Hall and Seguin: why not both?

Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin? Tyler Seguin or Taylor Hall? With the Edmonton Oilers a dead-cinch for one of the top two picks in the 2010 Entry Draft, it’s a great debate.

But, while the argument over who the Oilers should take, assuming they retain the first overall pick in the lottery, rages on in Edmonton and on fan sites around the internet, let’s throw a wrench in the works with one question: why not both?

If you’re Steve Tambellini and you’ve just stepped to the podium at The Staples Center in Los Angeles and called Hall’s name with the first pick, is there any reason you wouldn’t walk across the floor and ask Boston GM Peter Chiarelli what it would take to get his pick, second overall, via Toronto?

Or, if Toronto was to climb over Carolina in Eastern Conference standings and the Hurricanes moved into the second slot, is there any reason you wouldn’t tap Jim Rutherford on the shoulder and ask him what it would take for his pick?

Is there any one player on the Oilers roster right now you wouldn’t trade for Seguin? Any two players?

At the very least, wouldn’t it be worth asking?

What’s too much?

If Chiarelli said, "Gimme Ales Hemsky and Sam Gagner," would you make that move to get Hall and Seguin? If Rutherford said, "It’ll take Hemsky and Dustin Penner," would you say, "Done deal?" If not, why not?

With the Oilers in rebuild mode, would landing Hall and Seguin be worth two more years of Hemsky and Penner? Do we know if Hemsky or Penner will even be here after 2011-12, when their contracts expire? I don’t, especially when it comes to No. 83.

Yes, Hemsky’s got a palatable cap hit of $4.1 million for two more years, but what are the Oilers going to win in that span?  Again, do you see Hemsky re-signing here when his deal is up?

With Penner, is he ever going to be more than what he is now, a 25-30 goal scorer? I’m not saying that’s chopped liver, not at $4.25 million, but what kind of player will Penner be in two years, at age 29?

What of Gagner? He’s only 21, but what’s his top end? Do you see him as a 60-point player one day? Is he a 70-point guy? Does Seguin project higher as a centre? You tell me.

The way I see it, if Tambellini is serious about a rebuild, about laying a real foundation this team can build on and about reversing the direction this franchise is headed without taking 3-5 years to become a contender, taking a run at Hall and Seguin is worth a shot.

If the Oilers keep the first pick in the lottery, Tambellini needs to ask the question.

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  • I'd like to see Oilers get Hall, Taylor , Fowler and Neidereiter this draft . In order to do that, Oilers might have to include an Eberle ,Cogs and one or more other diminutive prospects . Gagner should be a keeper , however . Hemsky also stays put, unless someone would take Horcoffs contract in the deal . Every one is forgetting about R.Nash , whom i feel is still our best prospect from last season . A.Plante not that far away either. Gagner may be only diminutive player team will go forward with .

  • Robin,
    Is it worth a shot? Yes. Is it likely? Hell no. What lays in store with next years draft? With the Oil being a lottery team again for at least 2-3 years who are the up and coming talents? I heard somewhere that next year is supposed to be an above average draft year.

    I read earlier this year that Hemsky was the 30th best player in the league. You will get interest but I think a subsequent Oiler #1 pick would have to be part of the deal. Penner has to be one of the players who wants out of Edmonton. His play during this march of futility has been an abominable indictment of his character and commitment. If I were Tambo I would move him in a package or in any other viable way I could to better the team. How can he not be a blight in the dressingroom?

  • Bombstradamus

    Penner Brule Hemsky
    Eberle Gagner Hall
    MPS Horcoff Potulny
    ????? ????? ?????

    Souray Whitney
    Gilbert Smid
    ????? ?????


    I think that team could be good next year, or at least progress enough to be good the year after. With Gagner and Brule both top 6 picks, MPS a top ten, Eberle a great 22, and Hall a number one, aren't we in year 2 or 3 of a rebuild? Throw in the idea that a still young Penner and Hemsky could enter the top 20 scoring race if healthy. It's all speculation, but it's damn good juice.

  • Bombstradamus

    Top 30 then? Doesn't a point per game get you close? It's pure optimism, I'll admit. I just really believe this was Hemskys year. A healthy Hemsky and Khabibulin would have left the Oilers in a much different position right now.

    My point was that the oilers have sucked and drafted quite high over the past few years. It doesn't quite feel like the start of a rebuild. It feels like the middle of a Columbus or Florida rebuild.

