Times change: no more Tom Gilbert trade talk

Edmonton Oilers v Toronto Maple Leafs

With all the times I’ve said the Edmonton Oilers could or should trade Tom Gilbert, it doesn’t surprise me some fans have the impression I’ve got a problem with the guy. Not so.

While I cringe whenever I see a defenceman blessed with mobility and size not take advantage of those attributes by playing a physical game — exactly what’s caused me to nag at Gilbert  — the 1,067 times I’ve suggested he be traded had more to do with his potential value in a deal and the mix on Edmonton’s blue line.

Now, with Lubomir Visnovsky, Denis Grebeshkov and Steve Staios out the door as of the trade deadline, and with Sheldon Souray likely next to go, the mix has obviously changed significantly.

Barring somebody making a goofy offer that would land Steve Tambellini a young, top-six winger who can score 25-30 goals (does Scott Howson have one?), it makes no sense to trade Gilbert now.

Despite seeing Gilbert and partner Ryan Whitney getting torched in Monday’s 5-3 loss to Columbus, I’ve mostly liked the way he has played the last month or so, especially since the deadline (Monday aside) with Visnovsky, Staios and Grebeshkov gone.

The Oilers need what Gilbert brings.

Change in perspective

When the Oilers had Gilbert, Grebeshkov, Visnovsky and Souray in the fold, it made sense to me that Tambellini should take advantage of that depth and move one of them to acquire help up front.

I didn’t think Tambellini could move the contracts Visnovsky and Souray pack. I didn’t think he could get much of a return for Grebeshkov. That, to me, made Gilbert the guy to go, especially after the 45 points (5-40-45) he put up in 2008-09.

While I might yet be proven wrong, I saw those 45 points as a one-off. I suggested those numbers were swollen by second assists and wrote in the aftermath he wouldn’t match that points total the rest of his career. We’ll see. Last summer would have been the time to see if there was a GM who disagreed. A GM to overpay.

Given how heinous the Oilers have been this season, it’s not surprising that Gilbert’s numbers are more modest — 2-13-15 through 69 games going into Minnesota tonight. It’s tough to look good with this outfit right now. Gilbert has been no exception. Still, there’s no reason to believe he can’t rebound next season, settling into the 30-35 point range on a team that won’t be leaps and bounds better.

Points aside, Gilbert is the team’s best shot-blocker. He’s a smart player. And, he’s been more committed to leaning on people and getting in the way since coach Pat Quinn sat him down for a talk.

Looking ahead

Gilbert, 27, packs a $4-million cap hit for four more years, and in terms of straight salary, he’ll be Tambellini’s highest paid blueliner next season at $5.5 million.

If Souray gets moved this summer, there’s no reason Gilbert can’t keep playing the minutes he has since the deadline. Gilbert’s averaging 22:10 of ice time per game this season. His totals in the last seven games are 22:34, 26:16, 27:49, 27:07, 24:42, 25:34 and 26:32.

While Gilbert and Whitney are too much alike for some — non-physical puck-movers — it looks to me like they’d be fine as Quinn’s first pairing next season on a team that won’t contend. Beyond that, as in going into the 2011-12 season, it will get dicey if this team is to progress on its rebuild, but that’s a discussion for another day.

If Souray goes, it’ll be Ladislav Smid, Theo Peckham, pending UFA Aaron Johnson, assuming Tambellini offers him a contract, Taylor Chorney and possibly Jeff Petry in the other slots.

Even with Johnson impressing since arriving from Calgary, that group is thin in grit and experience on the bottom end. Tambellini would be smart to find a veteran free agent as a stop-gap.

In any case, Gilbert is anything but a spare part or redundant now.

Somebody stop me

With Doug MacLean hanging out with the white strip and make-up crowd on Sportsnet’s between-period TV panel instead of buggering things up in anybody’s front office, is there an NHL GM willing to pluck Devan Dubnyk off waivers next season? I can’t see it.

