We are in Calgary for the week and other than an overwhelming desire to try and date our own cousin, we are proud to report that the City has had little to no effect at all on us. Though it made us feel sick to our very stomach, we agreed to meet FlamesNation writer and Fan 940 correspondent at Flames Central for a beer last night and discuss the demise of the Flames.

Going to Flames Central = bad.

Going to Flames Central to discuss how the team absolutely choked down the stretch = good. 

We had vague plans to either smash the washrooms to smithereens or get roaringly drunk only to later stand on our chair and scream "I’M DRUNK IN CALGARY FLAMES BAR AND I’M OILERS FAN! BEHOLD THE GLORY!!" before tearing off our clothes and waiting for the Police to arrive. We were behind enemy lines with a chaperone, anything was possible we figured.

Though we were going to kick the night off early as can be with a 6:30 PM start Steinberg messaged us with the hilarious news "Dude, I don’t know what to tell you but I got here to Flames Central early and they are doing last call."

Last call Nation.

The day after the Flames missed the playoffs. So much for standing by the team huh?

If the official team bar closing at 6:15 the day after you miss the playoffs isn’t the epitome of bandwagon/fair weather fannery then we don’t know what is.

Stupid Calgary.


As you may have noticed on the advertisements here on the Nation there is going to be a party at The Pint this Saturday for the Edmonton Rush. Now before you start screaming "THIS ISN’T ABOUT THE OILERZ" and flushing out your eyes with some variety of saline solution hear your ol’ pal Wanye out for a moment will you?


Like many of our fellow Citizens of the OilersNation we usually don’t give two squirts of whizz about sports that aren’t the Edmonton Oilers. Sure we used to wear Boston Bruins sweatpants to school for virtually all of the fifth grade and sure we might have a budding love affair with the Edmonton Capitals but the line is drawn there.

But we have to admit that the Edmonton Rush are starting to grow on us. While the Mighty Oil take up all of the air time and coverage in this town, the Rush are perpetually shown no love by both the media and 99.945% of the folk in this City. We will be totally honest, until we started doing some advertising with the team earlier in the year we were among the folk who didn’t know or didn’t care about lacrosse or the Rush.


Having now been to a pair of games, we can conclude that lacrosse is a sick game and the Rush are not only the winningest team in Edmonton but also put on a great show with as honest an effort as you will see in RX1 these days. More and more we are starting to think that getting on the Rush bandwagon would be a gentlemanly way to spend yet another Oilers-Free spring here in E-Town. And before we close off the longest lacrosse related paragraph we thought we would ever write we will say this:

1) Come to the Rush party at the Pint this Saturday. Their cheerleaders will be there and we guarantee we will have a few pints of the BL and we will lay down our B+ Grade game to try and take one down. It will be a hell of a show.

2) We pleaded with the Rush to hook us up with some last minute tickets to Friday Night’s game against Colorado and they have come through. First 4 people to send an email to get SWEEEET pairs of lower bowl tickets to the game.

Think the Rush suck? Go take a look for yourself.

Then when you realize you are wrong go to the nearest mirror, punch yourself in the face, look yourself in the eyes and say "that was from Wanye."