POST GAME REPORT: Wings and Oilers

You know what? That wasn’t a bad hockey game at all.

On a night that began with the Red Wings running the table against the home town heroes and racing out to a gentlemanly 4 nothing lead, the Copper and Blue managed to pull themselves right back to a tie game before a goal that was clearly a high stick was allowed with a little over a minute left and the Oilers were sent off the ice with a 5-4 loss.

This was actually one of the more entertaining Oilers games we have had the luxury of watching in some time and if the kids keep this up for the rest of the year we will be able to safely take our spot as unreasonable optimist for the entire offseason.


1. Jeff Deslauriers

We suppose that a pair of goals from Gilbert might make a case for the long hairian one to be named first star but Deslauriers made several 5 alarm saves when the game seemed out of reach. 40 saves against the Wings only to lose on that goal? Come on.

2. Tom Gilbert

Be still the beating hearts of tween Oilers fans from coast to coast! Tom Gilbert scored twice and was shown dripping with sweat wearing nothing but an Under Armour shirt on National Television! If that doesn’t get you second star, nothing will.

3. Goal judges in Toronto

We don’t know how a call eminating from the Penalty Box in Detroit, bound for NHL Referee Central Command in Toronto, was intercepted by Mike Babcock – but this is clearly what must have happened. In an era with freeze frame HD technology following the puck for 60 minutes, there is simply no excuse for a blown call of this magnitude.

Call us a pessimist but we don’t think the Oilers are going to be able to make the playoffs this year as a result of that goal being allowed.

Still, good game though. Right?


Last place is a lock and an 18 year old boy is ALL OURS.

Hat tip to Gerald Ford for knocking a fellow Commander in Chief in such spectacular fashion.

        • Was Linglet not our only representative at AHL all star game ? He looked pretty good there. Quinn made reference the other night that we better get it right – in reference to draft . I think we know he likes Hall from previous contacts with him . If Oilers get lottery win Hall will be our choice . If we lose lottery , then maybe Oilers might deal , but i doubt they would with Hall open to them . Just my opinion from reading between the lines of Quinn . Whether we are going to rebuild or retool may still be up in the air because of draft and how things play out at end of season . Quinn may be promoted , and Tams and others, beyond players , future may be clouded ? Maybe Quinn was hired not only to coach and assess players , but entire organization at the same time "in cognito " ? As for players that they may be let go or trade , that may be dependent on same criteria , unsure which way Oilers may go as yet .

          • Jamie B.

            If the Oilers drafted a player based on the opinion of a coach who might not be here more than another year, then they're even dumber than most of us think.

  • Jamie B.

    I wanted to see Eberle too, but reading about Linglet I'm happy he gets his shot. Hopefully this helps them re-sign him for OKC, they need someone for the kids to play with.

  • I have this detailed plan to see if we can convince Gregor AND Brownlee to go to the Entry Draft in LA this year. It's written down somewhere…

    *rustles through papers and back issues of Hustler*

    Ah here it is.


    Bingofuel and I have been committing murder for hire schemes all spring, have saved our money and hope to fund one of their two spots and see if donation lightning strikes for the other.

    If we can't fill both spots we will make Gregor and Brownlee have some sort of Dancing with the Stars/Two Man Luge Time trial bobsledian hybrid contest to see who is going to attend on behalf of the Nation.

    As for the draft:

    I think it's going to be HUGE*

    *That's what she said