Dubnyk, 23, whiffed on at two goals at Nationwide Arena to remain winless in 13 appearances with a 0-8-2  record, a 4.16 goals against average and a saves percentage of .868.

An intriguing storyline after Nikolai Khabibulin went down was that Jeff Deslauriers and Dubnyk would have to battle it out for pecking order the rest of the season as both will need waivers to be sent to the minors next season. That’s out the window.

As up-and-down as Deslauriers has been — he’s 14-24-3 with a 3.16 and a saves percentage that’s 33 points better at .901 — it’s been no contest. Even allowing for how bad this team is, Dubnyk has done precious little to push the issue and force a decision at training camp next season.

The Oilers will be able to assign Dubnyk to the minors, dress him up like Rupaul and put him on a jet bound for Oklahoma City accompanied by Rob Daum in clown pants and nobody will blink an eye.

Just saying…

— The Oilers haven’t won at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul in 12 straight games, a string of futility dating back to a 2-1 victory over the Wild on Jan. 16, 2007. They’ve been outscored 43-14 in that stretch.

That, it so happens, is the last road game I worked as the beat man covering the Oilers for the tabloid in town. Coincidence? I think not. Up until then, the Oilers were 10-2-2-1 in Minny on my watch.

— Somebody e-mailed into 630 CHED’s post-game show Monday and asked why Quinn chews gum all the time and what flavour he prefers. Well, Quinn prefers Juicy Fruit, and he chews it to get the bitter taste of defeat out of his mouth.

— Tambellini can give Johnson a $100,000 raise to bump him to $640,000 and that’ll still save him $60,000 on what Jason Strudwick is earning this season. Bargain, no?

By the numbers

— The Oilers are 1-14-1 in their last 16 road games and sit at 8-23-3 for 19 points overall. The franchise low for road points in a full season is 23 (1992-93), so they’ll need five points from their final seven road games to avoid tying a record for ineptitude.

— Gilbert needs one point to reach 100 for his NHL career. Going into tonight, he’s at 21-78-99 and minus-17 in 245 games.

— The Oilers sit at a franchise-record 405 man games lost to injury going into tonight’s game. The previous high was 346, set in 2007-08.

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  • Plasmanut

    Robin, I agree wholeheartedly with your reasoning and I know I'm beating on a dead horse by saying this, but what in the world was Kevin Lowe thinking when he signed Gilbert to such a hefty contract?

    I don't think there's any question the only reason Gilbert did NOT get moved at the deadline was because he is grossly overpaid.

    He's one of those "late-bloomers", no question and I liked his progress up until this season. But his play this year (poor offensive contribution) in relation to his salary almost takes him into…dare I say… Horcoff territory.

    I heard it said that he might be missing Huddy's guidance.

  • Librarian Mike

    Why do we have to trade Souray? Is it for cap space or lack of confidence in his abilities? I think if he stopped fighting, he wouldn't get hurt so much. I would like to see him stay. The hometown/province angle, toughness, his shot etc, are good atributes. I seriously think he would be a good captain. Maybe I'm out to lunch.

  • Librarian Mike

    Agree with Robin that the ability to unload the big ticket (Visnovsky for now — maybe Souray) is what kept Gilbert in town.

    Also agree that Johnson is worth the contract at $100K more…he's a positive contributer if he stays within the boundaries of what he is good at.

    Im getting bad feelings about Peckham….really not sure about his foot speed and positioning. Have seen too many times where he is out of position or just cant keep up…and yes I know he brings a lot of grit/sandpaper.

    The number of man games lost is astounding…anyone have any idea what the league record is … anyone ??

  • Librarian Mike

    Asked a question that I can answer…a CBC Website says the most was the 2003/04 Kings …629 games … 200-300 appears to be the norm.

    Scanned Hockey DB for the Kings Roster and the Oil injury woes are due to Visnovsky, Grebeshkov and once Oilers Steve Kelly, Bryan Muir and Anson Carter…good thing we ran these guys out of town!!!

