• @ Reagan:

    I've taken plenty of shots at Mark Spector in the past, but if you get Souray on record with comments like that, you run it and you run it fast.

    The media has absolutely no responsibility to help the Oilers out on this one. And Spector's not reporting it as fact, he's just reporting Souray's comments. Not only that, they tried to contact Tambellini for his side.

    The media's job is to report. If the Oilers don't like it, they could always a) have done a better job keeping their player happy b) not signed the player in the first place or c) been less incompetent 😉

    • Reagan

      There's one job to reort, but there's another to pull a aka "Pronger esque shocking news" after the last game of the Season is played. I guess that's his motive to be a flash in the pan reporter. The real truth comes out kinda guy. Why should he owe the Oilers anything, he spent most of his career here writing on the Oilers. Bigger and better things to do in TV land.

      In a situation where Sourays value is worth squat, then to go and bad mouth Management looks idiotic! So what GM wants that? Hmm, a player that already has

      A; A nasty reputaion of getting injured easily.

      B; Bad mouths his employer

      C; Doesn't file a grievance regarding his health and being forced to play.

      D; He also makes way too much money for a heavy shot from the Point and very average skills defensively?

      Personally I'm not sticking up for the Oilers, Souray or Spector. After reading this article this morning, I felt like an idiot being an Edmontonian, and cheering for this Hockey Club. As the stomach turns, we might as well be reading the National Enquirer…

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    IMO Reporters should be the same as play by play and color comentators, not biased for or against, just report what they see and hear!!

  • MrCondor

    On the bright side, he was a UFA signing and if we get any sort of prospect or draft pick for him we are coming out better as a team in the long term.

    On the dark side, no one will take on that salary without giving some back. My fear is that we will end up with expensive dead weight in order to get this move completed.

    What's the status of Sourey's no trade clause? Can he pull a Heatley? Can we trade him to a team that's as far away from his family as possible to show him the same respect he just showed us?

    I hear the Panthers are looking for a shake up….

  • MrCondor

    Back to last night's game. Pretty good game by JDD. Only 6 of the 7 goals were weak by my count.

    He can sure make the hard saves. But wrist shot's from anywhere on the ice are his enemy.

    Let's hope JDD is not with the big club next season and is the starter or backup in Oklahoma City.

    DD has proven a lot more to me over the last 10-15 games then JDD has. Yes, DD had a terrible first 10 games but looked a lot more composed then JDD did to finish the season.