Post-game: What the duck(s)?

It’s true… We failed to win last night.

Anaheim Ducks: 3

Edmonton Oilers: 2

I don’t have much to say, since I was half in the bag and barely coherent as the night went on… I leave it to you geniuses to discuss the outcome.

  • Pajamah

    edit : ~geniuses~

    Thats better.

    I watched some of it, but then the old 80's version of Clash of the Titans was on

    Did you know after 2 gins, Persius starts to look pretty

  • I actually watched most of the game. I thought we played well, but the ducks capitalized on the PP after Whitney & Chorney took penalties. JDD played well, I guess he is due for an epic failure or a Brownlee article in the next couple of days 😉

    It's too bad we didn't win, just so we could have another TROLOLOLOLO appearance.

  • Any comments on the brule fight? I thought brown went too far, would have been nice if someone bigger on the oilers like strudwick or johnson or the brave captain tuned him in for beating on a smurf like that.

    • Nice effort, eh. So my childhood favorite team, the one that lost to the Oilers in the Stanley Cup finals TWICE, puts my current favorite team out of their misery. That's rich. Lucky for me, I gave up hope about a week ago.

      • Pajamah

        Well, that seals the disposal of 2 big pieces of the Flames you would think

        question is, is it the Sutters on the way out? Or do they start moving big time players to make them successful.

        Calgary is like a poor mans SJ. Usually good regular season team, but not built for a long playoff run. They really need to improve their depth, and with their cap space, they have to give up some to get some

        can Regehr get you a good, young 2nd liner?
        Iginla, at this point in his career, if traded, can he get the Flames the pieces to rebuild properly

        I mean, they're in a better position than the Oilers, what with having tangible assets, but their system is so thin with prospects, they'd be better served to trade away some contracts and pre-emptively rebuild

  • The Real Scuba Steve

    Your poll is flawed, Oiler fans are going to pick Kurri because he helped win 5 Stanley cups for us, when Teemu Selanne passes Kurri his status here won't change.

  • Pajamah

    Thanks for the correction. I saw a higjhlight of an oiler getting pounded and – asked my ten year old who aid it was brule.

    Wow, arsene has proven he has no place in the show at all, too bad for him.

    As for the flames, i think the oilers are far closer to recovering into a good long term team _ the lames have two thirty four year old stars on the decline and really nothing on the horizon. With Hall/seguin, eberle , mps, still 27 Hemsky and Penner, 20 year old Gagner, 21 year old Brule, the oil have a lot to look forward to. The lamers only can hope they can get something good for their two declining assets to work with JBlow or it will be a very long decade.

    They dont even have any blogs that people read!! Lol

  • The recent three game winning streak had me sweating out my McDonald's six piece McNugget meal. This is more like it, Fall for Hall, Dive for Five, hold up a liquor store…. wait forget that.

    On another note where can I get a hot tub time machine?

  • Serious Gord

    Sad, but apt testament to how screwed up this team is that with less than ten games to go in the season on a rabid oilers fan site such as this, that about 24 four hours after the game there are only 21 comments. (and what does it say when one of the most rabid fans of all – the guy creating the post types this:

    "I don't have much to say, since I was half in the bag and barely coherent as the night went on… I leave it to you geniuses to discuss the outcome.")

    The opposite of love is not hate, it is apathy.

    Oilers management would do well to remember this as they look at the oil's and the farm team's depth chart. This is one crap organization from the very top – including it looks to be becoming very obvious Mr. Katz – to the lowest ranks of the minor eschelons (sp?).

    We have a roster that is years away from serious contention at best and a coach who is 64 hired by an acolyte who in turn was rejected by one of our fiercest opponents and hired by the guy who is 95% responsible for the crap team(s) that we have.

    There are many who say that the bloodletting that was needed on the team has largely been done and that the aquisition of new quality talent that our record-breaking awfulness will enable will suffice for a drive to cup contention. I am not one of them.

    We suck.

    We will continue to suck until there is change in almost all aspects of management.

    Hope, even on this site – a congregation of the most die-hard fans – has turned to despair and now to apathy.

    Another four years of missing the playoffs is not beyond belief. And were that to be the case, edmontonians could wind up watching the NHL without a domestic team to root for.

  • Clyde Frog

    I for one am actually celebrating this loss. Sorry Whitney… Phew we could have been only 9 points behind the leafs!!!!1!

    Has anybody else noticed that outside of our record setting 5 game winning streak on the road, we are 3-24-3 on the road!?! Do we need to hire hotter flight attendants, or stop serving caffinated beverages on the flight? Maybe downgrade the team to a motel 6 to start the season and give them an extra $10 a night room allowance for each win?

  • So CBC's Hotstove with Milbury, Healy & Morrisson say Flames President Ken King may be fired; suggest Bob Nicholson could be his replacement and also suggest Steve Yzerman could be Darryl Sutter's replacement as the Flames next GM.