  • VMR

    Nice look at the D. I'm not sure they'll be able to move Souray this offseason after the injuries this season, if he plays well we might be able to dump him at next seasons deadline but that might be a long shot.

    Definitely need to keep Johnson and give him more of a look, he's been solid, and I think Peckham has a good hold on a spot. His penalty minutes will drop in a few seasons, I remember Matt Greene having the same problem when he broke in, look at a guy the wrong way and he'd get a penalty.

    I dont think Chorney has earned a spot yet, at all, and I think that keeps Strudwick on the payroll as a 6-7 guy for at least one more season. He's getting way too much icetime right now but he's servicable in that fill in role.

  • Dan the Man

    I'm concerned that the Oilers will want to re-sign Strudwick next year since he is a great team guy and appears to be good with the younger d-men. I'd much rather see Johnson in his spot next year as he appears to be much more capable.

    Robin, have you heard any mention of the Oilers interest or lack there of in re-signing Strudwick next year?

    • VMR

      Dont think that signing him costs Johnson a spot. They can afford the 600k even if they plan on having Struds in the pressbox most nights and an insurance policy in case of injuries.

      • Ender

        There will be no injuries next year! 'Gads, man; watch what you say! The Hockey Gods will hear you!

        We've done our injuries for next three seasons. We're paid up now. Don't mess with it.

      • Dan the Man

        I wasn't concerned about cap space I was more concerned about Strudwick's lack of ability to compete effectively at an NHL level.

        But you are correct they could sign both guys.

    • Perhaps they'll re-sign Strudwick as a 14th forward instead. Seems like a more suitable role for him, and he is a character veteran that would be good to keep in the room, no?

        • Ender

          True that. Let's face it; the guy can't score, but at least he plays defensively responsible for a forward. As long as his +/- is better than Horcoff . . .

          Ah, never mind. That argument includes everyone in the league and quite a few that aren't.

          • Pajamah

            So you're saying it's better to have someone who is weak in most facets of the game, but can be serviceable in one aspect of the game, than a guy who is arguably barely-serviceable in every facet.

            Frankly that's like picking a sledgehammer to the face, or being run over by a car

            no thanks on both

            there are too many good 3rd line type players who went unsigned through large portions of this last offseason. There will be more this season, but more importantly, there will likely be more in 4 seasons when it actually matters for depth purposes.

          • Lofty

            How do you come to that conclusion from what I said?

            The question was do you take A)MacIntyre or B)Strudwick. There is no C or D option.

            I took A. Which of the two would you take? That was the question.

          • Pajamah

            I'm in a different mind set about it

            I think having a dedicated fighter who can't play more than 6-8 minutes is wasting a roster spot

            everyone always brings up Boogaard running roughshod over the Oilers as an example of why you need a fighter, but really, 25-28 teams in the NHL can't do a damn thing about him ( maybe Chara, John Scott (if they end up on different teams)

            Stortini is a good enough light heavyweight to fight most guys, and we need some angry vets to do some of the protection-related fighting.

            Strudwick has done a decent job, and is more useful to a team than Steve MacIntyre specifically. So I would take Strudwick. I do definately understand some people opinions to take a fighter instead.

            I get why my post was moot, because anyone with any hockey knowledge would take a Jordan Tootoo, David Clarkson type over either player

  • Ender

    For those who weren't at the Nation Party, a snippet of table-talk:

    Random Partygoer: Gilbert is soooo gay, the writers for Desperate Housewives have him on speed-dial.

    Gregor: Completely untrue. Trust me when I say; Gilbert enjoys the ladies.

    Wanye: Youtube or it didn't happen.

    • Excuse me?!?!? I may have drank a pail of beer, but I did not say that.

