I'll just state the obvious and say that Aaron Johnson is playing for a contract…would be a nice bottom-pairing guy for the next couple of years at the right price (nothing over $800K).

  • OilCrazy

    The most recent ISS draft rankings just came out and Seguin is now ranked number 1. I wonder how many Hall bandwagon jumpers will now move over to team Seguin on this site.

    For the record, I still believe Hall is the player the Oilers will pick. Even though Hall finished second in league scoring, he did play at the world juniors and played 6 less junior games than Seguin as a result.

    Hall has also been viewed as the top prospect for the last 3 years and now all of a sudden Seguin is stepping up. I would go with the proven track history of Hall to date.

    • Ender

      This Hall bandwagon jumper is firmly on it….Looks like everyone is getting caught up in Seguin's one good season….

      What if this season was an aberration for Seguin never to be equaled again?

      He could be having the year of his life..

      No thanks…give me Hall and his consistency.

      Even when you listen to Tyler Seguins Junior coach talking about the two you can see that Hall is the more dynamic explosive player…

      Hall ALL the WAY

  • @ OilCrazy:

    I agree with you that Hall's probably number one right now, but it's so close that it could go either way. I tried to take a look at some more in-depth numbers yesterday to split the two apart but it didn't help nearly as much as I thought it would.

    Hall's the safer pick at this point, IMO, although the attitude reports are a little disconcerting. He might be Dany Heatley, which would be both good and bad.

    • I can just imagine Lowe and Tambo.


      This time nobody can say no because we drafted his ass!

      Seguin is the correct pick IMO–book it.

    • Dyckster

      ~Surely the Oilers braintrust would do their due diligence before making the most important decision in the history of the franchise.~

      You know, maybe interview the kid, ask some thought provoking questions that may expose this supposed 'attitude' flaw. Gawd I hope they do.

  • Chris.

    Jonathan Willis wrote: "Hall's the safer pick at this point, IMO, although the attitude reports are a little disconcerting."

    I wouldn't worry about attitude problems… after all; Hall is a a good Canadian kid.


    Sean Avery.

  • Chris.

    If Hall=Heatley… and Eberle can equal Gagner… this team needs at least two more lottery picks to even come close to the "Chicago method".

    I can hardly stomach the next next thirteen games, let alone the next 164.

  • Clyde Frog

    I'm not sure why this is even a discussion between Hall or Seguin. Its pretty obvious we will trade the #1 overall pick to the KHL for a discounted Jagr.

    Hell its what I would do, why draft a kid with ZERO nhl goals when we can pick up a guy with more than 10!!!

    PS, I can only imagine how much Tambo is praying to lose the lottery… Imagine being able to draft without the worry of being burned at the stake.

  • Ender

    Clyde Frog wrote:

    I can only imagine how much Tambo is praying to lose the lottery… Imagine being able to draft without the worry of being burned at the stake.

    That's actually a really good point. Tambi picks first, we spend the next two years griefing him every time his pick stumbles or the 'guy he let get away' scores. Tambi picks second, none of that matters; either he was going to pick the guy anyway if he's dynamite (riiiight . . . ) or he couldn't do anything about it if he gets the dog. He avoids a ton of microscope up his a$$ if he finishes 30th and still picks second. He must be doing an inordinate amount of praying these days. Come to think of it, maybe that explains the absurd injury total as well . . .

  • I'm firmly on the Tyler Seguin bandwagon…

    First off, his first name is AWESOME!

    Second off, he WILL be better (~even though he's only had 1 good year~)

    Third, Hall WILL be an Oiler… nuff said. Maybe I've got my 'hate glasses' on for him already 🙂

    If all the pundits are split, then it obviously isn't such an easy choice, so for anyone to think it is, well…

    • Pajamah

      What scares me is the comparison to the Lecavalier-Legwand race for number one in their draft year.

      It would be better if both players made their respective clubs, and both put up an 80 point season within 5 years.

      However, I think of the 3 or 4 games I've watched of both, Hall looks more like what the Oilers need, and that's being more of a power forward, more of a pure scorer. Plus, Hall and Eberle together