Yes, the playoffs have already begun and the internet is awash of teams looking "to avoid being down 2-0 in their series." Yes, the best time to have launched a playoff draft would have been on Tuesday. But in true OilersNation "always a step behind but trying reeeeeeally reaally hard" fashion we present our OilersNation playoff draft sponsored by The Pint. So consider the fact that there has already been a game played our present to you.

And besides, the Playoff Draft is always a good time. The prizes? Massive. Number of entries in this our third draft season? Immense. The quality of team names we all have to think of to make our fellow Nations laugh heartily when they read the leaderboard? Amazing. And besides there are much crazier things happening than a playoff draft launching two days late. Jay-Z is suing Bo Sox slugger David Ortiz for heavens sake! Can things get any worse?

Sign up here for the Playoff Draft and try and beat our team the "Lindsay Lohan Death Watch Society."

Good luck to you and please accept our sincere apologies for the draft being so late starting. Remember, make sure you pick Milan Michalek of the Ottawa Senators. We don’t know why, but we just have a feeling that this guy is going to have a hell of a playoffs this year.


Despite a loss last week against the Colorado Mammoth, the Edmonton Rush continue in their quest tonight to be "Edmonton’s first playoff bound sports team since 1957." For an added bonus the Rush are playing the Calgary Roughnecks tonight, who must win to make the playoffs. Lose and they will go home losers, as everyone from Calgary already knows they are with the Flames recently missing the post season and Calgary being named "Most densely populated loser City" in a recent nation wide poll.

If we knew any of the Rush players and were able to interview someone we are sure they would say something like "as tonight’s game is the final regular season match, we want to make sure we set the tone for the playoffs." Then we would roll our eyes and think "oh really? That’s a surprising thing to say. Just hit us with some more of the usual platitudes we expect from athletes and we will wrap this interview up and get on with our life."

Seeing our mind wander, the imaginary Rush player would take exception to this veiled disrespectitude and would immediately smash us over the back with his lacrosse stick dealy before powerbombing us into the ground. That’s how lacrosse players roll Nation, particularly the Edmonton Rush who are filled with swagger and confidence at the moment.

We just got off the phone with the Rush begging pitifully for more tickets to give away for tonight’s game. Amazingly they have agreed to hook us up for a second game in a row. Therefore first 3 people to hit us up on the Wanye Mail at will be going to tonight’s game in style – with tickets waiting at the roll call.

These games are seriously a good time and we have found ourselves caught up in the Rush Fever for several weeks now. This is infinitely more pleasurable than the time we caught scarlet fever and nearly a third of our fellow seventeenth century New England colonists died.