      I believe what I said (or the point I was trying to make) was in reference to the comment(s) being made on Friday about Gilbert's preferences. Frankly I could care less if a guy is gay or if he bangs every girl he happens to run into in the bathroom of the Union, Ironhorse or where ever those guys go. As long as the guy shows up & plays hockey, as a fan I could care less about what happens off the ice.


      That isn't cool man. I can handle being called Woody Boyd, but WTF?!?

      • Ender

        Deepest apologies, '75. Comment was from that side of the table, but certainly highly possible that I misattributed it. Have corrected the reference.

        For the record, you remind me a lot more of Woody Harrelson in Play It to the Bone than Boyd. I just mentioned the Cheers thing 'cuz I thought more people would know who that was. No disrespect intended.

  • Lofty

    Even without the points Johnson has put up he has been way more dependable than Strudwick Peckham or Chorney. Strudwicks foot speed is such a huge liability and has been a asset for the 'dive for five' all season long.

    On the injury note, Pisani is good for around 50 man games lost per season so that equals around 15%-25% of the league averages that Hat pughes is talking about. I'm sure he's a good guy but does he help the organization get out of the basement?

  • Interesting tidbit from Elliotte Friedman…

    Question for Oilers fans: How would you feel if Edmonton ended up with Cam Fowler instead of either Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin? I'm not saying it will happen (probably depends on where they end up in the lottery), but they are watching him very closely. Oilers might need more help on the blue-line than up front. The Leafs felt they were easy to get behind, and they can't be the only team feeling that way.

    NHL scout comparing Fowler to Drew Doughty: "Similar, but Doughty plays more physical."


    • Elliott Friedman is dreaming if he thinks the Oilers could win enough games to fall down to 29th spot and even have a CHANCE to pick 3rd.

      The only way they take Fowler is if Tambellini fools somebody into giving him that pick ON TOP of choosing either 1st or 2nd overall.

    • Dyckster

      You know, when the dust settles, drafting Fowler may the the very thing this team really needs….(Not my opinion by the way, only throwing it out there)

      BUT OMG, the Tambo lynch mob would number in the kajillions!

      • Really? (about the good d-men part, as Fowler clearly seems to be #3)

        I thought that if a d-man & a forward were pretty much a saw off (excluding drafting for needs), that the ol' motto was to take the d-man, no?

        Doughty v. Stamkos. No real loser IMO, but I think you gotta take Doughty.

        Tavares v. Hedman. I said this last year – if Hedman was a 6-6 Canadian stud d-man & Tavares was a Swedish scoring sensation, I think Hedman goes #1 (again, excluding needs). I liked Duchesne at 3 better, though.

        Perhaps Ottawa should have used the above motto when it came down to Daigle v. Pronger, lol.


        Good D >> Good F ??

          • Don't mistake that for me saying Fowler > Hall/Seguin.

            I haven't seen enough of any of them to have a real valid opinion. I like Seguin, personally.

            In re-reading my post, I see how clumsy it looks. I was saying that – I thought that if a d-man & a forward were pretty much a saw off (excluding drafting for needs), that the ol' motto was to take the d-man, no? – in response to Crash's Good d-men are easier to trade for than high end forwards.

            In other words, all things being equal you take the D, no?

          • Clyde Frog


            The problem with defensemen is that they are at best long shots. They take a lot longer to develop and their intangibles are much harder to measure.

            See Jack Johnson, Chris Pronger, Victor Hedman, Shea Weber, Drew Doughty, Luke Schenn, etc…

            Recently there have been way more misses and late round "hits" in the defense draft picks.

            Sure he could be wonderful and may even be a +20 40+ point stud. But I would be more willing to bet on Hall scoring 35+, Seguin hitting 60+ points in the next 3 years than Fowler even being a top 2 defenseman by then.

            Getting a fully developed defenseman who is a top 2 lock is WAY harder then getting a top 6 forward… BUT drafting one is a crapshoot at best.