      • The consensus (from what I've read – I'm near eTown, so I don't know the mood down there for certain) is that Darryl MUST be fired.

        For me, I've always liked Darryl Sutter (as Coach in Chi & SJ too), so I'm a bit torn. His moves this year were questionable at best. Seems he gambled and lost. I don't necessarily think they'll be terrible next year, but I'm not certain they'll be good either. Further into the future… well… it's not so bright.

        I'll reserve my judgement until I see who the replacement is, if they go that route. But I'm likely in the minority that is willing to give him one more year.

        IF Stajan can show he's a legitimate above-average 2nd line center (debatable)… IF Jay-Bou can bounce back (poor performance in year 1 of big money deal isn't exactly irregular)… IF Mikka Kiprusoff can play as good next year as he did this year… IF Jarome has more in the tank than it often appeared this year… IF Rene Bourque can stay healthy & productive… IF they can move AT LEAST 2 of Sarich, Staios & Kotalik for cap purposes (Darryl has moved Jim Vandermeer's 2.3 & Wayne Primeau's 1.4, so who knows)… IF, IF, IF!!

        Funny thing is, last spring (while I also liked the idea of Brent coming in) I was hoping moreso for a Dave Tippett or Tom Renney type coach. Kinda makes me wonder how things would've turned out. After so many "hard-a$$" type coaches, I think that dressing room could've used a calmer, teaching-type player's coach. My feeling is that generally if you fire a player's coach, then you hire a hard-a$$ and vice versa.

        • Must be tough being a Flames fan right now, not yet out, clinging to hope of running the table but seeing the writing on the wall this year and no early draft picks, Sutters in every front office job it seems…..uggh. As Oiler fans, we've hit bottom and with that comes relief and tranquility..haha.

  • A glimpse into Oilers future plans ? Hockey Now magazine Dany Beck : "bound for major trouble. Too much payroll and too many young talent guys that are too small and not top line players . ..Eberle unlikely to turn that tide . They are at least 3 years away from any major improvement . Entire player personnel needs an overhall … They have a messed up dynamic." Lets add to that we are stuck with Horcoff 3 years down the road . 3 years down the road i suggest Hemsky will also be gone . If Beck is right on target as to what the Oilers are going to do with rebuilding, whom might the Oilers be looking at to rebuild with size ? Present Oilers -Smid , Plante,Motin , Peckham , maybe Whitney and Petry if he pans out . From this years draft to address center ice- Sequin and take a chance on J.MacFarland ( hot prospect having an off season ?)if they can pluck him off with their 31st pick . Horcoff will remain as we are stuck with him like it or not . Svensson will probably be in that base . Don't be surprised if only one of our diminutive forwards remain , so they may all be fair game this off season . Next years draft they will add even more to that young bigger base . Would not surprise if even Eberle, Gagner , Brule might be up for grabs this rebuild year coming up . Penner ? O'Mark being bought up to showcase for trade or what ? Horcoff will cost us about $2.5 M a season in cap loss by retaining him . I say that because thats about how much worth we might get out of him each year – half of what he is making .

    • That is worst case scenario… if the Oilers were healthy this year we would of still finished out of the playoffs but the situation here is far from dire. With Hemsky healthy, our # 1 pick, 2 healthy goalies, Souret or somebody we can exchange in a trade for. o Smid turning into stud along with Whitney and Gilbert. It wil take 2-3 years but I think it will be entertaining. Look at Calgary, I wouldn't want to trade their problems for ours. Obviouly this guy is not an Oiler guess only time will tell who is right.

      • I'm not sold Beck isn't right . Tambellini seems to want to get bigger and tougher and i don't see our current diminutive forwards and Eberle and O'Mark fitting that template . Already Souray seems to want out and talk keeps mounting about Hemsky and how we are stuck with Horcoffs albatross of a contract . Even Whitney will be thirty in three years , and he needs more Forsberg type foot surgery . Gilbert at his cap hit simply has not provided the physicalness they expected from him , and talk surrounds his value . Will Penner be here after 3 more seasons ? Pieceing it all together with what Tams is saying about getting bigger, more physical and addressing cap situation – and Beck's assessment is as good as any i've heard yet . Do i like it ? No , but i have the feeling that is their long range plan .

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      All these guys that try to project more then 1-2 years down the road are completely out to lunch. Theirs too much turnover and too much parity in the league for anyone to have any type fo crystal ball that far out.

      As it sits right now 6 of the 16 PO teams from last year will be different, look at almost every teams rosters from 3+ years back and you'll see major turnover almost everytime.

      Teams like Boston and Detroit (and Montreal the year before) went from conference powerhouse to bubble teams in 12 months.

    • Travis Dakin

      Seeing them in bar when you are drinking and trying to trick one of the many girls with them that you are said player's friend doesn't mean you were getting hammered "with them"

      cool guy….