe one reason skilled guys don't want to sign here is that they don't think they'll be protected. I doubt Hemsky will re-sign here. Extremely frustrating to see a guy come in here and want to prove himself, and be taken out in such a cheap, dirty way! Campbell and the league are a joke. Even a suspension, unless it is for five or more games won't mean anything to dirt-boogaard. He'll do it again next season. I wonder which one of our guys will be taken out then!

    • Lofty

      I can understand nobody challenging Boogard since it would be suicide but what happened to goalie bowling? In the 80's and 90's someone would have taken a good 30 foot run at the tender… Minni has something to play for, Edmonton doesnt, someone should have done something.

      • Lofty

        I didn't expect anyone on the current roster to challenge dirt-boogaard directly. The problem is that we had the guy and we let him go, and that nobody sent a message via another player.

  • Lofty

    it hurts to be a oiler fan right now but im still a fan this website has gone down hill the writers not carring hard to watch you say harder to read i thought this site was for fans but if people didnt complain they wouldnt talk(or type )

    • Tha Legion

      Chief I'm pretty sure the writers on this site still care for the Oilers, otherwise it wouldn't be difficult to watch. Except for Gregor who isn't an Oiler Fan. These guys bleed copper and blue and spent the entire damn deadline day assessing and will do the same at the draft in hopes of having something to be excited about. Also you spelled caring wrong.

  • Mac is a free agent this summer. Unless he can play every other game he probably won't be coming here though. The coaches wanted a player who could play, as well as be the fighter guy. Maybe George comes back, but he would have to FIGHT. That's why he isn't playing in Montreal right now.

    It would be nice to have a big slugger, especially if we aren't going to be in the hunt for the play-offs next year. I guess it depends on what sort of a rebuild the MGMT is going for. The Colorado style or the Chicago/Pittsburgh style.

    There appears to be a bunch of tough 3rd/4th liners available in Free Agency this summer. Aaron Asham, Shawn Thornton, Tim Jackman, McGratten, even Boogaard.

      • For me it's Taylor Hall….made juniors quicker than Seguin…made the world jr team this year…was picked as one of the 3 best players on that team by the coach…I believe he was the memorial cup mvp in 2009….has been described as a much more dynamic offensive player than Seguin meaning his chances of becoming a star are better IMO..

        I'll take Hall

        • Except he doesnt even play centre on his juniour team, so what makes you think he's going to be able to jump into the C role in the NHL?

          Playing C in the NHL is a complex job that takes many talented players who have been playing the position non-stop from the time they were 6 a long time to figure out. Why should I believe that Hall can play the position in the NHL when his own coaches dont think he can do it in the CHL?

          • For the most part from what I've seen you've always come across as quite knowledgeable and quite intelligent in what you know about hockey but that statement above has me shaking my head.

            But the bottom line is and that has been stated a zillion times in hockey circles…you draft the best player…you don't draft an 18 yr old based on your present needs because by the time that 18 yr old is an impact player for your team your needs may have changed.

          • Time out. I'm only basing the comments about Seguin on the constant reminder from guys like MacKenzie that Hall is not the consensus #1. Last time I looked Seguin had more points and significantly more goals on a worse team.

            My response to Jaime was made because of the ludicrous claim that Hall was a "Natural centre", which is meaningless in my eyes since he doesnt actually play that position.

            I'm no scout. If Stu MacGregor thinks Hall is the best player, then Hall is the guy. There hasnt been anyone yet though (whose hockey knowledge I respect) who has stated that Hall is hands down the #1.

          • You aren't going to find someone at this point to say that Hall is the hands down #1…it's clear that many are saying that they are clearly both 1 and 2 and I would be happy with Seguin if Hall is not available.

            Your mention that the claim of Hall being a natural center is meaningless is no less meaningless than saying we should draft Seguin because he is one. Who cares what position they play? That's what's really meaningless.

            Also the comment about guys having to be centers from age 6 right up to the NHL was something else, same with Windsor's coach doesn't even think Hall can play center. There are numerous players who change forward positions after being drafted and I'm not sure there are many kids that actually only play one position their entire lives.

            As far as you pointing out that Seguin has more points this year and more goals only supports my statement that everyone always gets caught up in what is happening in one given year. Seguin only has 5 more points than Hall this season and has played 5 more games…If you want to add in the points that Hall accumulated during the world jr tourney then Hall actually has more points than Seguin. This arguement of he has more and it's on a weaker team is actually laughable…

            Could this mean that he gets more ice time or more pp time than Hall because Windsor has more weapons they can use? Could be, but who knows. Also Plymouth isn't that bad of a team. Let me ask you, who would you rather have on the Oilers, Brayden Schenn or Jordan Weal? Just asking because Weal has more points than Schenn and Weal plays on a much weaker team.