        • I take Stamkos over Doughty and then if I need a d-man I trade for one…it seems the better d-men get moved easier than the better forwards or are easier to acquire…meaning you don't have to give up as much to get them…

          How many times has Chris Pronger moved? What did it cost the Oilers to acquire Vishnovsky? Higher end d-men don't cost you as much as high end forwards.

          I believe it's a lot easier to acquire a Dion Phaneuf than it is to acquire a Zach Parise…

          I would hazard a guess that while it would be tough to acquire either Hedman, Tavares or Duchene…the one that would be easiest to get would be Hedman.

          So NO Good D is NOT >> than Good F

          • Reagan

            Pronger only demanded a trade from Edmonton…he was traded previously from St. Louis and was also traded from Anaheim to Philly…I'm pretty sure he didn't demand all of those trades.

            Phaneuf was taken much higher than Parise was in the draft and Phaneuf has been touted as one of the top young blue liners in the league, yet he wasn't that difficult to acquire…name me one young forward as highly touted as Phaneuf that has been traded for as little as Phaneuf was traded for?

            Fact is and I'll say it again…acquiring higher end d-men or potential higher end d-men is much easier than acquiring higher end forwards…which is why if a forward and d-man are judged as being equal at the draft…I take the forward unless I already have a boat load of good forwards…

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            I'm not really sure why you are so adamant about something that you are essentially guessing on.

            35 year old Pronger was also traded for a pretty healthy return, so it's not like he was real "easy" to aquire.

          • The draft is over. No one cares how good Phaneuf was as a 17 year old any more. The guy is a shaved ape on skates. Parise has proven to be a much better NHL player to date.

            You claim its a fact that it's easier to acquire elite defensemen, but so far you've managed to name 1 elite defenseman who has publicly demanded to be traded from here. It isnt a fact, its your opinion and I'm pretty sure that opinion is in the minority. Hardly a fact.

          • OilFan

            Not sarcastic one bit…D-men are in high demand? How long have the Oilers been trying to get high end forwards?

            It seems as though they've had an easier time getting higher end d-men (at least those that are rated high or have a history of producing offense – ie: Pronger, Vishnovsky, Whitney) than forwards and so it seems across the league it's the same thing.

            And no Pronger was NOT a free agent

          • OilFan

            Fair point. The so called Heatly deal was for Penner,Cogs and Smid. At the time a struggling Penner and to prospect players i.e Cogs and Smid. Pronger was traded for Smid, Lupul,Riley Nash and Eberle. See any diffence ? That was a deal in which everyone was ripping K Lowe for making. Oilers trade Stoll and Greene for Vishnovsky ( high contract included) Stoll was close to a point a game player at the time for the Oilers through 186 games with 165 points but was coming off a bad injurie and this was to give more ice time to the KID LINE and a young shutdown dman in Greene.

          • And no Pronger was NOT a free agent

            I don't remember the situation that well but did he not sign a shiny new contract in Edmonton?

            I seem to remember Edmonton trading for his rights and then signing him, but I could be mistaken because I was living out of the country. If it were otherwise wouldn't his year in Edmonton have been on his St Louis contract after which he could have just walked instead of demanding a trade?

            Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • swany

    Robin I brought this up with Gregor and Bob what about trading Hemmer to the Jackets for there 1st pick, Boll and Commadore, this would give us a hard D-man a 3rd line guy that hits like a truck and a pick that could turn into Fowler, Bob thinks the Jackets might do it because they need someone to feed Nash the puck, and the contract Hemmer packs is one of the best in the NHL what's your thoughts. Have to be honest Bob threw in Commadore, I was just after the pick plus Boll.

    • Lofty

      No chance I do that.

      Commodore is 30, he's overpaid and has three more years of a $3.750 cap hit remaining. He's a second-pairing guy at best, and only if he has a mobile partner. If the argument is the Oilers need a veteran stay-at-home type, and I'd agree, there are cheaper and younger choices.

      I like the way Boll plays, but he has been concussed so many times already he has one foot out of the league.

      That means your trading Hemsky and Hall/Seguin for Fowler. Sound good?