  • Bombstradamus

    Stop thinking about trading Hemsky. Make him our Captain going forward. This is his team now. Trading Hemsky to get a grade A prospect sounds sexy… if your looking at the situation after losing a gazillion games and not seeing Hemsky for months now. We can't go too far off the deep end. We have many first rate prospects, and young players coming up. The league has only one Hemsky and he is ours. How many prospects must one team have, and how much longer would it take to rebuild the team minus Hemsky. He is and always should be an Oiler. Trading Hemsky would be a big mistake.

  • Skidplate

    Very interesting comment in an article by Kevin Paul Dumont on Boston.com

    "The Oilers dangled Dustin Penner and Tom Gilbert Boston’s way before the trading deadline. They could come calling with Ales Hemsky or Sam Gagner or Andrew Cogliano."

    This was for Toronto's 1st round pick. If it is true, then we are underestimating the value GM's put on these draft choices. With the state Boston is in, I would have thought they would have done that deal. I remember reading somewhere that Boston's management doesn't think this is their year, so maybe thats why they didn't make any significant trades.

  • Skidplate

    From Matty at The Journal Sunday:

    Courting Boston

    "The more I think about, I feel Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini has the chance of a lifetime to get Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin in the draft, to get the No. 1 and No. 2 picks.

    He has to convince the Bruins, if they're the other team, to give the pick up and he should have everybody on the Oilers in play if Boston asks, along with every prospect available except Jordan Eberle and Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson, along with the first pick in Round 2 (No. 31). And if he has to take back, say, a Dennis Wideman at $3.5 million on defence, so be it. Nothing against Edmonton's best player, Ales Hemsky, an unrestricted free agent in two years, or any current Oilers who continue to show some good fight in tough times, with a hugely depleted lineup, but how many chances does a GM have to hit one not just out of the park, but onto the street?

    The Bruins need help, now. They need offence, now. Their fans aren't patient. Now, if it's Carolina that finishes second-worst, that's a different story. The Bruins spend to the cap and won't be scared away by contracts; not so much the Hurricanes, who are rebuilding. The jury, by the way, is still out on who's better, Hall or Seguin."

    • Skidplate

      Exciting times indeed.

      It sure would get the fans excited about next year if we got both Hall and Seguin…… That is until the season was half over and we were eliminated from the playoffs.

      We have high expectations in these parts, but if we show some patience, 3 -5 years from now we could be a strong contender.

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

      So is this a real story or him flinging some crap again? I noticed he likes to play trade rumor monger from time to time.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Robin's story is bang on. Why not get both? Penner won't be here in two years. I actually think Hemsky would come back but at a huge raise no doubt. I'd even throw in our 2 second round picks. If you walk out of the Draft with both Hall and Seguin, you win and wou win big regardless of who you draft in later rounds.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    i agree with the above posts. While the likelihood of Edmonton getting another top 3 pick is unlikely, given the way teams have to use the draft to build a successful squad in the NHL. It is more likely if Toronto finishes 29th.

    Boston is a squad that is either going to contend now or has to rebuild as Chara and Savard are 33 and Thomas is 35. While their secondary players are all around 23-27 years of age they need these three to remain a contender so they have maybe a 2 year window before these players begin to really decline. I would say that Penner would be a good fit for this squad as his size would work well in tandem with Lucic and with Savard dishing the puck he would be able to put away somewhere between 25-35 goals a year consistently as he has better touch around the net than Lucic.

    Moving Hemsky makes sense as well as he is a good player that showed he can put up points at a point per game level. However the problem with Boston is the salary cap as they are right up against it. If Boston did accept a deal with Edmonton the Oilers would have to take guys like Sturm, Ryder, and Wideman the other way and the Oilers would be required to move prospects and picks to Boston. 2nd/3rd rounders and guys like Omark who have solid potential.

    Moving Gagner is intriguing as his father didn't actually start reaching his potential until his mid twenties. If you look at Gagner Senior's stats his first 70 point campaign came with the North Stars in 88-89 at the age of 24. Sam's numbers through the first three years are actually better than his Dad's. While Sam may not become a PPG player if seems really harsh to peg him as a bust at the age of 21 with only 3 years of pro hockey for a team that's been in shambles. I mean look at Visnovsky, he leaves Edmonton and scores 5 goals in 9 games for the Ducks and while he isn't going to keep up at this clip it just shows that Edmonton is a team that scores very little so any player on this team is probably not scoring at the rate they could if they were on any number of average to above average clubs.