            Which of Hall/Seguin has accomplished more in junior? How many memorial cup mvp awards does Seguin have? How many world jr tournaments has Seguin played in?

            In any event to each their own….I tend to sway towards guys that show up consistently and Hall has shown in his jr days that he does just that, not to mention his dynamic skills. What if Seguin turns out to be a one year wonder and we waste a pick on it after Hall has shown consistency? I know there's no guarantee with any prospect but like I said I tend to sway to those that have shown they perform consistently over time and am a little more leary of guys that have had one good season.

            I hope Stu does too.

          • BigE91

            Also the comment about guys having to be centers from age 6 right up to the NHL was something else, same with Windsor's coach doesn't even think Hall can play center. There are numerous players who change forward positions after being drafted and I'm not sure there are many kids that actually only play one position their entire lives.

            I think we all know what this means…..~Starting at center tonight for the Edmonton Oilers….Devan Dubnyk!

          • Let's try this again. I AGREE that the Oilers should take the BPA. Comments regarding Hall at centre STARTED because Jaime thinks Hall can play C, not me.

            I am fully aware that players change positions quite a bit, but most of the guys I can think of started as centres and moved to the wings. If you think that a LW can play C with ease in the NHL at the age of 18 then youre dreaming.

            I can respect your points regarding Hall vs Seguin. I just hope that Stu isnt afraid of taking a guy he thinks will be better just because the other kid had a better year as a 16 yr old.

          • Crash

            #21 Archaeologuy March 06 2010, 10:47AM

            If I were picking, it would be Seguin. Hopefully if the Oil somehow lose out to Boston (toronto) in the lottery, they value a scoring winger over a scoring centre.

            Your statement above from post 21 doesn't say you want the Oilers to take the BPA. You made it sound like you wanted Seguin because he is a natural center. To each their own.

            I think Jaime was just trying to justify still picking Hall even though he isn't playing centre in Windsor.

            I was just trying to point out that your statements towards Jaime were somewhat harsh and inaccurate and that what you were saying wasn't typical of the kind of knowledge you usually display.

            Oh and Hall has actually had 3 consecutive stellar junior seasons.

          • And here we go again.

            1) I think Seguin might be the BPA. I'm hoping that if this is the case AND Boston ends up picking 1st that Boston WONT choose the BPA and instead go for Hall.

            2) Thanks for thinking that I usually display some kind of knowledge, I may have come off as harsh, but I dont believe that a transition to C for Hall is either necessary or well advised.

            3) I know that Hall has had 3 stellar seasons. I'm not trying to take anything away from the guy. No matter who the Oil choose I'm sure that they will get an amazing player.

  • Chris.

    Re Boogard. It's not like he injured Jones in a fair fight… Why should he get free reign to dish out injuries just because he is bigger?

    It's like Quinn said, (earlier this season) "If you are delt dirt you respond with dirt." IMO, someone should have two handed Boogard over the F*ing Head… end of story.

  • I wish JDD would just make up his damn mind already. Either be awesome or be crappy. Stop trying to be both!
    If he had these kind of games as much as he has 4 goals on 6 shot type games I think we'd all be a lot more comfortable having him around next year.

    Either way, solid game last night. Nice to see for the first time in a while.

    • Sportsnut

      A lack of consistency is to be expected of a young goaltender. I'd be more concerned if it was just all poor performances. At least he's demonstrating he has the ability.

  • I see my comments were misinterpreted above.

    At this point it's impossible to care who wins or loses, because wins don't matter any more. That doesn't mean that there's no value in the game, or that you can't find joy in individual players (I know I do; that's what I've been doing for months now).

    As for why I didn't watch the game, frankly I had other stuff to do. If it's a playoff drive, I'll make sacrifices and find the time for each and every game.

    When wins don't matter I'm much more relaxed about it. Before, if I were doing stuff I'd tape the game and watch it later. Now, if I have stuff to do I'm not going to stay up until midnight catching it on my PVR; I'll get the highlights and catch the next game.

    If someone has an issue with that, I really don't care. Enjoy the moral superiority of making personal sacrifices to catch each and every minute of this lousy excuse for a season. I'll probably catch 90% of it, and I'm fine with that.

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      "moral superiority"? really?

      maybe say what you mean rather than hope people get what you mean out of a sentence worth of text?

      yes, the team stinks. the games stink, the players stink, the media stinks, and the fans stink.

      and right now, wins DO matter, just not in the way they usually do