      As for Stauffer, the Jackets need a forward who can get Nash the puck, so I'm thinking you're stretching to suggest he meant Fowler.

      • Robin I don't think he was suggesting that we trade Hall/Seguin (I might be misreading that though). I thought it was Hemmer for Columbus' 1st, Boll and Commadore.

        If you can get the pick that maybe turns into Fowler I'd think about it but I'm not a fan of Mike "Sideshow Bob" Commodore.

        • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

          Didn't we talk about this a few days ago? Packaging up a ~PPG player in Hemsky for a draft pick that may or may not pan out?

          If people didn't agree with packaging up Hemsky to pursue Seguin, they definitely won't bite for Fowler.

          • A PPG player who just had shoulder surgery and who may not be the same when he gets back. A PPG player who may not be interested in resigning with the Oilers after his current deal expires in 2 years.

            I'm not saying it is the best deal out there but Hemsky shouldn't be untouchable (as much as I like him).

            EDIT: my initial comment was more directed to Robin's comment that we would be trading our number 1 pick.

      • Robin I think you misread what I said or I wrote it wrong all I'm trading is Hemsky and I'm getting there pick plus Boll and Commadore now the reason Bob put Commadore in the deal was because he thinks we will have to take back money so in the deal we lose Hemsky and add the 3rd overall pick, Boll and Commadore and the OIL KEEP there pick not trade it away. In this deal then the Oil get Hall/Seguin Fowler, Boll Commadore and lose Hemmer

        • Mike Krushelnyski

          I would rather trade Hemsky straight up for the pick and not take Commadore's anchor of a contract.

          Either way, there's no way I trade Hemsky for a pick. Hall or Seguin are big goal scorers, but they're not going to be able to do it all by themselves. Why would we not want Hemsky around to play with which ever one ends up here? I think dealing Hemsky at this point only hurts any sort of rebuild effort. Hopefully Hall/Seguin turns into the centerpiece of the Oilers' offence somewhere down the road, but let's be realistic, Hemsky is going to be our best player for at least the next 2-3 years.

          • Milli

            It's not that I don't want Hemmer, hell I would love to resign the guy, it was brought up on Oilers lunch that Nash needs a guy to feed him the puck so I e-mailed Bob with the Hemsky to the Jackets for there 1st pick plus Boll (we need a guy that can skate and hit)Bob said no way the Jackets do it unless we take back more money so HE added Commadore. If this deal went down look at what the Oil could end up with, Hall/Seguin Fowler, Boll and Commadore for Hemsky not a bad return for one guy Commadore's cap hit is a worry and it's for 3 more years (as Robin has pointed out) but in the new NHL gotta take something back to make deals.

          • Mike Krushelnyski

            But we already have Hall/Seguin so you can't count that as part of the return.

            Really it boils down to Hemsky for a 4th line tough guy with concussion issues, a prospect and an overpaid second pairing D-man who could very well be Steve Staios 2.0.

            I understand that we would have to take salary back so that's where Commadore comes in, but this deal only works out for the Oilers if Fowler turns out to be a significantly better player than Hemsky. Does that seem likely?

    • People bitch and whine about the current management regime and then come up with ideas like this one…sheesh

      Then later on when Fowler and Hall or Seguin turn 26 we can trade them too for someones pick and another plugger…and the beat goes one

  • "While Gilbert and Whitney are too much alike for some — non-physical puck-movers — it looks to me like they'd be fine as Quinn's first pairing next season on a team that won't contend."


    *oh wait. Nevermind, this is valid.

  • "– The Oilers sit at a franchise-record 405 man games lost to injury going into tonight's game. The previous high was 346, set in 2007-08."

    The Oilers according to the Oilers website have lost 417 man-games but they're missing a game that Potulny missed with the flu so it should be 418 man-games lost, not 405.

    • The untouchable was in reply to Ogden Kings and Pretty Things.

      The initial comment was directed to the fact that you suggested that the commenter's proposal involved us trading our first round pick and that wasn't the initial commenter's suggestion.

      Edit: Revised to fix grammar

      • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

        All I was getting at was that people wanted to package up Hemsky to pry Toronto's pick out of Boston, trying to shoot for 1-2 picks this year. The response was overwhelmingly negative because Hemsky's a definite and the draft picks are a question mark.

        Now we're talking about packaging up Hemsky for Columbus' pick (which might not even be a 3rd, I might add). I don't expect many people to bite.

  • Harlie

    Now I totally understand why Quinn chews the shizz out of his gum and is repeatedly switching to new pieces. I have to do the same damn thing eating Juicy Fruit!

    A few minutes of blissful soft gum fruit flavored yummness is soon replaced with jaw numbing rubbery no flavoredness.

    I eat that stuff at least 2 or 3 pieces at a time and I'm changin' pieces every 10 minutes too.


  • "The Oilers will be able to assign Dubnyk to the minors, dress him up like Rupaul and put him on a jet bound for Oklahoma City accompanied by Rob Daum in clown pants and nobody will blink an eye."

    I always wondered how waivers worked.

  • Lofty

    I was going to comment on Gilbert's great passing….to the other team….earlier but waited and I just see he made another great pass to the opposition. There is alot of love for 77 here, wow, 3 years in league and still doing those giveaways.

    • Reagan

      If Souray is gone, I tend to agree, that's why I called the group thin on the bottom end and suggested adding a veteran.

      If it's Gilbert, Whitney, Smid, Johnson, veteran and Chorney with Petry as the seventh, it's passable. If Souray isn't moved, you still add the veteran and have Chorney as the seventh.

      I didn't suggest this is a set group but would be OK on a team that won't contend next season. Beyond that, like I said, you'll probably have to improve this group.

  • Reagan

    Really? The deadline just passed. Of course trade talk has dropped off.

    But I guess we need what Tom Gilbert gives, which is the puck to the other team. At least he's leading the way to a solid pick this year and a good shot at another one next year, which could be his replacement in Larsson.

  • Reagan

    There was reasons why Tambilini was always the bride and never the GM until Lowe came calling. Lowe has no eye for talent, and Tambilini, who has no idea what direction to take this team. If he knew he was rebuilding why would he sign a 37 year old drunk for 15M. Her thougtht he was going to compete? With out that 3rd line center who can win face offs?
    With him asigning Eberle to the AHL " We want him to play with future NHL'ers this year" With who exactly? Reddox? Every interview you hear, he always asks himself the question and then answer it. This organization is so screwed. I can't wait to see who they pick in the draft.

    • Reagan

      Seguin isn't a year younger. He's born Jan. 31 1992 compared to Hall at Nov. 14, 1991. Less than three months.

      And Hall is not "so coveted" over Seguin. Most scouting staffs, including the Oilers, are split on the two of them. It's a close call.

  • Reagan

    Am I the only one that watches Peckham and sees Shaun Brown?

    I liked Shaun Brown so it's not meant to be an insult to Peckham but it does lead to questioning just what we can expect out of Peckham in terms of where his game may top out at and if he is a guy that should be firmly in the Oilers plans moving forward.

  • Mike Krushelnyski

    What if we tanked it for another year, got another top 3 pick next summer. Keep all the players with 1 yr left on their deals and then rid ourselves of Horcoff next summer.
    In 13 months we could close the book on the 06 Oiler legends and usher in a whole new era of Oiler hockey.

    Maybe the next CBA could bring relief to an albatross such as Horcoff.

    I'd also be hammering away on the Islanders to see if we could aquire their first round this year.

    Lets see some of that expect the unexpected Steven.

  • Lofty

    I've seen the way Hall can skate and he surley has some speed. But I have not seen Seguin skate, does anyone have any insight on how his skating is compared to Hall's? Is he just as fast? Is he a more fluid skater?